The Half-way Mark — November 25-Dec 2 2020

This week, Jupiter stands midway from Pluto to Saturn in Capricorn. This is an apt description of the ongoing dispute concerning the results of the US presidential contest. If Jupiter represents the fair and honest democratic process, the voice of the people concerning government (Capricorn), and we can reasonably assign that to Jupiter, Pluto represents the effort to overturn the results while Saturn represents the certification of the results. So, the vote count is being disputed on the one hand and authenticated on the other. By Dec 2nd, Jupiter will have transited one degree closer to Saturn and one degree farther removed from Pluto. That is, closer to certification. On Dec 14th, the day the electoral votes are cast, Jupiter is less than one degree from Saturn, essentially partile. The lunar eclipse on the 30th is the 4th of the year 2020, aspects Uranus, bringing innovative pronouncements.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday November 25th — The moon in Aries is in a conjunction aspect to Mars during the afternoon and late evening hours (depending on location). Mars actions are direct. The aim is personal advantage.  The moon in conjunction could soften that powerful Mars energy, although the focus could also become stronger, as the moon is disposed of by Mars. Thus, the moon gives Mars greater strength to act on personal direction or impulse. Venus in Scorpio is quincunx aspect to Chiron in Aries, as critics are quick to provide a cryptic analysis. The sun in Sagittarius approaches a trine aspect to Chiron for justification or position according to political correctness.

Thursday November 26th — The moon in Aries makes square aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn today, consecutively, as though to examine each position, as we meet friends virtually.  Do the efforts to overturn the election results (Pluto) have any validity? Are the results valid (Jupiter) as they stand? And are they able to be finalized (Saturn)? As the moon is quincunx to Mercury in Scorpio we might ask these questions. Venus in Scorp approaches the opposition aspect to Uranus in Taurus. As efforts might be reversed or terminated. The moon ingress to Taurus by mid-day and will be in a conjunction aspect to Uranus, and in the eastern hemisphere overnight.  Venus is the dispositor of Uranus, with a greater possibility for healing, as covid infections reach a high mark. Enjoy a safe Thanksgiving, and give thanks.

Friday November 27th — The moon in Taurus is quincunx aspect to the sun as the possibility of unanticipated outcomes emerges. The moon then is in a conjunction aspect to Uranus and opposition aspect to Venus in Scorpio. Venus, as the dispositor of Uranus and the moon, could ignite disruptions, or indicate a setback for the transformations taking place in the health industry, including a finding that more research is needed on the development of a vaccine.   Mercury in Scorp is partile sextile aspect to Pluto in Cap. As Mercury is disposed of by Pluto in Cap, research proves successful and findings could help the process of mass innoculation as hidden resources are brought to light. Sun trine aspect to Chiron in Aries, gives a stamp of approval.  Jupiter conjunction aspect to Pluto also favors a turnabout in the technical fields, and the status quo.

Saturday November 28th — The moon in Taurus is semisextile aspect to Mars in Aries and sextile aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces. Deflating hopes of gain in financial markets. The sun in Sadge is in a quincunx aspect to Uranus in Taurus, as a reversal of recent gains frustrates ambitions, and the moon in an opposition aspect to Mercury in Scorp, and trine aspect to Pluto in Cap, could transform values, especially in re-evaluating currencies, or transferring funds.  The lunar transit is trine aspect to Jupiter overnight, for a greater sense of wellbeing.

Sunday November 29th — The moon in Taurus is trine aspect to Saturn in the morning hours (US times) a few hours before the ingress to Gemini. The sense of security improves and health issues are addressed (afternoon hours in EU and Asia).  Mercury in Scorp is in a sextile aspect to Jupiter/Saturn, as Jupiter supersedes the midpoint of PlutoSaturn in Capricorn, bringing more power to the designated incoming leadership.  Transitions are facilitated prior to the full moon aspect, a partial eclipse, occurring overnight in the US, Monday morning hours in the eastern hemisphere, as we begin a new week with renewed purpose. The moon in Gemini opposition to the sun as we reevaluate political or legal standings. Uranus in Taurus is quincunx aspect to the sun indicating the unconventional transitions, as the effect of the eclipse covers the weeks leading up and following the exact partile opposition aspectNeptune turns direct motion as conspiracies unravel.

Full Moon eclipse
November 30, 2020

Monday November 30th — The moon in Gemini makes a quincunx aspect to Venus in Scorp, as opinions and alliances are open for discussion and adjustments. Political loyalties may be less important than the national or state loyalty. The moon sextile aspect to Mars and Mercury in a sextile aspect to Saturn are indications that alliances are shifting. The moon is also square aspect to Neptune for a more sudden realignment. The sun in Sadge is disposed of by Jupiter in Cap, for the increased power of Jupiter as it approaches the conjunction aspect with Saturn, a marriage that takes place in mid-December.

Tuesday December 1st — The moon in Gemini makes quincunx aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and finally to Saturn in Capricorn and an hour later another quincunx aspect to Mercury in Scorpio as a Yod formation increases the progress of innovation. Mercury ingress to Sagittarius as breakthrough developments are likely. The moon ingress to Cancer before midnight, and by evening forms a square aspect to Chiron. The void-of-course moon lasts most of the day on Tuesday, a day that signed agreements should be delayed until Wednesday.   

Thanks for reading this preview of the week ahead. Stay safe, wear your mask and watch the distance.

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November 24, 2020

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