The Final New Moon of 2020 — December 9-16 2020

Venus in Scorpio is in a favorable working aspect to Pluto to start the difficult task of removing the embedded virus or others who resist eviction. The Sun in Sagittarius trine aspect to Mars in Aries, a force of compatible energy is able to move the mountains that stand in the way of progress. The Sun conjunction aspect to Ketu in Sagittarius brings a realization of what we have lost, and what is still to be gained. There is much work yet to be done to repair the world. We should take a long- distance view, as the SaturnJupiter conjunction aspect, a phenomenon that will be complete by the December 21st winter solstice, brings us to the dawn of a new era. The New Moon eclipse on Monday the 14th of Dec, also is the beginning of the JupiterSaturn conjunction.  This New Moon bears the seeds of the new soli-lunar cycle. Plans are now generated that will bear fruit in the coming months and years.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday December 9thThe Sun in the judicial sign of Sagittarius, is in a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces today, much like using fire to extinguish water, a reverse action metaphorically. The Moon in Libra has the role of mediating, although the individual may feel tossed between extremes. The quincunx aspect to Uranus to start the day indicates unsettling news. Whatever relief is finally offered, it can be but a fig leaf to address the need. The Moon transits to a quincunx aspect with Neptune as there is hope for a more creative solution.

Thursday December 10th — The Sun is in a trine aspect to Mars in Aries as the Moon opposition aspect to Mars takes place, and the Moon square aspect to Pluto follows. Again, there is a sense of extremes impacting every individual’s ability to stay afloat. Some less fortunate souls are given an eviction notice. Others scramble to obtain basic needs. The Sun is in a conjunction aspect with Ketu (the s. lunar node), as the past recedes in the quest for a future, and a shift in political or philosophical orientation forces chsnges. Jupiter, the dispositor of the Sun and Mercury in Sadge, approaches the crisis in a contradiction of the severity imposed by the fate of Saturn’s limiting function. Venus in Scorpio in a sextile aspect to Pluto, and also disposed of by Pluto, works to aid those who form a position of trust, an agent of power, yet modifies the severity of the mandates.  The Moon ingress to Scorpio, deepens concerns for economic survival.

Friday December 11th —  The Moon’s opposition aspect to Uranus shows an increase in mortality as the pandemic advances. The Sun supersedes Ketu, and strengthens the trine aspect to Mars. The sense of a stronger future environment that allows personal ambitions to thrive contributes to a regeneration of faith that Venus sextile Pluto suggests, and Mercury in Sadge helps to provide the answers.

Saturday December 12th — The Moon in Scorpio makes a conjunction aspect with Venus just as Venus is sextile aspect to the midpoint of Pluto and Jupiter’s location in Capricorn. It is a sensitive point that could indicate success in reform initiatives that seek to preserve some aspects of the old order. Mercury in Sadge approaches the conjunction with Ketu and a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, invoking a more rational approach to the dissolution of old order, able to differentiate what can be saved and what must be discarded as a general transformation is under way.

Sunday December 13th — The Moon in Sadge forms a quick quincunx aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, as more insight is gained into the necessary steps for conquering the pandemic. The chance could slip away, with many lives lost or disabled, if the proper procedures are not followed. Jupiter in Cap transits within a degree of the partile conjunction with Saturn. This could indicate an expansion of authority, possibly to mandate treatments. Another view would be limitations on freedoms, as Saturn limits social actions that Jupiter represents. In Capricorn, it is authority that has the upper hand.

New Moon
December 14, 2020

Monday December 14th – The New Moon eclipse takes place before noon EST (see chart in image). A reversal of standard protocol could expedite the certification of the medical response to the pandemic.  Vaccines are being activated as a tool to stop the disease. Mercury in Sadge and in a trine aspect to Mars indicates that implementation of a planned procedure has a priority. Venus in Sadge and in sextile aspects to Jupiter and Saturn calls for compliance with the decision to inflict a measure of pain in order to preserve a social order.

Tuesday December 15th — The Moon ingress Capricorn and forms a stellium with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, the threeplanetsalready in the sign of the mountain goat. Self-preservation is a priority. The preservation of the collective, however, is a greater priority. Mass inoculation is soon to begin, as the virus, a malicious entity, is chased. Venus ingress to Sagittarius, as universal acceptance is the model for success. Ceres in Pisces is sextile aspect to Uranus as the potential survival of the generations is increased in scope.  

Thanks for reading this preview of the week ahead. Stay safe, wear your mask and watch the distance.

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December 8. 2020

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