The Edge of the Future Week of June 3-9 2015


As reversals and debates about reversals (Mercury retrograde in Gemini) continue to highlight the week’s political scene, A dissolution of political debate based on public opinion changes, advances in science and technology, is the undercurrent. As the Moon swoops from Sagittarius (philosophic-political) to Pisces (global and universal melting pot) the way our leaders view their political stance and the future of government and democracy gets a review. We seem to be on the cutting edge of the future.

Political careers are at risk, as leaders need to face up to the vast social changes that are taking place, and deal with the environmental challenges of a rapid population growth and economic decay. Revitalizing a nation was never more important. Saturn prepares to re-enter the sign Scorpio where a regeneration of political stance takes place, involving individual rights (Sagittarius) and universal values (Pisces).

Wednesday June 3rd – Expanding discussions that are not based on challenges from an opponent, rather on conflict with the vast majority of humanity, the values and the limitations of government are conflicting with basic human rights. A breakdown in communication can be expected over details in legislation. The Full Moon phase, can set off conflicting political debates, posturing and promises, without any steps in reality (Neptune is square the Sun and Moon ) the debate may become poisoned with disbelief, false promises and lack of integrity.

Thursday June 4th – As the Moon enters Capricorn at in the early morning hours, we wake up to face reality of the day. There may be major obstacles in your path today, however, being aware of this can help you to prepare to overcome the challenge. You may be prompted to expand your goals, to dream for higher achievement, as Mars in Gemini is sextile to Jupiter in Leo. Your caring approach can make all the difference (Venus in Cancer) as we search now for the bottom line of bottom lines. (Venus is disposed of by the Moon and the Moon by Saturn in Sagittarius, disposed of by Jupiter in Leo, ruled by the Sun, and the Sun in Gemini disposed of by Mercury, the final dispositor, moving in retro motion.

Friday June 5th – Creative solutions can be found to overcome a difficult backlog or psychological block to major issues on the table. Later in the day, Venus moves into Leo, allowing for friendly gatherings to take place and lovers to meet. We are somehow free from maternal concerns, or more basic worries about survival. Children at play, and families at ease. While there is a sense of perfection (Moon in Capricorn) we know that it is illusion (Neptune in Pisces) as much as a reality (Saturn in Sag is the dispositor of the Moon).

June 6, 2015 Jerualem 4 PM EDT

June 6, 2015
Jerualem 4 PM EDT

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Saturday June 6th – The Moon moves into Aquarius today, opposing Venus at the cusp of Leo. Friendly exchanges of viewpoint, as Venus trines Saturn retro at 0 deg Sag. The sharp edge is taken off of worries, as more rational thought enters discussions. The Moon is trine to Mercury retro in Gemini, to complete the quartet, as it were, of Venus, Saturn, Moon and Mercury. In addition, Jupiter is 2 deg from the trine aspect with Uranus in Aries, and is now sextile to Mars in Gemini. This creates a nice secondary configuration for an approaching gains through the Uranus-Jupiter connection, financial rewards and stock market prices for a bull market.

Sunday June 7th – A productive exchange of ideas, as the Moon in Aquarius opposes Jupiter (expansion) in Leo. We may find that there is a trickle-up economy, as more peace, more charity increase the buoyancy and ease at the top of the pyramid. The needy are given a boost so that an expansion of the economy results.

June 8, 2015 4 PM Jerusalem EDT

June 8, 2015
4 PM Jerusalem EDT

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Monday June 8th – The Moon enters Pisces, and will be in square aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury in Gemini, both retrograde, and brought together by the lunar aspect, to collaborate and help to settle issues of migrants, and refugees. Easing conditions is but a step toward the full sufficiency of economies affected. While strife and loss of life remain, new strategies are being implemented on the ground.

Tuesday June 9th – The Moon transits Neptune in Pisces and will square the Sun and Mars in Gemini later today. There could be heard a collective sigh of relief, and hopefully there will be more such sighs heard as services are increased to accommodate individuals in need. While this harsh aspect can produce distressful circumstances, coming to a head now helps to find a path for relief. While Mars act in the air sign Gemini to focus on goals, Neptune disperses or even eliminates , certainly confusing the goal, obscures the aim. Goals, therefore, need to take into account the possibility of a deeper, more incessant need. Friction can be overcome or even eliminated with the strength of the emotional appeal. Uranus sextile aspect (60 deg) to Mars stimulates action, a cause for urgent needs is made.

Everyone should be able to enjoy the good of the week.

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June 2, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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