The Bold Unconscious Truth – Week of October 26-November 1 2016


As the Virgo Moon proceeds on the 26-7 of October, the opposition (180 deg aspect) to Neptune (unbounded) moves to an opposition with Chiron – the wounded healer of the zodiac- that I see as a signature of Hillary Clinton in the present political arena. With Saturn square (90 deg harsh aspect) to the Moon, Mercury approaches a conjunction with Sun in Scorpio.  The shift occurs as the Sun moves from the search for balance in Libra, to the depth of Scorpio, in a more inward expression. We look inward to find meaning. Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius, a firemutable sign and thus eager to communicate, and passionately (Venus, fire sign Sag) however somewhat detached (Saturn in Sag).  As Scorpio seeks truth within, a transition occurs in this sign as regeneration.  Mars in Capricorn works to achieve goals, with support from the Virgo Moon will be more in harmony with the Pluto power in Capricorn this week (two earth signs). The New Moon at the month’s end, October 30th conjunct Mercury and in a trine aspect to Neptune will bring more dream and illusion for the regeneration of power and for the impending cycle where the unconscious emerges into the conscious as the Moon opposing Uranus draws out personal feelings, the release of power, the unconscious will is expressed.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday October 26th – As Mercury and the Sun combine in Scorpio by longitude degree, as well as declination (measured from the celestial equator) the power of the Sun outweighs tiny Mercury, being in a combust position for a day. A planet combust is usually mutely expressed. The Sun at 3 deg Scorpio is, however, the degree of Hillary Clinton’s birth chart. It is not often that she remains silent, and what she does say will have a greater impact. The Moon in Virgo passes over the square to the MoonUranus opposition in Trump’s natal chart, so that he may express outrage, but that is typical with the UranusMoon opposition, as he tries to manipulate his position in the polls. Venus in Sag and in a harsh aspect (90 deg) to Neptune could seek to promote deflation in opponent’s collective will, or use the political platform (Sag) for critical or satirical comments, promoting distortion in the opponent’s campaign.

Thursday October 27th – The MercurySun conjunction in Scorpio continues today, with Venus sextile to Jupiter, banter continues, as opponents try to outdo one another (Jupiter quincunx to Neptune) using the media (Jupiter in Libra). Venus and Jupiter are in mutual reception. (Jupiter is in Venussign Libra, while Venus is in Sagittarius, the sign Jupiter rules. Later in the day, the Moon ingress to Libra seeks to smooth the raw edges. While all seems to be in good sporting mood, the intent is deadly serious, as Pluto in Capricorn, the dispositor of SunMercury in Scorpio stands to instill the victor with political and real power.

Friday October 28th – As Mercury moves ahead of the Sun by one degree, and the Moon transits Jupiter and sextile to Venus, more light hearted or light headed discourse is certainly in vogue today. Mars in Capricorn is square (90 deg aspect) to Uranus, in the final square of the MarsUranus cycle, as frustrations are aired. Unexpected outcomes may include action in monetary markets or political executions.  As election day nears, power struggles tighten.

Saturday October 29th – The Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries (180 deg aspect) and square (harsh 90 deg aspect) to Mars today could tip off the decisions and organization actions (Mars in Capricorn) that result in radical shifts (Uranus in Aries) of loyalty (Moon in Libra).  Venus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius forces realignments as status (Saturn) and court rulings or political money (Venus in Sag) have an effect on the balance of power (Jupiter in Libra disposes of Saturn and Venus). 

October 30, 2016 New Moon

October 30, 2016
New Moon

Sunday October 30th– The New Moon today at 7 deg Scorpio (morning US times), as Venus supersedes Saturn in Sagittarius, sets the stage for the new cycle.  Mercury trine aspect (120deg) to Neptune in water signs (Scorpio and Pisces) could be the release of damaging information of a salacious nature. Pisces is retentive and collective while Mercury in Scorpio is a muckraker. Voices previously suppressed (Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn) now speak openly. Jupiter in Libra is in mutual reception to Venus (see comment on Thursday October 27th).

Monday October 31st– The Sun in Scorpio is trine to Neptune in Pisces today, opening the floodgate to the imagination, to sensitive information (espionage) and an emotional appeal for unity. The Moon moves from a sextile aspect (60 deg favorable) to Pluto in Capricorn and later in the day to Mars. VenusSaturn conjunction is semisextile (30 deg favorable – although weaker and less enduring than the sextile) to the Moon in Scorpio and to Pluto in Capricorn.  Moon and Pluto are in the stronger sextile aspect (60 deg) while Venus is disposed of by Jupiter. Meanwhile Mercury and Jupiter are in a semisextile aspect (30 deg) to each other, thus opening minor communication avenues to chatter and intrigue.  

Tuesday November 1st– The Moon in the final degree of Scorpio, ingress Sagittarius today, while the Sun is trine to Neptune, keeping the interest on the immigration or migrant issue as well as the expose of the past few days.  Unconscious matter comes to the fore as well, with new revelations likely. As the Moon transits Sagittarius, it will be sextile to Jupiter (justice) and conjunct Venus and Saturn as well, with some court decisions or political contests reaching a resolution in the days ahead.

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October 25, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel


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