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A commentary published weekly on the planets and major changes that correlate to Earth’s events.

Venus and Mercury Change Direction – Week of February 2nd – 9th 2014

Venus turns direct at the start of February, releasing some of the intense feelings, power struggles or mysteries that have surrounded us days recently. At the close of the week, Mercury turns retrograde until March 1st , giving more time to internalize recent events and the issues that have arisen in the process.

 Feb 8_2014_resz


On Sunday, February 2nd, we have Venus moving (apparent movement as seen from our vantage point on Earth) once again in the direction of the planets orbiting, having completed it’s retrograde phase. It was an unusually lengthy retrograde phase from Dec 22nd until February !st. The conjunction with Pluto is still exerting a strong influence, and Venus’ action is slow. The two planets did not reach a complete conjunction, as Venus turned away at the last moment. New revelations, are made during this exceptional time. Secrets are exposed, and for some it is a recharging of energy, with Jupiter opposing, things brought to light have a magnified impact, for better or worse. A critical moment for power and secrets to surface, such as that of Woody Allen’s abuse of his adopted daughter, in time for his award ceremony. This can bring things out in the open, such as Gov Christie’s bridge closure allegations. Will they finally get to the bottom of this? Christie seems to have been staging a cover-up. My guess is that he did know. He has political ambitions. That would be reason enough to want to appear innocent.


The Moon in Pisces facilitates the Neptune conjunct Mercury in Pisces, Neptune as the ruler of the Sign of the Fishes moving in opposite directions. Neptune with Mercury can also be a moment of truth, either bringing more sorrow, or elevating passions, while Mercury communicates or in this sign can obscure relationships. Trying to pin down the truth on this slippery pair, may be less than desirable for some. Illusions can be strong, and distortions easy to make now. However, intuitive hunches may prove correct in the long run. Hopes are raised, but may fade later in the day as the Moon moves from a trine to Jupiter to a trine to Saturn as focus on substance and financial success may be in jeopardy. Mars in Libra, the sign of the scales, could represent a strong energy seeking balance, although more likely to upset the status quo. Mars is in fact in it’s detriment in Libra. Mars will bring focus and goal orientation so that balance in a wider sense is sacrificed. The search for peace is a process of seeking balance, and only when a satisfactory agreement is reached, with two parties agreeing, will there be a peaceful solution.

On Monday, February 3rd, the Moon in Aries makes a conjunction aspect with Uranus. This may lead to unexpected shifts, revelations and volatility on the stock exchange. Depending on individual fortunes, only seen by examining the natal charts of those persons, a turning point is reached. As the ruler of Aries is in Libra, and not very well situated here, not really accomplishing goals in a straightforward manner, wishy-washy as it were, upsets may occur, especially where justice is concerned. The nine degree Aries conjunction (Uranus and the Moon) is also just 2 degrees from the exact focal point of the Jupiter opposition to Pluto-Venus conjunction. This is a wide aspect a transit for most individuals, although for some it may strike home exactly, especially as the Moon transits Uranus and makes the exact square to the three planets in the opposition configuration just mentioned. It may be evening hours before the events triggered actually manifest and begin to create urgency. There will be emergency calls, maybe explosive events, and, unfortunately, some victims. On the other hand, this awakening may benefit others. Quick responses will save lives, and alert citizens can contribute to the safety of others. Realizations and breakthroughs might also manifest at this time. There are extremes to the work of Uranus.

On Tuesday, February 4th, As the Moon moves away from the fateful Uranus conjunction, it moves toward an opposition aspect with Mars. This could draw out some of the problems Mars has encountered in the Libra transit. This may give a sense of back to the drawing board as Mars is slowing in its motion and will turn retrograde in early March, remaining in the sign of balance until the end of July. It certainly looks as though decisions are to be reviewed, judgments reversed, and agreements rehashed. Any new insights under the Uranus-Moon aspect yesterday could lead to revisions and prolonged discussions. If Amanda Knox is found guilty, she may have to return to face arraignment. New evidence may even be brought forth, so that a mistrial could be declared.

On Wednesday, February 5th, Uranus is less of a factor as the Moon enters the earthy sign of Taurus. We are now looking for grounding, stability and financial successes. We adore eating and feeling good. Maybe it is turning away from the media, less exposure to news of the day, and digging in at home for more relaxation. A sense of a transformation is underway, and for many, security is very important as they are raising children and concerned with community well-being. Preparing for a new era requires foresight and planning.

On Thursday February 6th, as Mercury continues in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, old modes of thinking and decision making are dissolving. We are actually deleting and un-creating our mental structures. Old habits must be discarded as we face the prospects of a changing economy and the demands of a new work-force with new skills required. Mercury turns retrograde today in a phase where internalizing events and processing new ideas and changes becomes a need as we are in a year of ongoing change and transformation. We need as much openness as possible in attitudes. The requirements of a by-gone era may not apply now. Later in the day, we find some stability is returning as we process out the old and search for new standards.

On Friday February 7th, at the end of the week there is a sense of putting into practice new modes of behavior, maybe the implementation of decisions made earlier in the week. Talking about and sharing experience, we seek common ground as Mars is still indecisive in the Libra balance, out of balance and seeking balance. The Moon enters Gemini, a sign that Mercury rules, and Mercury retrograde is in square aspect to the Moon. This indicates that a gestation of thought processes is underway, and it will ready us for future actions.

On Saturday February 8th, there is an easing of pressure, as Venus moves forward, away from the month’s long pairing with Pluto, while Mercury turns retrograde retreating from the conjunction with Neptune. We may discuss our experiences as local gatherings are likely now, enjoying a day off, or taking a short trip with family. Making the most of leisure time is important, providing a sense of togetherness, despite the trials and tasks that lay ahead. We will always need to pick up the pieces and move ahead, what ever difficulties may try to disassemble the a sense of unity or wholeness.


Many Blessings,












Week of January 26-February1st 2014 Luck and Power Opposed

If Justice has Power, we might always expect Justice to prevail. With the continuing astrological configuration of Jupiter (justice) opposed to Pluto (power) and Venus -(peace) we can apply this to the push for peaceful resolutions of conflicts and potential in the world today. The attempts to defuse the Iranian threat, to solve the Syrian conflict and promote economic understanding and cooperation, are the evolutionary goals of the democratic nations. The the conflicts in the Ukraine and Thailand cannot be ignored.

However, we cannot err by saying that there is equality in any other nation. There are indeed inequities that have stressed the concept of a democratic nation and an economy that allows for individual justice.

My intention was to write about Luck as opposed to Power. In the realm of probability, a question remains. Is luck pure chance or is there an element of justice that determines outcomes? Certainly we cannot oppose power of the nation’s laws as individuals and succeed, unless there is a great deal of truth and justice to the cause, and also consequences that seem overwhelming. Yet, claims involving relatively small amounts will never be heard or given justice. The individual has reason to stay clear of legal problems, as they are costly and in the end, the often end disastrously.

Nelson Mandela, a superb example, had intelligence, education and luck on his side. He overcame adversity, a ruthless government power and 27 years in prison, and became victorious, obtaining freedom for his people and all minorities in the South African nation with a government for all.

Pluto and Venus combined can produce a kind of cunningly corrupt power. Power that has charm, but none-the -less be despotic and oppressive. Jupiter in opposition, however, will try to draw out the truth or the reality behind a hidden, corrupt power. This is what I see happening today, in the world’s reactions to Syria’s civil war and the power assumed by Iran to control nations with the threat of nuclear bombs.

Sunday January 26, 2014 the conference in Davos has concluded, and Geneva II is underway. The plea for humanitarian rescue of civilians could be successful. The congress of democratic nations seeking to avert war has not yielded results. Patience is advised. Saturn, the planet most demanding of patience, is now in the 23rd degree of Scorpio. As Pluto rules Scorpio, astrologers say that Pluto is the despositor of Saturn. While patience may increase Pluto’s power, it could also lead the way to controlling the powers that are causing chaos.

Monday January 27, 2014 President Obama addresses the nation and the world. According to tradition, he will announce executive actions, rumored to be concerning environmental issues and the economy. Jupiter in Cancer gives precedence to the home and concerns of protection for parents and families. The charm that goes with the power (Venus and Pluto) may make this a remarkable address. The Sagittarius Moon is ideal for oratory.

Tuesday January 28, 2014 As the Moon enters Capricorn today, and will be transiting the Pluto-Venus conjunction as they reach a climatic 1.5 degree separation, before Venus turns direct on Feb 1st, the outcome of negotiations, interactions and power plays should come into focus. A lens held over the relationship of power and victim, or power and pleasure will be revealed in some respect. This should be a moment of truth on many levels. I pray for the release of innocent victims and justice in the courts of humanity. At 10:00 pm EST the Moon transit conjunction with Venus. If there is a victory, it is certainly not without cost. By the way, the issues of power and sexuality are certainly in vogue.

Wednesday January 29th, 2014 During the day we may all have moments of grief as well as joy and satisfaction. The release of pent-up energy could drive us to new levels of creativity or perhaps community togetherness. Mercury in Aquarius can give us thoughts for human achievement and pride.

Thursday January 30th, 2014 The New Moon in Aquarius is late in the day in Europe and the Middle East, while early morning on the 31st for the USA. This could be a moment to reflect on progress for the past month and hope for a better future. Plans may be made to bring about a better, more just system of government, and perhaps we are witnessing a new era dawning.

Friday January 31st 2014 Power holds on strongest just before it is forced to relinquish its hold on the innocent victims of greed, may cast its last shadow over its prey. Overcoming the force may still be a struggle and the magnification of the conflict is at it’s peak. We can rejoice and also many will mourn on this day. It may take the form of new laws (Capricorn) or new sanctity at home (Cancer) to finally set the path clearly ahead.

Saturday February 1st 2014 As the Moon enters Pisces, it also transits Neptune, and Mercury opens the door for communication on the suffering as it also becomes a sojourner in this sign of universal suffering and redemption. We may see at last what has actually been the horrors of a war-torn nation.

Peace and Blessings,






Week of January 20-27 2014 Benefics Align

 Venus and Jupiter, the planets of luck and prosperity, oppose one another.  We are given opportunities to find joy, pleasure and perhaps an increase in social contacts. This can help us shine our best, and may increase popularity. Although the opposition is a hard aspect, between the two benefics, it can bring good fortune.  However, on the down side, Pluto stands ominously at the side of Venus. The question seems to be how to take the wealth out of the hands of the few.

 Jan 24 2014_resz


On this occasion, Pluto (blocks, regeneration, potential crisis) is obstructing the view. Venus (beauty, love, relationships) is the nearest while Pluto the farthest from our planet earth. The transits of Venus over the shared latitude with Pluto is normally a one or two day affair. It consists of Pluto (a subversive or transformer) and Venus ( the touch of beauty, ephemeral but memorable in form), and with this prolonged transit of the three weeks, can be exposing to ways of transforming the matters at hand. Secrets are exposed, and tables turned on informers. In Capricorn, a contest over wealth or honor.

There could be a reversal of plans, due to a sudden revelation, or realization. There could be transformation or unfortunately, further denial and secretiveness (Pluto). Finances may be lacking and the need to reach social goals may overwhelm caution. Social considerations can bring destruction closer or transformation on a personal level. Celebrities are able to repackage themselves and move on to another incarnation.

Unconsciously(Pluto), you may have been holding some plans, ideas or concepts of self that are now necessary to release. To maneuver through this aspect ( assuming you are not called upon to act as a benevolent power), sort out your views, while doing something fun, like baking some delicious nut -date bars, or relaxing with your children and grandchildren (as long as they are playing and not bothering), washing up the kitchen or doing something you have put off for a while. See how fast you can accomplish these dreary tasks. Not so dreary after all! Moving forward is a priority. Clearing the past first is essential.

The WEF in Davos, Switzerland, the 44th annual conference, is due to begin this week. This is an international think tank of the world’s political and business leaders :

The 44th annual meeting is bringing together more than 2,500 leaders, thinkers and public figures representing more than 100 countries. It is strictly invitation only.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been invited. I would have loved the mountain air and view!

The theme of the changing economic scene around the world, the affect of violent conflicts, and reshaping the rules of the world economy will be addressed here from Jan 22-25 in over 250 sessions and workshops.

This focus on the world economy, and government’s role in economic policy is, under this astrological signature of Jupiter (enhancing and especially political philosophy of engagement in business policies), effects us back home (Cancer), as each delegate represents a nation or a major business organization. This is where government and business interact to try to form strategies for the economic future. Pluto (power and group actions) in opposition to Jupiter this week, and conjunct with Venus retro, will seek to pinpoint the issues with a magnifier (Jupiter), and present on the global stage, a strategy for an economy that impacts us all.


Monday January 20 – The Moon in Virgo today is looking for practical solutions, if able to put aside unsuitable or neurotic views and emotional upsets. A helping hand may be needed, a service performed for those in your care, or endangered by accident or fire.

As an example, a gas explosion caused a house fire and resulted in three deaths and many injuries in the early this morning in Jerusalem. The cause was a gas leak which had been reported. After the assigned worker had visited the site, the explosion occurred. There was a fault in the system and it was not adequately addressed.

Also, a possible pipe bomb was located on a bus in LA, CA at 10:PM prompting a freeway closure, and an earthquake struck in New Zealand.

I have not received news from other localities, although it would not be surprising if other such incidents took place around the globe.

Curbing violence everywhere is top agenda for world organizations. Outbreaks of violence in S. Sudan, continuing conflict in Syria, and rockets launched at Israeli civilian populations are topics to top the agenda of the Geneva II Conference next week.

As the Sun enters Aquarius today, we see efforts toward ending conflict. Despite the ongoing war in Afghanistan, Syria and S. Sudan, peace initiatives are seeking solutions. Mercury in Aquarius is another indication of groups of like-minded individuals conferring.

Uranus (flare-ups of violence and sudden explosions) is still very active in Aries. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and has been seen as a significator of change and transformation in society.

Tuesday January 21 – the Moon transits into Libra today, a sign that balance or is needed, or judgment is underway. It will oppose Uranus in later and this opposition could bring about a connection with  Jupiter opposing Venus-Pluto, so there is some struggle or effort to resolve issues. The world will benefit from peace and from an economy that serves the people and addresses the needs of the 3rd world populations. A major configuration is thus in place for the opening of Davos WEF. It is a good omen, although temporary.

Wednesday January 22 – The Moon moves on to meet with Mars, forming a trine aspect with Mercury in transit. At Davos, conflicts and differences in goals among the world leaders will take shape. Mars has moved outside the limits of an opposition to tempestuous Uranus, for the time being. This leaves an opening for resolution of conflict. An open window of opportunity.

Thursday January 23 – As Jupiter is retrograde until March 7, and forming a square aspect to Uranus at the end of February, there could be increased violence or an eruption of revolutionary spirit in February. Addressing the issues today, can defuse violence and promote peace. Today we see the value in holding conflict at bay. The disadvantaged of the world, are waiting in the wings. Neptune is not activated by transits now, but is likely to play a role in the near future.

Friday January 24 – Today, as Mars and Mercury trine one another in air signs, thoughts and ideas are put into action. Success for global agreements are even more important now, as the WEF winds up. The economic gap in the US has, according to reports, exploded. Households are no longer able to rely on credit, a wages have failed to keep up with rising prices. I can say that the same has happened in Israel.

Saturday January 25- the weekend brings the final day of the economic conference, and interchange of ideas and understanding about the world economy. Switching to European time zones, we see that the Moon transits Saturn that afternoon. This seems an indication that some agreements were made, some guidelines for the economic future of the planet are to be laid out. If this has any lasting impact, yet remains to be seen. Jupiter retrograde is on this day, less than a degree from exact opposition to Pluto. This would be a landmark conference with unusual level of agreement between nations. The statements may be harsh and limiting in some quarters, as Mercury squares the Saturn-Moon. conjunction. We may feel the bite as well, as an attempt to save the world economy is made.

But then, we are not dollars and cents. We are energy, only energy, and removing blocks to understanding and ability to perceive income as a tool is all important.

Blessing to all,








Week of January 13-20 2014 Transformation Goes Viral

The configuration of the past few weeks, the Cardinal Grand Cross could be operating for some folks. Mars at 16 Libra is opposed to Uranus at 8 Aries, squared by the midpoint of Sun-Venus and Pluto and Jupiter on the other hand.

This new configuration emerging, to replace the old conflicts is the Sun-Venus opposed to Jupiter structure. Jupiter is retrograde in Cancer: With wisdom we can heal emotional wounds. I give credit for this insight to Jeff Jawer at http://www.stariq.com

The Sun-Venus conjunction in Capricorn allows for comfort and stability, associated with a strong parental figure a figure in political life, and also could be a corrupting influence, as Venus enjoys playfulness less than truthfulness. The ideal is pure, simple, straightforward, a clear view of situations. With Saturn exact sextile to the pair from Scorpio, finality, stability of character is added, perhaps a regeneration (Pluto) of past experience with Venus also moving retrograde.

The situation grows very interesting as it is compounded, increased or magnified and enhanced by Jupiter in Cancer opposing the midpoint of the pair (Sun -Venus) and Pluto in Capricorn. This scissor effect in fact brings the Pluto into the mix and gives the whole affair an aura of intensity, and universality and transformative in it’s widest outreach and context. (See the accompanying chart graphic.)

Jan 14 _2014_resize



Abundance is attainable by the masses, as we learn about abundance blocks from Christy Marie Sheldon and how to clear, erase and delete those early concepts about money and how it affects your life in various ways. Its a very a effective session, and timely in its appearance now, under this signature of Jupiter retrograde in Cancer, actually opposing Pluto and the Sun-Venus conjunction. (see the ads for MindValley.com on the Internet. I recommend that we all get connected for the free training.)

Looking again at my charts, I can see that Mars in Libra is actually at a square aspect to the opposition of Jupiter and the planets in Capricorn. This is an opportunity for the individual to transform his or her life, and relate to wealth on a new level by clearing ideas that were impressed on you as a child. Knowingly or unaware, our parents taught us what money is about. Society and experience has modified it, but the basic imprint is important to recall and to erase, as it no longer applies to your life today.

We are protected in part, by the grand cross, a widely existing structure that has weakened over the past few days, and may still be effective for some people.

Monday January 13 – Mercury moved into Aquarius on Sunday. Communication and mental activity can be less on the defensive, becoming stabilized and cohesive to groups of like-minded individuals. The Moon in Gemini, moves into a trine with Mars in Libra, giving us reflection of issues that are necessary to deal with today. We can feel trapped or energized to find solutions. We are trying to find solutions to redefine our everyday relation to limitations that exist, and to transcend those limitations. We may try to redefine ourselves, or our cultural values. Saturn is protective of the Venus -Sun energy, giving more strength to combat whatever fate dishes out. Preparedness is the clue.

If you take the initiative to confront opponents today, be wary of sounding too aggressive. Be wise and open to a compromise.

Tuesday January 14 – We can appreciate home more now, or the security issues and parental roles impact our lives. The Moon transits Jupiter in Cancer, and we can feel comfortable , maybe we are influenced by mass media, TV prime time or national news broadcasts, whatever it is, it draws us in numbers, mass media gets us together more and more. Hearts and minds might be won as we snuggle closer for security or protection. Maybe just for a good family gathering before the old TV set. We can experience action, pain and fear all at once over the home entertainment theater. 10 PM EST or 6PM PST. And the time zones in between. All together now!

Wednesday January 15 – Jupiter is the one to watch, as the planet of Justice (the name of Jupiter in the ancient Hebrew texts is Tzedek, meaning Justice) and continues slowly in retrograde and will be in opposition to Venus in a week. Venus also retrograde moves more quickly, and the opposition here can be increasing the role of each, as they are complementary in influence. Is this a sweetheart deal or will it have teeth? That could well be the situation, as the Mars-Uranus opposition, in a pattern squaring Jupiter-opposed to the Capricorn group of planets, has weakened, as Mars moves along in Libra, leaving Uranus behind. More on this developing pattern next week! Time for action is approaching!

Thursday January 16 – the full Moon is later on Thursday, Mars moves into a square aspect with Venus, which can be playful or even a bit cruel here, as Venus retro in Capricorn tests her strength. The Moon moves into Leo, setting the stage for a drama or Love story. The plot thickens as the Moon moves from a quixotic aspect to weepy Neptune and then trines Uranus in Aries and opposes Mercury in Aquarius at the same time. Mercury carries the message, and Uranus takes to the more detached universal parameters, as the Moon seeks a colorful stance, if not altogether graceful at the moment. A rush of energy and overly seems anxious for the starring role, we can hope for a twist in the plot offering some satisfaction or climatic saving move to rescue a damsel or a forlorn wizard or plan old citizen you or me.

Friday January 17 – Jupiter is scissored in opposition to Venus and Pluto, falling right at the midpoint opposition. This will tend to magnify the issues of gender equality, already simmering on the stove. While beauty does tend to fade, it can also be transformed to a surrender in manifestation of human dignity. There is charm as well as a deeper undercurrent detected here. How does the pageant go? Prince charming rescues the maiden from the evil sorcerer’s poison apple. Or is there a new twist to the tale? Beauty transforms the beast, and alchemy works to change it into the handsome prince? There are many ways and places that this can work out, on many levels. Hopefully we will see good results and a well earned curtain call.

Saturday January 18 – working on a way to avoid disaster, on all levels, we are prompted to take more precautions , store resources and reserve supplies for the weekend, a journey or a few days at home. This can feel like the eye of the storm, I tend to think, and so we can get into a relaxation mode, for now.

Sunday January 19 – On this day, the Moon enters Virgo, opposing Neptune, where it can draw on paranormal experience. However, this transit is brief, and most likely normality sets in as the Moon continues on its way. The Sun, in it’s final degree of Capricorn, reminds us of the standards for government, parents and authorities that should play a stabilizing role in life. Even as we work to comprehend a new roles we are internalizing, we are releasing barriers, dissolving blocks to creatively express our actualized abundance. Venus again challenges with the square to Mars yet backing into the collective consciousness, slowly dissolving fixed ideas about the role of men and women in the society of the future.

Venus continues retrograde all of January, and is closest to Pluto’s degree location at the end of the month, when it reverses and moves away in a direct motion. Amazingly, it is at this very point of conjunction that Jupiter reaches at the same time in opposition, the feminine mystique may be working up for higher office, breaking at last that last glass ceiling. The collective unconscious psyche is preparing for transformation. A meaningful and important link in the evolution of a nation and the world.

I see a few examples of this Venus-Pluto alliance working out into a marriage and going for big!

Have a great week of transformation!