Synchronistic Awakening — April 19-26 2023


The Moon in Aries makes a conjunction aspect with Jupiter a few hours before the New Moon aspect at 04:14 UT or 00:14 on Thursday EST. Wednesday night for the New Moon in the rest of the North American continent — a time for resetting our internal clocks and adjusting agendas for the weeks to follow. It is, in fact, a New Moon of heightened energy, with total solar eclipse, visible in Australia and South/East Asia. The Sun enters Taurus at 8:15 UT on Thursday. The Moon transits Mercury in Taurus on Friday morning April 21st, seeming to send Mercury into its retrograde phase (at 8:45 UT) at the very time of the conjunction aspect, a synchronized occurrence. An eclipse is often a time of clarity bringing sudden reversals. The Merc retro indicates a time of revision, an inner dialogue could manifest in review of recent events, as we re-adjust our plans for the immediate future. While Mercury retraces its path, the Moon moves ahead to the conjunction with Uranus, another symbol of a sudden awakening. We now see our personal and collective situation with greater clarity. The recent document leak prompts responses from governments around the world, as our relationships are under a microscope. The Moon’s ingress to Gemini on Saturday morning, trine aspect to Pluto in Aquarius, as the transitional phase of an era of artificial intelligence permeates the Internet. More communication is processed, as we become more unified. The Moon transits to the ingress of Cancer, the sign of the Moon’s rulership on Monday. An eventful week for change in the scope of worldview, as we scramble to absorb the impact of a more complex level of intelligence.

A look Ahead: The first quarter Moon phase is next Thursday (April 27th) with the Moon in Leo, followed by square aspect to Mercury retro and Uranus. The Moon continues through the signs in opposition to the planets during the week, leading up to the lunar eclipse on May 5th, at the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Summary of major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday April 19th — Today the Moon in Aries transits Jupiter and the Sun, as the Sun is in the final degree of Aries. The New Moon conjunction aspect event four hours before the Sun’s ingress to earth sign Taurus, before dawn on Thursday, US time zones. An eclipse has a notable effect on the progress of events for 2 months on either side of the eclipse date. National and international events, legal and political issues and conflicts are heading for a decisive moment. Personal and inter-personal relations might also come to a decisive point during the weeks surrounding the eclipse date. While the eclipse occurs overnight, for most of us during sleep hours or late in evening for central and western US locals, the process of personal integration into the reversals of expected outcomes, could be primarily an unconscious process. As spring season arrives, a change in personal outlook is a switch from doom and gloom to a spirit of freedom. Mars in Cancer is the ruler of Aries, indicating a more cautious approach, as the changes are assimilated.   

New Moon Eclipse
April 19-20, 2023

Thursday April 20th —The Moon in Taurus is square aspect Pluto in Aquarius as it separates from the conjunction aspect (the New Moon) and the Sun follows into Taurus, a more stable situation can be anticipated. Contrary to the new era indicated by Pluto in Aquarius, economic trends upended, a return to a time of stability and a rejection of radical views could follow. With the conjunction aspects with Mercury and Uranus, Mercury reverses apparent direction, preventing its partile conjunction aspect with Uranus. This seems to point to an unexpected intervention concerning economic affairs. With the Moon in a square aspect to Saturn in Pisces early in the day, limitations could prove to be frustrating. The conjunction aspect to Merc, turning retro, could spur a reversal of the prospects that seemed ready to transform the social or economic structure. Proposals will be tested during the Merc retro phase, lasting until mid-May.

Friday April 21st — The Moon’s early pre-dawn (in the US) transit of Mercury and Uranus occurs in the morning hours in Europe and the Middle East. A lack of supplies could prompt the reversals in the war in Ukraine. There could be a reversal of policy that will transform the nature of the conflict. Ceres retro in Virgo makes a quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Aries, while yet in an opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces.  The rescue of a generation gains in general interest.

Saturday April 22nd — The Moon’s ingress to Gemini early today, and trine aspect to Pluto at 0 deg Aquarius, seems to encourage a general reform. Venus in Gemini approaches the semi-sextile aspect to Mars in Cancer, while Mercury retro in Taurus approaches the sextile aspect to Mars. Venus and the Moon are disposed of by Mercury, and Mars is disposed of by the Moon. The Sun, Mercury, and Uranus are disposed of by Venus. Mercury and Venus in mutual reception initiate incremental adjustments. With a majority accepting the arrangements, a status quo can be achieved.

Sunday April 23rd — The Moon is in a conjunction aspect with Venus in Gemini early today, semi-sextile aspect to Mars in Cancer and semi-sextile aspect to Mercury retro in Taurus. Reaching a decision could be difficult! Progress depends on a rational, a narrative that will encourage a cautions approach and a review of planned economic policy. The Sun in Taurus approaches the sextile aspect with Saturn in Pisces. Resources are located to achieve desired results.

Monday April 24th — The Moon in Gemini is sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries and square aspect to Neptune in Pisces early today, also square aspect to Ceres retro in Virgo. The fleeting T-square configuration lasts only 2-3 hours, as attempts to harmonize the opposing adversaries begin to yield benefits. The Moon’s ingress to Cancer at 19:00 UT or 15:00 EST, followed by the trine aspect to Saturn in Pisces and sextile aspect to the Sun in Taurus, as the sextile aspect of the Sun to Saturn strengthens overnight in US time zones. The Moon reaches the partile trine aspect to Saturn in Pisces. Limited economic growth and self-interest lead to a cessation of fighting, as rational decision making is needed with mediation (Venus in Gemini).  

Tuesday April 25thMars in Cancer is in a square aspect to Chiron in Aries, approaching the sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus. The victims may not receive adequate compensation, threatening agreements. The Moon transits to the conjunction aspect with Mars, sextile aspect to Uranus and square aspect to Chiron. A new offer could include increased compensation. The Sun in Taurus is sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces indicating the possibility that an agreement is reached.   

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