Survival in the Coming Anthropocene Age – Week of December 23-29 2015


As the year end approaches, we tend to look back in reflection, and forward for inspiration.

While we see a crumbling of some of our civilizations institutions, life threatening support looms as a possible disaster, as we envision our search for clean water, or even clean air, we are yet a distance from complete collapse. We may have already entered the Anthropocene Age, documented by writers such as Roy Scranton, the author ofLearning to Die in the Anthropocene: Reflections on the End of a Civilization

In the view of astrology, as a philosophy and guide, there is an assurance that there is continuity in life, in both death and rebirth, a continuous renewal of energy.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday December 23rd – The Moon in Gemini opposes Saturn today.  Our experience, the common experience of 21st Century man and woman, becomes globalized. At the same time, we are under more pressure to recognize our role in daily life may be under pressure of judgment, by humanity and history. Neptune is at the focal point of the opposition, and this mnakes a balance very elusive. Neptune will evade and corrupt rather than take decisive action.  We can evade responsibility for now, as individuals we are part of a greater historical process. Ignoring dire warnings of the most apocalyptic nature, yet it begins to get under the skin, and into our collective unconscious. The Sun in Capricorn, symbolized by the mountain goat ever climbing to a higher, could give us direction, find concrete plans for coping with the present. Mercury in Capricorn sextile to Venus in Virgo, signals comforting scientific data, and maybe we have time to prepare for significant adjustments as yet. Taking the pulse of the patient determines that he is yet alive.

Thursday December 23rd – The Moon in Gemini is sextile to Uranus in Aries, a more global awareness is develops, as we read and are presented with by news videos and interviews from every remote corner of the globe, as it happens. Extra-planetary awareness also develops, as space and galaxies are explored and videos transmitted of hundreds of light years away. Later in the day, the Moon trines Mars in Libra, bringing us to a social here-and- now action.  Routine activities are comforting. With an earth emphasis this week, practical matters take precedence. With Sun, Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn, the Cardinal earth sign, and Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn in Sagittarius, we are more conscious of a focus on a philosophical or religious structure to life. We may want to prevent outside influences, as Saturn limits actions to the organized structure.

Friday December 24th – While Jupiter in Virgo tends to amplify appropriate behavior, may be analytical to an extent, and trine to Mercury in Capricorn, this can become extreme. Reducing the carbon footprint of cities and countries requires individual energy use to move to alternative energy sources. Environmentalists as well as government and private industry have been working to shift to alternative energies over the past several years.  Some of the efforts seem to be making a difference. The race to beat the clock, to reverse the effects of global warming, is on. Individuals are also encouraged to opt for less consumption of non-renewable energy sources. Thus, we tend to sacrifice only where good alternatives are offered. We can be more selective, more aware of personal habits (Jupiter in Virgo) if we understand the significance of changing behavior for the benefit of the future of all of us. Today’s Full Moon phase brings the benefits of awareness into the open.  The concern about parenting in a global society, preparing youth for participation in the future world, and working together to reverse trends in consumerism will allow for transformation on a global scale. Mercury and Jupiter are working in harmony (trine aspect in earth signs), while Venus and Mars (semisextile 30 deg aspect) add an acceptance of the participation of male and female as partners in preparing for the future, raising children to meet challenges of the coming age. As we conserve (Capricorn) we are expanding the limits of the world (Saturn) through education (Sagittarius).  

Full Moon December, 25 2015 1:00 PM  Jerusalem

             Full Moon
    December, 25 2015
              1:00 PM

Saturday December 25th – Unpredictable Uranus again comes into view today, as the Moon transiting in Cancer brings the conflict of the forceful powers into action.  The Full Moon is activating through several strong aspects. The square aspect (90 deg) is triggered by the Moon opposing Pluto and then forming a square aspect to Uranus. Uranus is more potent now in an apparent stationary position, ready to reverse apparent motion on the next 24 hours. Not neglecting the cry of the indigent sectors of society is a way to keep in touch with the greater global reality. Mercury in Capricorn approaches a square aspect with Mars in Libra, making a swift, impulsive action, or the implementation of punishment very likely. Just as things were becoming more organized, seemingly, they are now more complex.

Sunday December 26th – We would like to sit back and enjoy the weekend, with the Moon sextile to Jupiter in Virgo, a concern for security with the Moon in Cancer, and opposed to Mercury in Capricorn, and a square aspect to Mars in Libra (harsh aspect) we could be called into action. The Moon moves to oppose Mercury, triggering the call for action with the T-square configuration, upsets are likely. Later, a trine aspect to Venus in Scorpio could solve a mystery or reveal a shared love initiating an earned quality time, and a deepening of a relationship.

Monday December 27th – With Uranus now stationary in Aries, this point in the zodiac will be a reference for Saturn, when Saturn turns retrograde in three months, on March 26th at 16 deg Sagittarius, an exact trine (120 deg aspect) to this point. These two opposing energies, both forceful in nature, form this relay in space and time. As Uranus turns forward motion, it approaches a sextile aspect with Ceres in Aquarius. With a million refugees having arrived in Europe, the next year or so will be crucial as to their resettlement. Ceres could be this European protection to the immigrants, opening support lines and services to accommodate the homeless refugees. This task has fallen to other nations in the past, and many refugees from Europe arrived in the New World of the Americas in the previous three centuries. European nations now have a role to absorb those fleeing war in their homeland.  Pluto, in its square aspect to Uranus, indicates the stress that is placed on both immigrants and host nations.  

Tuesday December 28th – The Moon, transiting Leo, makes a brief grand trine in Fire signs, with an aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aires.  This could speed up processing for the immigrants and other details.  The Moon is also in opposition to Ceres, showing a greater care and concern for the surging immigrant, offering a hand, if at times somewhat intimidated, other times welcoming. A quincunx aspect to Pluto on the one hand and Chiron on the other, a quixotic effect may be an undertone of the day. As the Leo Moon can be dramatic and creative, the effect can be very positive for good vibes worldwide.

Thanks for reading the notes of this final week of 2015.
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December 22, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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