Stalemate to Resolution at the Balsamic Moon — July 20-27 2022  


The Sun in Cancer is in an opposition aspect to Pluto before transiting into Leo on Friday. The Moon in Aries triggers the Sun-Pluto opposition then ingress to Taurus where it will make a conjunction aspect with Mars! Many people will work from a potential stalemate to rapid action to save investments. The third quarter phase of the Moon, square aspect to the Sun-Pluto opposition, the week before the new Moon on July 28th, brings events to the denouement of the cycle, wrapping up loose ends, or summarizing events in advance of the future cycle, as the present cycle prepares us, with historical events, laying the groundwork for future possibilities. The present cycle began at the new Moon of June 28-29 at 7 deg Cancer, and with Jupiter in Aries in a partile square to the new Moon. The opening of investigations into a domestic situation, examining the past and present features of the national or personal life, a microscope to the past, in review and assessment mode characterized the preceding 3 weeks. Sort of opening a pandoras box and viewing the crimes of the past. At new Moon on the 28th of July, at 5 deg Leo, is in trine aspect to Jupiter initiating actions and drama, specifically based on the findings of the preceding cycle.

Summary of Major Aspect of the Week

Third quarter Moon phase
July 20, 022

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Wednesday July 20th — The third quarter Moon today showcases the hotly debated issues of this cycle and, indeed, of this era. The Sun in Cancer, disposed of by the Moon in Aries, is in an opposition aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Gun rights issues and abortion rights both are related to autonomous actions. This is arguably a property of Pluto in Capricorn. With the Sun in Cancer in opposition aspect to Pluto, and Ceres in a conjunction aspect with the Sun in Cancer, the protection of life, of children and home integrity is at stake. The proliferation of weapons does not protect children. So, the issues are hotly debated, although hardly ever seen as one, as two sides of the same coin. Venus in Cancer semi-sextile aspect to Mercury in Leo represent the emotionally charged conversations. Mercury voices the love of life, while Venus in Cancer, the love of children. Few, it seems, are willing to accept the positions of the opposing arguments. With the Moon in Aries at the critical focal point, moderation can have an effect. Proposed compromises could become acceptable. As personal well-being takes on more power. Uranus in a conjunction aspect with Rahu in Taurus, galvanizes the debate, propelling reversal.  The Moon ingress to Taurus in the afternoon hours makes a square aspect to Mercury in Leo and a sextile aspect to Venus in Cancer as home protection seems to gain in credibility. Contradictions could begin to resolve.

Thursday July 21st — The Moon in Taurus reaches the conjunction aspect with Mars, triggering actions that are based on the need for security. Financial markets take a hit, and more gun violence is likely. While villains may be identified, the deeper problems underlying the issues are brought into focus. Venus in Cancer reaches the partile semisextile aspect to Mercury in Leo. Mercury is disposed of by the Sun in Cancer, and as such recreational rights seems to lose credibility. With Uranus approaching partile conjunction with Rahu in Taurus, the Moon transits the pair late in the day, overnight in the US and Friday morning in Europe and points eastward. Upsets, revelations and reversals are likely.

Friday July 22nd — The Moon in Taurus makes a square aspect to Saturn retro in Aquarius, as a challenge to individual rights, vs opposition to globalization of the economy. A sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces follows, indicating concerns for devaluation and loss, and finally a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn as systemic problems with the economy are identified. The Sun ingress to Leo (20:09 UT), late in the day in the US, just before midnight in Europe and early on Saturday in China and Australia. While the Moon ingress to Gemini overnight in the US time zones, early morning in Europe and the Middle East. The pursuit of pleasure with sports and creativity helps to release anxiety, as the Moon makes a sextile aspect to the Sun.

Saturday July 23rdMercury in Leo trine aspect to Jupiter in Aries reaches partile, with the Moon in Gemini is sextile aspect to both Mercury and Jupiter. Versatile, and able to mediate, the Gemini native is in his or her stride. The enjoyment of dividends, maybe also a release of responsibility fuels community actions for improvement and beautification with the Moon semi-sextile aspect to Venus. Pride in community efforts elevates conversations.  Ceres ingress to Leo, as the younger generation takes the lead in creative endeavors.    

Sunday July 24thVenus in Cancer is square aspect to Jupiter in Aries, as the Moon is semi-square aspect to the Sun. and approaching the Balsamic phase of the Moon, when questioned ideals become open for discussion. Now there are opportunities to reorganize thoughts and actions to adjust to a new understanding. Mercury in Leo is in a square aspect to Mars in Taurus. Some are prone to be combative in argument, seeking to swing the outcome, as a major reversal is underway, with Uranus conjunction aspect to Rahu, and Mars approaching the conjunction aspect to the pair in Taurus. The Moon in Gemini and sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries, then semisextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus, as victims speak out about the abuse of values. 

Monday July 25th — The Moon in Gemini makes a trine aspect to Saturn retro in Aquarius, a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, and a quincunx aspect to Pluto all in the space of about two hours, early and pre-dawn in the US time zones while afternoon hours in Europe and the Middle East. Look for a strategic shift of power in the war in Ukraine, and possible resolutions in the US, as the seeds of a new cycle are planted. Venus in Cancer is square aspect to Jupiter in Aries, as romantic attractions are spontaneous. The Moon is void-of-course in the early pre-dawn morning hours (US time zones) until mid-afternoon with the Moon ingress to Cancer (17:55 UT). During void-of-course Moon, avoid signing legal documents. A substantial change in all legal and practical matters is underway. Definitely do not by Twitter now.

Tuesday July 26thMercury in Leo is square aspect to Mars in Taurus, while the Moon in Cancer is square aspect to Jupiter in Aries, as desired goals seem in conflict with practical matters. Also, financial arrangements could be exposed, such as in secretive affairs or insecure investments. The Moon in a conjunction aspect to Venus in Cancer, and square aspect to Jupiter in Aries, on the day that Uranus reaches the partile conjunction with Rahu, could alter trajectory, or reversing decisions regarding romantic affairs.

Reminder: While lunar aspects are in effect only for only a few hours, the aspect of the outer planets can last days and weeks. I post a reading for a day in advance in order to give a preview, also because the aspects may be in effect a day prior to the exact partile degree.

Hope you navigate the week successfully and share the joy! Thanks for reading. 

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July 19, 2022
Jerusalem, Israel

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