Some Said it Couldn’t Be Done – Week of May 4-10 2016


The Moon is passing through Pisces and will arrive in Cancer in 6 days time. The water signs are the fluid, transformative signs. If the other aspects agree, much progress can be made before the New Moon in Taurus on May 6th.  It seems that in preparation, Jupiter is slowing and will resume the direct progression on May 10th. The lengthy retrograde phase, which began on January 9th, will at last come to a close. Jupiter, the planet of social justice and harmony, receives beneficial aspects form the Sun today, and from Mercury and Venus during the week. This, in time for Spring’s blossoms, could have most everyone in good spirits. The grandtrine in Earth signs at the New Moon, heightens expectations.  Collective powers (Pluto) seem to be working harmoniously (trine aspects) with great speed and collective resolution (Jupiter in Virgo) to start a new era (Pluto) and begin a new social platform (Jupiter in Virgo) that brings material benefits (New Moon in Taurus).  Significantly, the long-term opposition between Neptune and Jupiter is receding, never having actually reached its culmination. Saturn retrograde is the focal point of the Tsquare configuration involving Jupiter and Neptune square to Saturn. Old power loses its grip.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday May 4th – The Moon is in Aries as we break new ground this week, achieving higher goals with increased energy and commitment (Moon is trine to Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius).  The past is gradually eroded (Neptune in Pisces) as the New Moon approaches, and a new order is soon to be created (Saturn in Sagittarius is quincunx the New Moon).  This creative aspect is symbolically perfect for the new cycle taking form. New elements are introduced in the social order (Saturn in Sag, Pluto in Cap). 

Thursday May 5th – The Sun is exactly quincunx (150 deg) Saturn, as impossible feats are accomplished.  Venus in Taurus is quincunx to Mars in Sag, as graciousness is in order. The possibility of a generational shift is and the vision of a new day in political or social life, affecting world order is imminent.



May 6, 2016 New Moon in Taurus

                                                   May 6, 2016
                                            New Moon in Taurus

Friday May 6th – The Moon trine Jupiter and the Sun trine Pluto indicate the accumulation of energy and power.  As the New Moon is reached, a radical departure from tradition is made.

Saturday May 7th – With the Sun and Moon, Mercury and Venus in Taurus, the earth resounds in vitality and good vibes. The Sun trine Pluto in Capricorn, an easy aspect, as acceptance speeches as well as the distribution of goods to the needy is made. We can reach out today to help a fellow man or woman, sharing joyously from a place of abundance and good will.

Sunday May 8th – The Moon in Gemini opposes Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, although the grand cross with Jupiter and Neptune is just a few hours in effect, the memory can be long lasting, as the inability to accept the arrangements can cause some discontent. However, the fate of the nations is impelling a major change in world order.  Humans are given free will and the power to prevent evil, if the constructed social forms are able to act according to the good.

Monday May 9th – The Sun conjunct to Mercury retro in Taurus today, a combust aspect that could silence overwhelming voices, as inner thoughts are at work. Meanwhile, a trine (easy 120 deg) aspect is forming between Jupiter and Venus (the greater and lesser beneficiaries), and an increase in joy is in order. Venus is also sextile aspect (60 deg) to Neptune, infecting millions with a sense of greater satisfaction, providing material comfort (Venus in Taurus) in assistance to the disadvantaged souls (Neptune in Pisces).

Tuesday May 10thJupiter turns to a direct apparent motion, easing the effect of the opposition to Neptune, and granting reprieve, greater justice, as the pendulum begins to swing in the other direction.

Hope you have a week of abundance.  

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May 3, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel

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