Solidifying Support in Verse – Week of March 16-22 2016


With a swirl of activity worldwide, the condoning of violent acts is increasingly criticized at a crucial moment in US political campaigns as well as in efforts to contain radical elements and terrorism worldwide.

Popular support is changeable, and may be now undergoing a metamorphosis with the outermost planet Pluto in Capricorn with a trine (easy) aspect to Jupiter retrograde in Virgo, two earth signs. Mercury in Pisces transits in opposition to Jupiter, sextile to Pluto, yesterday, for a pivotal day in presidential primary votes.  Again it is the popular support (Jupiter) that wins the day, as the voters help to determine the candidates for office. Jupiter is the dispositor of Pluto, giving extra weight to its actions, however in a retrograde motion; reversals may be in store in future. Venus in Pisces adds to the stellium, as crowds continue to gather, and large voter turnout leads to more confusion in the ranks. Appeals are made with gracious expectations of gratitude (Venus and Neptune in Pisces).  

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday March 16th – The Moon in Cancer today is trine to Venus in Pisces in the early hours. The trine to Neptune later in the day may inflate and/or deflate egos. With Jupiter in a long-term trine (easy) aspect to Pluto (in earth signs), there is a sense of the magnification of power. If Jupiter is regarded as the common person, the voter who votes his mind, that choice can seem highly significant to the power formation of the future. The aspect of 120 deg will reach parity today. The timing is felt to be significant of the voters will in the US. Mercury in Pisces was exact in opposition to Jupiter on the 15th  (yesterday) as the voters went to the polls. Putin, meanwhile, was decided to withdraw forces from Syria, potentially deescalating that civil war.

Thursday March 17th – As the Moon in Cancer sweeps the sky in trine aspect to the stellium in Pisces, it will also square Uranus in Aries and oppose Pluto in Capricorn. The announcements of the voters choice, will likely determine which candidates continue on to the nominating conventions of the two parties. Wielding political power, and with the establishment at the breaking point, candidates continue their rise to claim office, some with a note of wisdom as to heal the social rifts, as Mercury in Pisces transits Chiron, calling for some sobriety in the aftermath. The selection of candidates continues, even as the crowns are being prepared for leading campaigns with a path to nomination.

Friday March 18th – The Sun is in trine aspect with the Moon, as the stellium in Pisces tends to erode support from candidates, being an indecisive form (water sign with a mutable mode), and shifting in quality. A huge pool of voters (Pisces underground energy) has yet to speak. The Moon enters Leo, and as Mars in Sagittarius is harmoniously combining in fire signs, the more aggressive political opponents speak out. Uranus in Aries is activated as well, so that more disturbances can be expected. Not only is Uranus in a fire sign, Mars in Sag rules Aries and so as the dispositor of Uranus, speaks out boldly and perhaps unwisely, generating discord.  The magnetic attraction of the PlutoJupiter trine begins to wane.

March 19, 2016 Spring Equinox Begins

March 19, 2016
Spring Equinox Begins

Saturday March 19th – As the Leo Moon transits between the trine to Mars and the trine to Saturn, the calling is for a literary bard, born of the Pisces stellium, propelled by discontent and yearning to be free. Saturn in Sag is the coagulant of the mix.  The dream of Americans awakens at the approaching spring equinox. The depth of pain and suffering needs the release in a vocal cry, to rise above the energies of conflict.

Sunday March 20th – Awakening with a greater sense of purpose today, with the Sun in Aries, and Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, the Moon in Leo is quincunx to Mercury in Pisces, bring creativity to the fore. The conflict between a common-sense approach (Jupiter in Virgo) and establishment (Saturn in Sag) shifts again, as the Moon enters Virgo, binging practical needs to oppose ideology.   

Monday March 21st – The Moon opposes Venus and Neptune today, drawing out some of the powerful sense of dislocation, confusion and dissolution. The conjunction with Jupiter and trine to Pluto makes the issues and person expressing the concerns even more magnetic. Mercury, the dispositor of the Virgo posited energies, is in the final degree of Pisces, appealing to the discontent, revealing the undercurrents of the social forces at work. The message is borne home. 

Tuesday March 22ndMercury and the Sun in Aries are initiating more campaign energy as the trine from Mars is approaching, with Mars the ruler of Aries increasing the combining and propelling forces in promises and expectations for advancement.  The Moon in Virgo signals an analytical mode, neither justifying nor denying proposals from the proclaimed healers. Pain recedes when healing is done, not increased. The patient knows when a cure is successful.

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March 15, 2016   Jerusalem, Israel

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