Solar Eclipse on the Horizon — June 9-16 2021


The Solar eclipse on Thursday morning 10:54 GMT is an event that takes place in the early morning hours in the US, although close to noon in Europe and Mid-Eastern countries, later in the day for the Far East. Increase vigilance to prevent violence is con-currently implemented this week. The eclipse degree in the Tropical zodiac in use today, is 19° 47 ‘ of Gemini. In many ways, we are opening a new chapter as far as public discourse, including Internet rules of permissible language. This week also, Saturn is retrograde approaching the square aspect to Uranus, an indication that limitations (Saturn) on radical (Uranus) forms (Taurus) of expression (Gemini) are applied. While the exact aspect occurs on the 15th (Tuesday), the influence is in evidence all week.   The Moon transits to conjunction aspects to Rahu, Sun, Mercury retro in Gemini, and Venus and Mars in Cancer, and into Leo where it makes an opposition aspect to Saturn retro in Aquarius.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday June 9thThe Moon in a conjunction aspect with Rahu helps us chose a medium of expression. By writing or speaking, thoughts become more organized, arranged by category, especially in conjunction with the development of a professional style. Creative writing and musical forms of expression are also enhanced, as conversational and communication styles improve.  The New Moon eclipse overnight brings a new awareness of communication forms.

New Moon – Solar Eclipse
June 10, 2021

Thursday June 10th — The New Moon may be accompanied by earthquakes, real or metaphorically. The newly elected government in Israel takes office during a time fraught with controversy and discord. The SunMoon and Mercury conjunction at 19-20° Gemini, a diversity with a dual leadership, no clear policy seems to emerge. Mars in Cancer moves beyond the opposition aspect with Pluto that produced conflict and rejection, ingress to Leo overnight could lead to an end of self-pity in favor of self-aggrandizement.  Saturn in Aquarius with a retrograde motion approaches a close square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Friction and upheavals may be limited, or suppressed, and innovation denied. Economic policies hit the hard nose of limits on unbounded acquisition.

Friday June 11th — The Moon in Cancer is trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces, indicating greater reform with empathy and understanding of the underdog or disabled citizens. Saturn continues to ply the harsh square aspect to Uranus, a squeeze on unbounded wealth applied by authorities.  Taxation returns are needed to fund programs for recovery. Chiron semisextile to Uranus as some entities feel the pinch.  Voluntary charity is not adequate. The Moon is in a conjunction aspect with Venus in Cancer later in the day, or overnight, depending on your location on the earth, as Mars ingress to Leo. The Moon is squares aspect to Chiron in Aries and sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Care and pride are felt as help is extended to the victims of natural disasters and the pandemic.

Saturday June 12th — Treading softly, with Mars in Leo an asset if not too flagrant, benefits can be obtained with the quincunx aspect to Jupiter over the next few days. Flagrant abuses need to be identified, as Saturn square aspect to Uranus intensifies.  Saturn is quincunx aspect to the Moon/Venus conjunction in Cancer – as domestic home-front issues demand sensitivity. Uranus, sextile aspect to Moon/Venus, may indicate a reversal of policy dealing with economic distress. Limitations on government spending gain support. Mars in Leo is disposed of by the Sun in Gemini, allowing for flexibility in targeted goals.

Sunday June 13th — The Sun in Gemini is in a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, as contagious diseases are investigated. The Moon in Cancer makes an opposition aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, drawing from the collective experience, individuals seek compensation. Meanwhile, social programs are implemented to promote healing. Venus, now alone as the Moon transits into Leo, is sextile aspect to Uranus and quincunx aspect to Saturn. Issues are refined, as Saturn is disposed of by Uranus, a revolutionary approach to domestic relations is proposed.  The Moon in a conjunction aspect to Mars in Leo, awakens pride and diversity with the dispositor, Sun in Gemini. Creative forms of expression find appreciation.

Monday June 14thSaturn retro in Aquarius reaches partile square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, forcing sanctions on radical powers involving international trade. The Moon in Leo transits to the opposition aspect to Saturn, forming a T- square in fixed signs. The life of the planet earth, as well as the future of human generations is endangered. The T-square lasts but a few hours, but serves as a warning to leaders not to disregard the signs of environmental decay. Mars in Leo approaches the quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Pisces, magnifying the environmental concerns, conflicting disregard for wasteful practices with and the health of the environment.

Tuesday June 15th — The close aspect of Saturn square to Uranus forces us to particularize the contradiction inherent in practices of consumption, as Mars in Leo is quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Pisces. The quincunx aspect represents situations that are difficult to resolve, due to the dis-similarities of the signs involved, so that a contradiction could erupt.  There is a lack of common ground. The Moon is also in drama loving Leo, while quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces, reminding us of the universal principles of recycling energy.  Leo wants to be seen and heard, while Pisces contains the spiritual wisdom of the ages. Being dramatic is contradictory here, as the situation calls for careful analysis and wisdom. Shakespeare brought social and political truths to the theater, so that he was in fact, dramatizing the undercurrent of life. Art should be a mirror to see ourselves in a greater drama than our individual lives. We do need meaningful drama to move the culture forward.

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June 8, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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