Signals of Power at the New Moon – Week of January 6-12 2016


Leading up to the New Moon on January 10, and the annual PlutoSun conjunction, a focus of attention on power, and the more radical changes that a structured world power can implement, affects lives globally.  In the current trend of humanity, escape from danger and resettlement is a new priority for millions of people (Neptune in Pisces). Emergency relief organizations are empowered to act efficiently to give humanitarian aid. Uranus turns direct while Mercury turns retrograde this week, as relief work is essential to remedy the upheavals caused by man and nature.  War is not a force of nature, but is a constant throughout history. Working to eradicate the causes and prevent occurrence is opposed by the greed and ignorance of power. Pluto represents control of the masses, and according to mythology, a god-like energy that looks in two directions simultaneously. Each stage of world history has evidence of the use of force to control populations.  In a unifying world, divisions are increasingly evident.

Wednesday January 6th– The Moon and Venus in Sagittarius approach Saturn, moderating the power structure further to comply with humanitarian goals. We can now have a grasp of history; this is not the Middle Ages nor is it the Wild West, but the 21st Century. Venus and the Moon in a square aspect to Neptune rises to meet an acutely felt increase in humanitarian need outreach. As the SunPluto conjunction coincides, a transfer of power could not take place. Mars is also in a square aspect to Mercury retrograde. Goals for conquest (Mars in Scorpio) are dampened by international public opinion (Mercury in Aquarius).  The Sun approaching an imminent square aspect to Uranus, while Pluto will stay behind, thus in a separating diminishing of the square aspect, displacements of power seem to fit the picture today. 

Thursday January 7th – The Moon trines Uranus in Aries, fire signs, as adjustments are rapidly made to suit a shift in power structure. Venus approaching Saturn allows for a more acceptable discipline, and a modification of goals. Difficult situations can be overcome with strength of will power.

Friday January 8th – As Jupiter in Virgo turns retrograde, an apparent reversal of motion, a quincunx aspect with Ceres in Aquarius forms. The lunar orb transits into Capricorn later today, prompts more direct action, with Venus and Saturn are in an exact conjunction in Sagittarius. While legal rulings are released, action can be muted, or in concert with law. Power remains one-sided, while initiative (Mars in Scorpio) and Venus in Sagittarius, confirms a moderation of law or use of force.  Many situations in many lands and many lives can be affected by reassessing the conflicts and implementing rulings that are in greater harmony with universal and democratic law.

Saturday January 9th – The Moon will transit Pluto early today, as we get a reflection of the current transformations of power, and a view as to what the future portends.  Political crimes, (Venus and Saturn combined) , are in a protest stage, as the main features of the power display (SunPluto conjunction) are now in the past. Mercury re-enters Capricorn, in efforts to address unfinished business. Jupiter in Virgo is trine the mid-point of Mercury and the Sun, expanding the influence of power and the strength of the word from the President or King, or other head of State. Parental influence can also be indicated, and the justice administered should be suitable to the situation. The acceptance of power, with the Moon conjunct to Pluto in Capricorn can also play a role in the life of those ruled. As the Moon transits Pluto it will also be a square aspect to Uranus, so again this rejection of status, or revolutionary or terrorist actions may take place. The rejection of the rulings may be expressed, while others will react. Thus, conflicts are reverberating, even as solutions are implemented. The New Moon is reached by afternoon hours in the US. A firmer understanding of the limits of law and the rights of citizens is reached.

January 10, 2016       01:32 GMT New Moon

January 10, 2016 
              New Moon

Sunday January 10th – In the days surrounding the New Moon, the focus on law and order, the limits of individuals vs. the structure of social order, are taken and understood. The Moon will be in a trine aspect to Jupiter in earth signs today, as increased benefits and are achieved with satisfaction. Jupiter forms a creative aspect (quincunx) with Ceres, broadening the effect and appeal of social inclusiveness. Jupiter, as dispositor of Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius can expand the effects of law in everyday life.  The implementing of existing law is certainly an indicated. Compliance with law is for the social good and the benefit of social order. The Moon moves into Aquarius in the afternoon, US time zones, and will be in a square aspect to Mars in the evenings. Rewards and punishments (Scorpio) are realigned with actions (Mars).

Monday January 11th – The Moon in Aquarius today affirms the achievements with like minded groups, International treaties are formed. The Moon is in a sextile aspect to Saturn and Venus and this travels with the Sun from west Coast US and around the world. Reducing violence in the US has a significant effect on the rest of the world. A leader should lead in the right direction.  The Capricorn emphasis strengthens the role of leadership. It has been  said that when the true master moves his hand, the followers will respond. Innovations in technology are advancing ease of travel and communication (Moon sextile to Uranus).  

Tuesday January 12th – The Moon in Aquarius travels from the sextile aspect with Uranus, and is the dispositor of Uranus in Aries, before the quincunx aspect with Jupiter later in the day. A reduction of anxiety and a calming of fear through independent acquiescence of a confirmed order and legal status is the result. The Sun and Jupiter are doubly approaching a trine aspect in earth signs as security measures are put in place.

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January 05, 2016
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