Shifting powers and vulnerabilities — May 24 -31 2023 


On Wednesday, the Moon ingress to Leo with a square aspect to Jupiter in Aries, conjunction with Mars in Leo and sextile aspect to the Sun in Gemini, as well as an opposition aspect to Pluto in Aquarius. The word “vainglorious” comes to mind. While certain presidential candidates are known for compulsive boasting, it could also indicate heroic actions to achieve victory, or maybe a false claim of victory. It could then indicate a downfall, reversing positive public image. A change in strategy would be successful for the opponent. Jupiter activates Rahu by conjunction aspect, indicating political instability and social or economic disruptions. In Taurus the financial systems are affected by radical investments, then triggering a crash. Mars in Leo sextile aspect to the Sun indicates innovation as well as risk taking. The Moon in a square aspect to the Sun on Saturday, both in signs ruled by Mercury, at the 3rd Quarter-Moon phase, could see a break-down in pretense, and attempts to rebuild through personal charm. The Moon in an opposition aspect to Saturn in Pisces, makes a T-square configuration with the Sun at the apex.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday May 24th — The Moon exits the watery sign Cancer with a taste of Neptune in a trine aspect and mourning tragic losses. The ingress to Leo brings a more joyful attitude, although wasting no time with a conjunction aspect to Mars, a square aspect to Jupiter in Taurus and an opposition aspect to Pluto in Aquarius for a T-square configuration. The situation is dicey, with plenty of pressure and drama. Who will cave on the debt limit, and what compromise if any will be made? Jupiter in a conjunction aspect with Rahu (the North Lunar Node) signals that the decisions will have consequences (which we already know). In the sign Taurus finances are the substance of the matter. Power plays (planets) are the tools of government office. Venus in Gemini is in a sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus and square aspect to Chiron in Aries. The situation requires a delicate and respectful approach. Mercury in Taurus disposed of by Venus (Venus is the ruler of Taurus), as it comes out of the shadow in direct motion. The opening moves are made in the preliminary discussions. Mars in a sextile aspect to the Sun in Gemini and square aspect to Jupiter adds drama an urgency to the situation that could be less focused on results.

Thursday May 25th — The Moon in Leo in a square aspect to Mercury in Taurus early today (pre-dawn US time zones) could have activated the dream state and prompt future actions. The T-square in fixed signs lessens its grip as Mars moves forward in Leo, although Pluto retro in Aquarius and Jupiter in Taurus remain in a square aspect, as tradition and innovation are difficult to reconcile. Loving reform as long as it adheres to your own standards could be a stumbling block. Ceres stands apart in the opposite hemisphere, approaching the opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces, will reach partile to the Neptune opposition aspect on June 10th.  A dwarf planet, Ceres in Virgo denotes natural healing while seeking redemption. The opposition aspect to Neptune mirrors some of Ceres’ concerns. The loss of control over reproduction and physical natural processes, the loss of civilian lives under attack, and the loss of financial assistance are somehow intertwined in the symbology. Many incidents reflect the theme of redemption. June 10th could be a turning point for many of the forementioned issues.  Venus in Cancer square aspect to Chiron in Aries and sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus, challenges the process of compromise on the economic front. Friendly relations hold a key to the favorable outcome. Jupiter conjunction aspect to Rahu in Taurus amplifies the consequences of a lack in accountability.    

Friday May 26th — The Sun in Gemini approaches the square aspect to Saturn in Pisces, imposing limitations on the process while open to more flexibility. The Moon in Leo makes a quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Pride in achievement is questionable. The Moon ingress to Virgo (3:06 UT on Saturday) late in the evening hours US time zones, as contingency plans are made.

First Quarter Moon
May 27, 2023

Saturday May 27th — At the first quarter Moon [view chart insert], a T-square formation with the Moon in Virgo in opposition aspect to Saturn in Pisces, square aspect to Mercury in Gemini is in mutable signs, and naturally has more flexibility as the adaptation to a situation improves since the Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Solutions seem to be imminent. Mercury in its own sign is the dispositor of the Sun, Moon, and Ceres. Workable solutions are found to the impasse in the national dept limit.  Radical elements are reigned in as Chiron, with the wisdom of experience, in Aries, sextile aspect to Uranus. Jupiter supersedes the conjunction aspect with Rahu.

Sunday May 28th — The Moon in Virgo makes a quincunx aspect to Chiron and a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus early today, and a bold announcement is made close to the deadline for debt limit relief. The Moon is in a sextile aspect to Venus in Cancer, with Moon the dispositor of Venus. The path of least resistance has its appeal. The Moon is a final dispositor and with Neptune final dispositors as Venus reaches the opposition aspect to Neptune, as a negotiated settlement is made. Some progress could also be made in the appeal for an end to the war in Ukraine.

Monday May 29th — The Moon ingress to Libra with a trine aspect to Pluto in Aquarius is at 14:51 UT (11 am EDT). A transformative day as a narrow escape reverberates. The Moon makes a quincunx aspect to Jupiter and a sextile aspect to Mars in Leo in the afternoon hours, US time zones, then a quincunx aspect to Saturn in Pisces, as details to the agreements are published. Limitations on water resources, financial assistance or subsidies on renewal projects are concerning. The Moon trine aspect to the Sun in Gemini helps to smooth the way forward.   

Tuesday May 30th — The Moon in Libra is in mutual reception to Venus in Cancer, as they coordinate in a manner like a conjunction aspect. In cardinal signs, more aggressive responses are made that seem to support that of adversaries as agreements are made to benefit the communities. Mars in Leo makes a quincunx aspect to Saturn in Pisces, as prideful statements are made despite underlying uncertainty. The Moon makes quincunx aspects to Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, as the balance of responsibility continues to shift.

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