Searching for Answers in a Sea of Discord – Week of October 4-10 2017

Venus and Mars are conjunct (an aspect close to 0 deg separation) in Virgo to open the week, with the full Moon less than a day away. As men and women work round-the clock to save lives in Las Vegas and Puerto Rico, the gender issues become blurred. We can meet on equal footing, and respect when the matter is urgent, as it continues to be in many areas of the territory of Puerto Rico.  The Moon conjunction to Chiron, a relationship building contact in Pisces could help clarify some underlying or undefined problems that will become obvious at the full Moon.  Mending bits and pieces together to create a whole could be the task at hand. Venus in a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Pluto makes this a universal issue, involving political and military centers, and government officials. The wisdom (Chiron) to release (Pisces) past memories precedes a change in policy (Moon).  Retaining old, worn-out attitudes and practices endangers the future well-being.  

Summary of major aspects of the week: 

Wednesday October 4th – The Moon in Pisces is able to connect to inner wisdom with Chiron nearby.  Although emotionally obscure at this point, the need for solace, inspiration or empathy could find a base to cling to. In the wake of a mass shooting in Las Vegas, finding a source of universal empathy is imperative. Whatever thoughts one may have had about the concert or the location, all has been obliterated in sorrow. This leads to an awakening in the future, as the Moon travels into Aries. Jupiter’s opposition (180 deg aspect) to Uranus in Aries is the obvious sign-post, and represents the aggrandizement (Jupiter) of excitement (Uranus in Aries) that brought the event together. Venus in a close conjunction with Mars in Virgo, disposed of by Ceres in Leo, as a closer sense of personal support is need at this time.  Look to your partner or spouse to find the benefits of the day. Avoid quarrelsome encounters.

October 5 2017
Full Moon

Thursday October 5th – The Aries Moon opposes (180 deg aspect) Mercury and the Sun in Libra today, for the full Moon phase. The Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn are notably occupied, while the Moon moves through Aries it will be triggering more action. The square aspect (90 deg) to Pluto occurs following the Full Moon as though Pluto was behind all the actions of the previous days. A focus on Pluto in Capricorn, moving slowly following the station to turn direct at the Full Moon, suggests a scenario of covert operations. Certainly the bringing to light of the social media purchases of ads that amount to Fake news, by foreign entities, and resulted in seeding an aura of suspicion and paranoia could be an element in phase of division in the society. This fits in with the threat of the “enemy within” that undermines capitalism and the free economy that developed as a result, with more relative freedom for the individual. Pluto in one facet of its power, represents the covert forces, the power that turns both directions and thus the enemy within. Pluto can cast a cohesive spell. Neptune in a quincunx aspect (150 deg) to the Sun is also an indication of subversive actions.

Friday October 6th – The lunar conjunction (exact degree of longitude) with Uranus could upset the cart again today. The pain in the aftermath of attacks could be highlighted, while additional, even copycat actions could be witnessed now. The underlying elements that breed the violent attacks remain the same. Jupiter at 29 deg Libra amplifies discord. While this is the opposite of what you might expect from a sign ruled by Venus, the striving for harmony now, at the final degree can create anxiety and discord. Mercury moves closer to the Sun’s deg of latitude, becoming an exact conjunction on the 8th of October. Thoughts and communication gain power at this time, as a spokesperson takes the lead. Inside information becomes more valuable, as the ego center itself becomes better informed.  Meanwhile, the Moon, the reactive and emotional center, is in a trine aspect (120 deg easy) to Saturn in Sagittarius. Stricter rules are enforced as a result. Some issues are settled with some fast-track (Moon in Aries) legislation (Saturn in Sag).

Saturday October 7th – The Moon is in Taurus today as we seek more grounding, or self-indulgence. The square aspect (90 deg , harsh) from the Moon to Ceres inspires us to care for family and young ones. Harvests bring abundance.  Pleasure seeking is discouraged however, as security issues are examined. Mercury is conjunct ( 0 deg aspect) the Sun and Mars  is conjunct  Venus. With Mercury as dispositor (planet that rules the sign a planet occupies) of Venus and Mars, urgent matters are discussed in control centers, or within the family. Parents (Saturn) are concerned. More information is given priority. Venus is in a square aspect (90 deg) to Saturn, helps to expose information or details (Virgo). Neptune quincunx (150 deg, difficult) the Mercury and Sun conjunction over the past few days gives this a twist of unreliability or from subversive sources. There could be a corruption of information transferred. The Moon is trine to Pluto (120 deg, flowing) in Capricorn later in the day, as concerns over the flow of goods and commodities continues.

Sunday October 8th – The Moon is trine to Pluto early, strengthens the hand of covert power, or the highest of authorities. The Moon is quincunx Saturn (150 deg, miscommunication) and trine to Venus, while Saturn and Venus are in a square aspect (90 deg, harsh). It is difficult to make sense out of conflicting information on some topics. Mercury reaches the exact conjunction ( 0 deg aspect) with the Sun, as the messenger (Mercury) may actually be disavowed by the superior (Sun). The Moon is also in a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Mars in Virgo, in earth signs, for progress in technology and detailed work, agriculture as well as service occupations. Letting go of old patterns enables a more constructive use of the square aspect (90 deg harsh) from the Sun and Mercury to Pluto. There is a strong force to implement change, and while you may want to discriminate and adjust more slowly (Mars in Virgo), resistance is the tide of change could be counterproductive.

Monday October 9th – The Moon in Gemini today allows for more flexibility, opening more channels of communication.  A square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Neptune might give flashes of inspiration or mood changes. The trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to the Sun and Mercury in Libra half-way through the day, develop more ease of communication and co-operation. While Pluto in Capricorn is quincunx (150 deg, quixotic) the Moon and square (90 deg harsh) aspect  to the Sun and Mercury we should try to comply with conditions and requirements that may be adverse, and at best difficult. A creative approach (quincunx) achieves a more successful day.

Tuesday October 10th – The Moon reaches the opposition (180 deg, tense) point to Saturn early today, allowing us to objectify our opponent, to form a clearer response to authority or leaders. With Mars at the focal point, square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Saturn and the Moon, our actual goals undergo adjustment to suit the conditions.  Venus in Virgo opposes Chiron today (180 deg, tense), as the balance between or desires (Moon) and status or role (Saturn) may require greater insight. Jupiter enters Scorpio for more in depth experience, as social norms and roles are incorporated into ritual or a social gathering.    

It is my hope and aim that the process outlined here may help others develop awareness and overcome issues by allowing the universal energy to be recognized as the flow of human activity continues day by day. The timing of the events, the relevance to personal lives will vary, of course. You may have a strong connection in your personal psychological makeup, your natal chart, or may have none for any particular day, depending on your natal planetary positions. When your natal chart is compared to the transiting planets more details and more enlightenment follows. 

Hope you have a good week, and profit in some way from this astrological preview.

Jerusalem, Israel
October 3, 2017

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