Saturn in Sagittarius – The Fall Equinox 2015

September 23, 2015 8:22 AM Greenwich, England

September 23, 2015
8:22 AM
Greenwich, England

The Fall Season is brought sharply into view with a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 28th of September, just days after the Equinox on the 23rd. At the equinox, of course, the Sun enters the Tropical Zodiac sign of Libra. As the Moon and Sun balance the Earth in their shadows at the Equinox, it is a fitting view for Libra, the Sign of the Scales, a measure and a symbol legal justice. Law itself is derived from the Holy Ten Commandments. If we adjust to Universal Law, the law of Nature and of man, we might obtain peace.

It seems as if the Earth itself is in a struggle to balance environment with human existence, and nature with the human consumption of resources. Civilization is also in a struggle, as wars are displacing millions, sending refugees into Europe from Africa and the Middle East. Libra is a sign that seeks balance, often out of balance, as events cause the scale to swing from one side to the the other. We, as individuals, are also in a struggle to maintain our personal lives in the face of social and economic adversity. Although Libra is known as a sign of peace, it is primarily a lack of peace that is most prominent under this sign.

The T-square configuration prominent in the chart [see image], emphasizes the need to maintain a balance, a balance of individual and collective powers. Uranus in Aries shows a collective group force, while Mercury in Libra, represents media and information, related by technology (Uranus). Venus is exactly trine to Uranus, both in fire signs, as personal interest is brought to this human migration. There is intensity with the fire signs, and struggle with the T-square for a stable situation.

As Saturn enters the Sign of Sagittarius on September 18th, legal issues that have plagued society over the past two or three decades are coming into focus. As Mercury in Libra turns retrograde on the same day, there is a shift in awareness developing. While of review of current assessments is underway, judgments revisited, decisions criticized and directions debated in the retrograde phase, we are preparing to make personal choices and set goals for the coming months. Saturn made a six-month foray into Sagittarius from Dec 24, 2014 – June 16, 2015, having turned retrograde on the 15th of March, then it returned for a time into the sign of Scorpio. There seemed to be an increase in violent incidents between police and civilians, as Saturn and Pluto were in mutual reception during the revisit to Scorpio, and for the two years prior to Dec 24, 2014.

Social issues of race and ethnicity are festering in the yet awakening world-wide awareness for social justice. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is the sign most associated with the distribution of power and legal justice. While economic equality is here most equated with the sense of equal opportunity for all, it can also mean a distribution of wealth, philosophical in nature, rather than practical implementation of the concepts.

Sagittarius is a fire sign of a mutable modality. Therefore, it is open to change, and progress. Saturn, however, is symbolical of stability and conservative measures. As Saturn rules Capricorn, it maintains the power centers’ status quo. Therefore, the actual implementation of new law may be slow and measured. Legal matters, however, are indicated. Power is likely to be modified under this transit of Jupiter’s home sign. The highest office, the highest courts (Jupiter), are indicated for a review and change of police (Saturn) issues. A more standardized (Saturn) approach in the criminal justice court systems ( Sagittarius) could result, while a more humane and individualized (Saturn) procedure could be invoked (Jupiter). Saturn represents form and structure, in an individual chart, the urge for individuation. Meanwhile, Jupiter is currently transiting the sign of Virgo, where it will stay until September 2016.

Virgo is also a mutable sign, but of the Earth element. In Virgo, Jupiter will question and debate, and finally work out a compromise to benefit the majority. With the patience of Saturn in Sagittarius, and the scope of Jupiter in Virgo, progress on issues of equality can be made. I am, of course, focusing on the positive side of natural progress and humanistic, humanitarian goals for Tikkun Olam. While we work with the natural laws, Nature does not always accommodate us. Therefore, we have to be humane, and transcendent of mind to mold our future.

The Planet Earth, as our home, provides the resources. As One World, we recognize again and again that we are One Family, and we have the need to repair the world that is today, and to try to alleviate suffering for all in the future.

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September 20, 2015
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