Reversals in the Making – Week of December 7-13 2016


While we settle in to the situation as it is, the long range view is somewhat different. The Sun and Saturn combine in Sagittarius this week, as the world view contracts (Saturn) or stabilizes with a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Libra. Putting a gloss or rosy view on the status quo, Jupiter could also seek to balance or justify the limits (Jupiter in Libra), as there is a move also to bring action against the revolutionary or iconoclastic elements (Uranus in Aries), perhaps through international courts or Supreme Court rulings. With the Moon in Aries this week on the 8th -10th, renewed actions (Aries promotes direct action) ignite the (Uranus and the opposition to Jupiter in Libra), struggle on the part of opponents in legal conflicts (Jupiter in Libra).

The exact opposition between Jupiter and Uranus occurs on December 27th, and with Saturn trine to Uranus on that date, the situation seems critical. There could be setbacks and /or delays (Saturn) in the inaugural process. The test of the systems resilience to the unusual situation, by acts of Supreme Court or congress goes to analysis of the Constitutional provisions. On personal matters, new projects may be started only to be challenged or delayed. Very innovative ventures (Uranus), however, may succeed (Jupiter opposition) if well planned and focused (Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus).  Saturn limits but also focuses attention to Uranus, the disregard for a limit, is in conflict, yet they are somehow blurring the edges of the limits and reigning in extremism at the same time in a positive interpretation.  Chaos is the extreme of the negative impact.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday December 7th – The Moon in Pisces is subject to the universal solvent, a forgetfulness or dispersion (mutable sign) of built-up feelings (water sign), a time of uncertainty may lead to greater need for escapism, or panic. Allowing for activities that release tension while promoting health, improve the successful navigation of the day. Avoid alcoholism and drug use at this time. We may fell called to mold to the undercurrents (Moon sextile to Pluto) the rejection of limitations may lead to excesses. Venus is leaving the sign of Capricorn today, enter Aquarius for more freedom loving souls and companions. Rejoicing with those of like-mind is certainly a welcome anticipation, if not a reality. The Moon in Neptune may deceive us, or simply allow dreams to flourish. Too strict an application of ideals can lead to a rebellion.

Thursday December 8th – The Moon enters Aries, as we move out of dreamland (Pisces) and into a harsher reality focused on achievement (Aries). The Sagittarian Sun moves up to stern, restrictive Saturn, exposing perhaps the fault line, outing the contradictions, as the trine to Uranus and the sextile to Jupiter enhance a closer look at the power center.  Is there a rage that cannot be quelled, a storm that will destroy alone? Or an even more pressing question: is there a theme or a vision to add order to the ensuing chaos? Time is infinite, in our limited perspective, and powers greater than human will prevail. We know that in the end the good will win out. The sextile aspect of the Moon to Venus gives us some peace and a feeling of visionary opportunities. Jupiter sextile (60 deg) to Saturn allows for us to work within limitations of the political climate (Sagittarius). The Moon square aspect to Mercury in Capricorn later in the day could help lend force to open doors for a future yet unrevealed.

December 9, 2016 Washington, DC

December 9, 2016
Washington, DC

Friday December 9th – Judicial issues of Law and constitutional rights as the Moon is square to Pluto and trine Saturn and the Sun. The choice is now made, and there may be a new ruling from the SCOTUS. There could be more power sharing as a result, with Jupiter involved with the opposition to Uranus and square aspect to Pluto. New arrangements may be made. If SCOTUS denies the time extension needed to reach an Electoral ballot count that would be a loss to the side of Justice (Jupiter in Libra).  Without a full bench, the Supreme Court may be deadlocked. The battle is not over yet. More surprises and reversals can be expected (Uranus in Aries opposes Jupiter in Libra). The Moon (the individual citizen) is exactly trine aspect (150 deg) to the exact conjunction of Saturn and the Sun in Sagittarius (Congress or Court unanimous decision), at the same time, the Moon opposes Jupiter (extracts judgment) late in the afternoon (US times). Then, shortly after, the Moon contacts Uranus.  In practice this is all one time-frame. Uranus is modified, as though a run-away candidate humbled by a court (Saturn and Sun in Sag) and the assumed power is compromised (Jupiter in Libra the dispositor of Saturn and Sun).  The slide to a victorious take-over (Uranus trine Sun and Saturn) would have been easy, if not for Jupiter in the opposition. The system has operational balances to correct and oppose megalomania.

Saturday December 10th – The ruling could undermine the power buildup, with SaturnSun sextile (a working trine) to Jupiter and the trine to Uranus. A trine requires less effort and assumes automatic benefit, thus it carries more power but is likely to be beyond the control of individual will (Uranus is a trans-personal effect). The courts (Sagittarius) judgment (Saturn) put a dent in the mandate that Trump has assumed. While a complete reversal is unlikely at this point, Trump is unlikely to get the overwhelming ruling he craves. Saturn and the Sun are disposed of by Jupiter, so the judgment is likely to work for a balance as opposed to a total revolution.  Thus, the issues may not be resolved yet, and the electoral vote is still not cast. 

Sunday December 11th – A controlling power can be cruel (for example ISIS), or be tied to the system of government (democracy with checks and balances). The Separation of Powers, the Bi-cameral legislature, under laws that ensure that one branch of government cannot over-power the others, are contained in the law of the USA. Pluto could represent every controlling power, no matter how archaic or how progressed. The attempt to usurp power should lead to a reversal, (Uranus) and dissolution (Neptune) of the attempted coup makers. While this has not happened in the history of the US, that does not mean it can’t happen. The central power tends to regenerate, therefore a resurgent power, and can be transformative as well. There is more than one way to destroy an empire.  While the goal is not to destroy, but to ensure the continuance of the republic, this could be the test of the framework of the Constitution, and the powers granted to each branch of government, to eliminate the possibility of one branch overpowering the other two, and gaining dictatorship.

Monday December 12th – The Moon enters Gemini today, approaching the Full Moon phase, as outstanding issues are addressed, concerns are set aside in view of the procedural process we are under a commitment to follow.  There is joy (Venus in Aquarius) in the process of fellowship, a universal urge to belong to the implementation of a social contract. Many indications are present that while the subject is groomed for the role, there are also revolutionary dangers (Uranus opposing Jupiter with Saturn applying to the trine aspect to Uranus) and controversial issues involved. Restraints are applied on media (Saturn in Sag sextile to Jupiter in Libra).

President Elect Trump at the Full Moon

President Elect Trump at the Full Moon

Tuesday December 13th – At this important point in passage, the Full Moon coincides with Donald Trump’s natal Full Moon, with the luminaries in reversed position. The status of the individual seems reversed. Yet, transiting Mars opposes Trump’s natal Mars, conj his ascendant, as critics will be analyzing his every statement. Trump’s avowed goal is to reverse policies and legislation, repeal laws and build barriers to international trade and industry, so the reversals are all the more startling. He is spearheading a movement, perhaps a grassroots backlash to programs that many feel have not benefited them. It is challenging, and will be a test of the stability of the US democracy and institutions of government. Exceptional leaders may not follow his exact blueprint. However, exceptional times produce exceptional leaders.

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December 6, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel



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