Resolving Power Oppositions — June 2-9 2021

Persistent gun violence resulting in mass murders is a plague that is out of control in the US. Legal ambiguities allow pro-gun activists to block legislation for sensible gun control. Neptune is in the 9th House of the US chart of Independence (Sibly chart) denotes legal ambiguity. And a quincunx aspect to the Moon in Aquarius is significant for the personal liberties enshrined in the Founding Fathers’ declaration, to ensure freedom from tyranny. Unfortunately, the tyranny of the loose gun is murdering freedom, the opposite of the intention of the founders.   Gun control is necessary for freedom and liberty to prevail. Mars in Cancer trine aspect to Neptune is superseded while Mars approaches the opposition aspect to Pluto this week. Venus ingress to Cancer on June 2nd, as we become more receptive. Mars (focused action=investigation) takes a stronger stand against suppression (Pluto).  

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday June 2nd
The Moon in Pisces is square aspect to the Sun in Gemini early today. We can feel apprehensive about the direction we are choosing, as an era of distortions ends.  Venus ingress to the sensitive sign of Cancer, while aggressive Mars in Cancer separates from Neptune in Pisces to realign with Pluto in Capricorn with the opposition aspect.  The Moon transits to the conjunction aspect with Neptune, while Mars retro in Gemini makes a square aspect to the escapist planet Neptune.  We should go back and check facts, as a course correction may be in order.

Thursday June 3rdMercury retro in Gemini is square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Investigations uncover misleading data.  The Moon is sextile aspect to Pluto while Mars approaches the opposition aspect to Pluto. Venus in Cancer and in a trine aspect to Jupiter in Pisces brings benefits in overcoming adversity. Mars opposition aspect to Pluto uncovers hidden resources.  Oppressive policies are challenged. The Moon ingress to Aries with new initiatives are offered.  The Sun in Gemini is in a trine aspect to Saturn retro in Aquarius, as conscious matters flow through formalities, easing the way with a path for victory.

Friday June 4thMars in Cancer and in an opposition aspect to Pluto retro in Capricorn while Saturn retro is square aspect to Uranus. Both aspects are approaching partile, with less than a one-degree orb, activated over the next few days. These two planetary aspects involving the fateful transSaturn spheres, indicates a conclusion of matters with a culmination of events over the next few days, that set the circumstances for the next cycle. Saturn-Uranus square aspect is likely to change the socio-economic future for a generation. This might include voting rights that determine representation in legislation, or agreements in coalition matters and power struggles. If an end-point is reached, and matters settled, it will remain in place for 3-4 years. Saturn square aspect to Uranus could limit progress, possibly until the end of December, when the aspect recurs, while Mars continues without revisiting the opposition aspect for two years.  The Moon in Aries makes a conjunction aspect with Chiron, and concurrently, a sextile aspect to the Sun in Gemini and sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, extending the trine aspect of the Sun to Saturn, resulting in a talent triangle configuration. Personalities arise to settle conflicts and make adjustments that meet the required limits. Budgetary matters could be settled. Venus in Cancer is trine aspect to Jupiter in Pisces, a sweetener to reach a conclusion.      

T-square configuration
May 5, 2021

Saturday June 5th — As the goal direction energy of Mars in Cancer, concerned with care for children, teaching and nourishing for the future, Pluto in Cap blocks rapid progress with legal restrictions and formalities.  The Moon in Aries at the focal point of the Tsquare configuration [see chart above], could break the deadlock, in offering a solution. Mercury retro in Gemini is square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, as conspiracies collapse, the Moon is sextile aspect to Mercury for appropriate timing of intervention, and semi-sextile to Neptune in Pisces, discouraging more dis-information. Saturn in Aquarius is square aspect to Uranus in Taurus with more pressure and discord in financial matters, as attempts to reduce expenditures become a priority.

Sunday June 6th — The Moon ingress to Taurus is sextile aspect to Jupiter in Pisces and Venus in Cancer. Matters are settled amicably with the emergence of a talented personality, creating goodwill to settle disagreements. Mars transcends the opposition aspect to Pluto, moving forward from the impasse.  The Moon transits to the conjunction aspect with Uranus overnight US time zones and early Monday morning in England, Europe and the Mideast. The square aspect of Saturn to Uranus is ignited. Attempts are made to overturn (Uranus) standard procedures in forming government offices or reversing standing legislation (Saturn).

Monday June 7th — The Moon in Taurus semi-sextile to the Sun in Gemini pre-sages the up-coming New Moon eclipse early on Thursday at 19 ° 46’ Gemini. Saturn retro in Aquarius and square aspect to Uranus in Taurus is exact within a quarter of a degree at the New Moon, at its strongest impact the effect could be significant for the entire soli-lunar cycle. Plan for a serious look at objectives and goals for the near future.

Tuesday June 8th — The Moon in Taurus sextile aspect to Neptune early in the day and in a mutual reception aspect with its dispositor Venus in Cancer, could put a focus on emotional stability, or the lack of.  The Moon is trine aspect to Pluto and sextile aspect to Mars in Cancer, implementing decisions, with a well-seasoned hand in practical matters, aware of bias and relative value of the parties involved. The Moon ingress to Gemini in the afternoon or evening hours, depending on your location, and a square aspect to Jupiter in Pisces, as doubts begin to creep up.  Saturn is half a degree to the exact square aspect to Uranus as critical divisions remain.   

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June 1, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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