Pushing Forward for Reversals — September 14-21 2022

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With so much to repair this Virgo transit, in the final decant, more work needs to be done. On Saturday, the Sun reaches the opposition to Neptune facing the infinite and the unredeemable. Yet, we can find some satisfaction in knowing that if we keep on track, the tide will turn to honor our efforts. We can pull children out of poverty. We can push back an unjust invasion. We can also turn around unpopular policies. More work needs to be done to help families get their children on the right track. Education has declined during the pandemic. Violent crime is on the rise again. With the Sun opposition to Neptune, the Moon in Gemini makes a T-square on Saturday, as a need for objective balance is reiterated. Venus square Mars over the weekend is a helpful stressful aspect in terms of work on relationship issues. As we are facing a future world with more climate emergencies, increased global populations, and massive immigration, so getting our priorities right is essential. The future depends on it. On Monday, Mercury retro is in an opposition aspect to Jupiter retro, and the Moon in Cancer transits to the critical focal point in the Cardinal signs to assist in the transfer of power. All the outer planets are still in retrograde, as though needing assistance and a signpost that more repair work needs to be done.   

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday September 14th — The Moon in Taurus makes a trine aspect to Venus in Virgo early, before dawn in the western continents, and a sextile aspect to Mars in Gemini denotes facilitation of practical matters such as details for purchases and financial transactions. In the afternoon hours, western hemisphere, close to midnight in the eastern, the Moon transits the conjunction aspect to Uranus in Taurus, and harsh square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, followed by a congenial trine aspect to the Sun in Virgo. The Saturn/Uranus square aspect is activated. Both planets are retrograde, and with a contradictory impact such that explosive materials may be detonated, although due to the retrograde influence, the impact could mute in effect. Despite all the good progress, a reactionary event takes place. This could indicate a decisive battle. The Moon square aspect to Ceres late in the day (or morning hours on Thursday) indicates urgent humanitarian needs.

Thursday September 15th — The Taurus Moon makes a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn so that a grand-trine flowing configuration with Sun in Virgo and Pluto may be operational for some. It is a wide developing trine aspect between the Sun and Pluto, and the trine aspect to the Moon has faded somewhat. Yet, it may indicate a rapid deployment, a affecting large populations. In earth signs, practical matters and security are a focus. Arranging for secure energy for heating in Europe this winter reduces dependency on oil from Russia is one possible even under this signature. Supplying aid to victims of floods and earthquakes is another possible outcome here. Venus in Virgo approaches the square aspect to Mars in Gemini seeming to be a guard against excessive force, as the direct Mars energy becomes diffuse in the mutable air sign Gemini. Venus in Virgo may be able to assist, although the critical tendency of the sign may also over-react in some cases, with the harsh square aspect to Mars. The Moon ingress to Gemini late in the day, making a sextile aspect to Jupiter retro in Aries and a trine aspect to Mercury retro in Libra, facilitates communication and the distribution of aid.

Friday September 16th — The Sun in Virgo reaches the partile opposition aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces. The harshness of the aspect is softened with dispersed energy. As Venus reaches the partile square aspect to Mars, the Moon transits the conjunction aspect with Mars, softening the harshness of the energies. Venus provides more positive energy, with her attributes of beauty and peacefulness. Saturn retro in Aquarius continues to slowly ply to the square aspect with Uranus, as a very slow reduction in munitions and available resources aims to end the war in Ukraine. Pluto is slowing in its orbit and will turn to direct motion by October 10th.

Third Quarter Moon
September 16-17 2022

Saturday September 17th — The 3rd quarter Moon phase is typically a crisis point in dissemination of issues needing resolved [see chart insert]. At this quarter Moon, there is a partile opposition aspect between the Sun and Neptune, and also a close opposition aspect between Jupiter retro in Aries and Mercury retro in Libra. There are several major issues operating on separate tracks. Sun and Neptune are both in square aspects to the Moon in Gemini at the crisis point. The efforts to obliterate, to dissolve (Neptune) opposed to the consciousness of the day – or month- (the Sun) reach a balance point, symbolized by the Moon in Gemini. A proposal clicks in.  The agenda is set.  Mercury opposition aspect to Jupiter (both planets retrograde) as we begin to unwind the issues at stake. Claims on both sides are disputed. Venus in Virgo square aspect to Mars in Gemini is a separating aspect, therefore weakening, as the nitpicker Venus in Virgo conflicts with the aggressive goals of the verbose Mars in Gemini, as we hope for a resolution. Aside from this, a Yod formation involves Pluto in Capricorn at the apex, Ceres in Leo and the Moon in Gemini, as the Constitution is evoked. In another tack, the worrisome generations seek advantages. And what about my benefits? Where is my future?  Saturn and Uranus (both retrograde) slowly draw nearer to confront one another, to revolutionize or to stifle.

Sunday September 18th — As the Sun in Virgo opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces weakens over time, the Moon ingress to Cancer takes up the stress point of Mercury in Libra opposition aspect to Jupiter in Aries (both retrograde), forming a T-square configuration. The Moon rules Cancer and is therefore at home in its role of mediator. Chiron retro in Aries in a sextile aspect to Mars in Gemini specifies the role of cooperation as the median rung, the Golden Mean is the best way forward. Controversial issues are under the microscope. Venus in Virgo approaches the trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus (earth signs) while the Sun approaches the trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn (earth signs). These trine aspects will reach partile in the coming days, as some resolution of disagreements will be reached with regards to the transfer of money or property.

Monday September 19th — The Sun in Virgo completes the trine aspect to Pluto retro in Capricorn, for tactical advantage. Venus in Virgo reaches the partile aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, signifying a technical advantage, as Putin’s army is forced into retreat. The Moon in Cancer makes a square aspect to Chiron retro in Aries, as objections are raised. The Moon then transits to a sextile aspect with Venus and sextile to Uranus, as a mediator admonishes two opponents.

Tuesday September 20th — The Moon makes the opposition aspect to Pluto retro in Capricorn early today, while at the same time, Venus in Virgo is trine aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus and quincunx aspect to Saturn retro in Aquarius. Practical retreats due to technological disadvantages are likely.  The ability to re-group or to replenish supplies for retaliations remains. The Moon in Cancer could represent a regeneration of conflict in the opposition aspect to Pluto, as a regeneration of courage emboldens participants. Mercury retro in an opposition aspect to Jupiter retro as retaliation to seek advantage in a legal dispute results in accusations and counteraccusations.

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Reminder: While lunar aspects are in effect only for only a few hours, the aspect of the outer planets can last days and weeks. I post a reading for a day in advance in order to give a preview, also because the aspects may be in effect a day prior to the exact partile degree.

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September 13, 2022
Jerusalem, Israel

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