Presidents’ Powers Flare – Week of June 17- 23 2015


The New Moon begins the lunar cycle. This week, natives with Gemini Sun, Moon or other planet close to this conjunction of the luminaries, are especially favored. The influence is likely to be related to communication, short distance travel and/or new enterprises in the speaking and writing disciplines.

Beginning a new course of action often suggests a renewal of information and a review of past knowledge. The four planets in Gemini, at the time of the New Moon has set this in motion. Mercury is at home in Gemini, the sign of its natural rulership, and therefore, active inquiry begins. Mercury is the dispositor of the Sun and Moon while in Gemini and also the dispositor of Mars, conjunct the Sun in Gemini. This gives Mercury special influence this week. The ubiquitous cell phone, for example, has become a standard, along with email service, giving communication more flexibility and instantaneous results. This week, communication is highlighted.

June 17, 2015 Moon in Cancer

June 17, 2015
Moon in Cancer

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Wednesday June 17th – This morning in the US, afternoon in the Eastern Hemisphere, the Moon is in a close conjunction with both the Sun and Mars. The Sun-Mars conjunction has energized the political and military arenas, and now we see a softer approach, with the Moon’s intervention, At 22:52 on the 16th , yesterday, GMT the Moon ingress to Cancer took place. That would be afternoon in the US, on Tuesday. We can mark a new thrust into discussions, political posturing, and military might. (note the announcement on the 16th that President Putin has added to Russia’s military arsenal new nuclear capable missiles.) And of course, the presidential campaign announcements are racking up. We have new issues developing, and added urgency to the world situation. The Moon now in its sign of rulership – Cancer, the aura turns to more self defensive measures, and of course honoring the nation and home, concerns of the Cancer influence. Venus and Jupiter in Leo, the Sun’s natural home, indicates the rising influence of the Sun as ruler, while the Moon is temporarily on display.

Thursday June 18th – The Moon’s lonely transit of Cancer, flanked as it is by the more powerful SunMars in Gemini, and the proud JupiterVenus in Leo, brings to the stage the maternal qualities of care for home and family. With a trine to Neptune, there is a relationship with universal icons, suffering of women and suppression of the feminine nature throughout the world. The topic of universal suffering, care for the homeless refugees, is also relevant. The umbrella of universal human rights was never more a necessity, and for nations to uphold the ideals enshrined at the founding of the UN. As the Moon moves from a trine to Neptune to oppose Pluto in Capricorn, the quest and resolve for action should be made. However, the opposition remains. There is a power struggle that is surfacing as well. As the Moon moves to trine Saturn in Scorpio later in the day, a move to change existing restrictions, or even transform political power, perhaps in a covert manner, can threaten a wider aggression (Jupiter in Leo is closely trine Uranus in Aries). Jupiter can magnify the revolutionary and destructive side of Uranus, as well as the more innovative or evolutionary properties

Friday June 19th – The Moon’s ingress to Leo at 6:26 GMT, aligns the Moon with the Leonian energy, the Sun in Gemini is now the dispositor of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon. National pride, as well as creative power, can shine, although the Sun (ruler) is still in a flexible position, guarding and measuring actions in Gemini, and will be approaching a creative contact with Saturn, and conjunct Mars, in opposition to V. Putin’s natal Mars (26 deg Sagittarius). This may be indicative of rulers agreeing to discuss matters before any course is taken in active combat, or an inadvertent strike causes reflexive actions that will enmesh the world in warfare. Jupiter in an exact trine with Uranus, enriching life with excitement, as the Moon prepares to transit Venus and blend with Jupiter. Any new candidates for President, please stand up!

Saturday June 20th – Talk and media is still very much the focus of the day. Innovative approaches to traditional rules and regulations may be accepted. Secret deals might be exposed ( Saturn retro in Scorpio), as more scrutiny is brought to candidates and issues. Venus and Jupiter are given more relevance in the entertainment field, as the Moon makes a threesome, and blends the two planets of beneficence. Creativity abounds, as the visual arts are emphasized, as comedy and and media again rule the day.

Sunday June 21st – While comedy and parody can alleviate the intensity, such jibes can be felt as serious blows, and thus impact the positions the subjects might take. Light banter can lead to open minds to the multi-sided issues of the day. However, apologies and disclaimers are now useful tools to make amends. The Moon moves into a sextile relationship with the Sun (ruler) and Mars (action). Perhaps Putin is even amused, and this is helpful in relations with the world. Putin, with his Saturnine disposition, may be forced into making a personal-political transformation.

Monday June 22nd – The summer solstice, as the Sun moves into Cancer. With the Moon, the ruler of Cancer and, therefore the Sun’s dispositor, now in Virgo, opposing Neptune in Pisces, we can get back to daily routine and the business of serving the disadvantaged, the homeless and needy masses of humanity, those who are abused and suffering. That is, Tikkun Olam. Mercury in Gemini, exactly square to Neptune and the Moon, as T-square configuration, gives an opportunity to state a public position on programs and proposals. It is important to discuss the details and compare the models running. Tact and modesty are again in focus, as more competition requires a more refined candidacy.

Tuesday June 23rd Mars, in a creative quincunx aspect to Saturn now, could put pressure on positions of status, to actually turn about and show a better side, also put forth changes in policy to accommodate public opinion. We can respect one another more, and as a world as a whole undergo a transformation, viewing ourselves and each other in a new light. As the lunar phase progresses, new issues will coalesce at the 1st quarter Moon phase, tomorrow, in Libra, a time when the latent conflicts are made evident. Remember that Libra is V. Putin’s Sun sign, and he has three planets in Libra as well.

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June 18, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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