Power Up to Peace Initiative – Week of June 24-30 2015


If the events of the preceding week have left us raw, there is now, however, a greater opening for reformation, for innovative moves to transform personal and social attitudes, and possibilities for changing personal behavior patterns. With Venus now closing in on Jupiter (look in the sky for the brightest stars; moving closer together), There is more opportunity for community understanding, and for effective work in the area of inter-cultural reform. No one dies in vain. Death be not proud.

Wednesday June 24th – The Moon in Libra reaches the first quarter mark today, square aspect (harsh) to the Sun in Cancer. Issues that have exploded lately are brought to conscious awareness. Investigating the roots of the social problems sooths some raw edges. More awareness brings more possibility of change in attitudes and behavior. Personal goals are set now. Affirmations can be useful to prepare for a change in behavior. This age-old tool for engendering loyalty can be used to help individual reformation. Saturn retrograde in Scorpio digs into the unconscious of society, can lead in a direction to punish offenders and uproot attitudes which are dangerous. Mars completes the transit of Gemini today, and will ingress Cancer later in the day, encouraging honor and loyalty of home. As such, we go back to basics, back to the root of the matter.

Thursday June 25th – A sweet aspect between transiting Moon in Libra and Venus in Leo, followed by a sextile to Jupiter in Leo, makes the day a winner. Partnerships are favored in Libra, marriage or business enterprises yield success. The Moon will also oppose Uranus in the afternoon, so some contentious issues could arise. Personal ingenuity and opportunities may also be made available. Personal advantage can be arranged, so don’t say no right away.

Friday June 26thMercury is direct in Gemini, so contracts or signed agreements are safer, more confidence can be achieved in written work and in travel. Chiron moving retrograde, approaches a quincunx (creative) aspect with Jupiter. Much needed healing powers are introduced. Acts of kindness are a remedy for pent-up resentments. The Moon enters Scorpio, where it trines the Sun and Mars in Cancer. Giving voice to shared feelings and shared goals has a healing measure.

June 27 2015 Grand tine in Water signs

June 27 2015
Grand tine in Water signs

Saturday June 27th – The Moon in Scorpio is trine to Neputne in Pisces today, opening wounds, but giving a universality to profound feelings. A grand-trine with planets in the 3rd water sign (Cancer) complete the aura of togetherness. Every crisis is an opportunity for a new beginning. The Moon is then sextile to Pluto as we gain more credibility and respect.

Sunday June 28th – The fortuitous lengthy rondez-vous of Venus and Jupiter continues. The harsh square aspect from the Moon in Scorpio, could be a slight hitch in the plans, but may instead work out to advantage. The Moon‘s transit of Saturn later in the day could be revealing of secret plans. Forces gather and strengthen as the Moon enters Sagittarius and aspects other planets in Fire signs.

Monday June 29th – While the Sun and Mars in Cancer are concerned with domestic issues, taking a cautious approach, the Moon in Sag awakens a broader concern, philosophical and legal issues, as well as rulings from a high court of appeal. UN reports could also be contentious now. With the quincunx aspect between the Moon and Mars and the Moon and the Sun prefer an indirect approach in critique of the statements by friends and foes alike. Venus prefers peace, and the close aspect, now less than one degree from Jupiter increase that will for an agreement to settle disputes.

Tuesday June 30th – Today’s communications and announcements from around the world, can arouse interest. The grand-trine in Fire signs, including the adventurous, unpredictable Uranus in Aries, heighten readiness, while the Sun (ego center) in Cancer is willing to disperse threats with the trine to Neptune in Pisces. We need a willingness to repair bridges and mend fences to disperse the animosity that has developed. Accusations fly, although a bit of humor may lighten the conflicts.

Pray for peace and understanding in the world.

Hope all goes well with you. Comments can be sent to comment@shoshananeshri.com


June 23, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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