Power in the Balance – Week of December 15-21 2013

As we are now recovering from the inclement weather, and that is across the globe, the Full Moon should bring some relief. However, in this extraordinary time, we can expect abrupt changes to take place in and around the Full Moon phase. Uranus in Aries stationary and turning direct on the 18th . Mars is closing in on the opposition to that exact point, so there can be an unusual level of excitement, or quite explosive activity. It has already started as the gathering of many of the nations leaders and dignitaries for the memorial service for Nelson Mandela, or Madiba as he was known by his personal name, and we witness a world that has grown and has changed over the past 90 years. This is a positive reflection of the Uranian energy, for he was a revolutionary leader, and changed his nation as well as the world perception of his nation and his people.

It is a time of new beginnings and awakenings, which can follow in the wake of such events. Awareness and kindness can grow in the aftermath, and we can see that African nations are moving forward.

Before this Tuesday’s Full Moon, we are also struggling to deal with the events dished out by Mother Nature. Whether it is a new weather era, or a return to the old days of snow and rainfall is debatable, although the cooling of the earth’s surface, the melting of the polar ice-caps, the depletion of the ozone layers and the rising sea levels are facts we’ll have to accept. I am sure I will not live to see migration to other planets, although there may be a future in that for mankind.

As Uranus moves forward, leaving for another 84 years this station at 8 degrees Aries, we might have completely new and innovative directions for civilization in the coming cycles. Uranus stays in Aries for another 15 years, and Mars will oppose Uranus once about every two years, so the developing era takes place over time. Aggressive developments in world leadership, with Mars in Libra in opposition now, debates on issues affecting the future of the nations, the role of elected leaders and public opinion are coming to the forefront. we feel the restraint, the undertow, as it were, to leadership in a democracy.

With a grand trine in place on Sunday the 15th , reaching out to help one’s neighbor dealing with weather related hardships, are a way of breaking social barriers. Jupiter in Cancer adds beauty, and with a winter wonderland in many places throughout the earth, we can admire the beauty and also experience the hardships, the limitations on activity and freedom that might be temporarily in place, at the same time. Jupiter is still in a trine aspect to Saturn, the task maker, and limits imposed by authorities. Yet, we know it is a temporary situation and we are working to bring life back to workable normal (whatever that is, as my psychology profs used to say).

On Monday the 16th and Tuesday the 17th , as we try to seek some sort of equilibrium this week, a workable balance, so to speak, we may philosophize quite a bit.. The Moon drawing from the store of energy in the Sagittarius Sun, seems to want to elicit some wise fable or truth with which to proceed, and to perhaps preserve for future generations. Oral histories and spontaneous story telling, while we huddle around a fire or electric heater, awaiting the electric power to return run our customary routine, our cars may be stuck in a snow drift, but we improvise to preserve our family, or neighborhood cheer. We reach out to help those who are stranded, and know that the same would be given to us were we in their shoes. A new word is coined in Hebrew: Golem Ish for snowman. (Translate as Frankenstein in white!) I just picked that out of the Haaretz newsletter that arrived in my email this moment.

The Full Moon is a sort of climax to the soli-lunar cycle, and so we should be returning to normal at about mid-week. Yet, it will be a new normal.

On the 18th The Moon will transit into Cancer soon after becoming its brightest, and this might help us retreat from the frenzy of the week’s events,. We return home, or to self-sustaining routines. The opposition to Pluto this week, will carry some of the experience, as we put things into order, under control and reality of the time. This is again a remarkable time of cultural awareness, and perhaps feeling trapped in a particular pattern imposed on us and also of our lives in the making. We can effect change through awareness, and even have our voices heard, perhaps however faintly, about the cacophony of the multitude. A Twitter heard around the world is waiting for us to respond.

The rush to be famous, to have an impact may lead many an impetuous soul to wrong-doing. The culture is the victim as well as the cause. While, Mandela did find it necessary to resort to violence in pursuit of his goal, that armed resistance was limited and focused on powers controlling the White Minority Rule of his homeland. It was not the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians. It was not the bombing of buses loaded with civilians, or of cafes and restaurants. It was not a single gunman taking out grievances on his classmates. That is a total abuse and irresponsibility of the use of firearms that is being perpetrated throughout the world today. How can this be resolved? How can people be given a forum for resolving problems without the use of violent means, or how can the weapons be kept from them? That seems to be an important issue that needs to be addressed adequately in the coming years.

The Full Moon is exact on the 17th at 9:30 am GMT, so 4:30 am EST. Digression may be unavoidable under this Full Moon. As we pause or are transfixed at the sight of the beautiful white landscape, we know it is transitory and will soon dissolve into slush and mud. It is also making travel impossible and damaging the fragile economy. This can’t be helped for now, so we learn to relax and find that Golden Mean. That philosophical balance point with which we can continue to forge our future.

Transiting Jupiter in Cancer, the Moon sees again the possibility of progress, joy and abundance. Opposing Venus on the 19th as well, beauty and some satisfaction can be achieved. The Lunar body moves later in the day on the 20th to sextile Mars and trine Uranus, easing the conflict and stress. Sharing joy is important now and helping those less fortunate is a priority.

On the 21st of December, the Sun is poised to enter stern Capricorn, the beginning of winter (officially) and the winter solstice. Pluto is at the midpoint of the Uranus – Mars opposition, and while strong here is yet in the background, a power that is felt but not understood. It is a signature that will be with us for the next coming years. The exact aspect closes in April of 2014, and Mars will retrograde again to be in opposition to Uranus. A generational transfer of power. It could also signify an underworld figure who steps forward to unleash a blow of power, or a configuration of powers uniting, forcefully or through agreement, many nations, such as a universal governing power. Prayers are needed and caution in the utmost. Security should be very tight. G-d willing that you should be safe and secure.

I loath making any dire predictions. The weekend may be a time of retreat or seclusion for those who are able to rev down the energy. Finding a secure niche may be all-important now. The range of influence is across the board, and may be indicated by the houses of transiting planets for individuals, so this should not be a personal forecast, but a general tone for the week.




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