Power and Generosity at a Crisis Week of February 24-March 1 2016


The Full Moon phase brings into focus the conclusion of issues of momentum, especially issues significant at the New Moon of the cycle.  There is a series of 3 eclipse or partial eclipses which began on Feb 22 with the first of the three and going to the second at the New Moon on March 8-9 and the final of the three on March 23rd.  The Solar Eclipse is generally considered more significant, and this year it will be a Total Eclipse, visible from Iceland, Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Astrologically, the eclipse can be a time of unexpected or sudden reversals, similar to the effect of a Uranus transit. So we are now in a time of a more accelerated and transformative results in many long-term transitions taking place around the globe.  Unexpected or expected announcements and long awaited events take place at the unexpected time.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday February 24th – The lunar transit of Jupiter in Virgo today could indicate the successful business agreement or transaction, perhaps one that was delayed or problematic in some way, and therefore significant in its achievement. The JupiterMoon opposition to Chiron in Pisces and sextile to Mars in Scorpio, seem to be both signs of delay and difficulty in executing plans of a joint venture, one in which the interests are shared. Mercury sextile aspect to Saturn in Sag is also a delaying or inhibiting influence, while the forming sextile from Mercury to Uranus can be the sudden advancement or reversal of communication or electronic transfer.

Thursday February 25th – The Moon moves into Libra, the Cardinal air sign, as agreements and partnerships are more easily made, with a trine to Venus in Aquarius, the Fixed air sign, emphasizes a group of like minded, even futuristic alliances.  Some evolved souls will be working on the goal to repair the world and devote their lives to benefit humankind. The true leader with a passion for service is indeed rare. Ceres in conjunction with Neptune can expand the role of human service and the ideals of creating a better society. The vision and the visionary will have compassion, not greed as the base of his or her philosophy.

Friday February 26th – The Moon has an important role today, with aspects to major planets in a consecutive order, triggering events which seem to be related. The sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius is a favorable contact, yet severe in importance, such as counting support from among a population. All votes are equal, so the balance (Libra) is the count of individuals (Saturn) who vote for their candidate or issue. A consensus is achieved, however temporary, as the Moon is square to Pluto in Capricorn, announcing a leader. Then the Moon in Libra is trine aspect to Mercury, as more blather is evoked.  Whether or not one is satisfied with the results, the Moon in opposition to Uranus is a sign of an outcome that is a true achievement, and may overturn the order with a new frontrunner. The choice of a revolutionary leader (Uranus in Aries), as opposed to a moderate leader with firmer backing, is in the balance (Moon in Libra). 

Saturday February 27thMercury and Uranus quincunx aspect to Jupiter retro in Virgo, make the Yod formation, a minor configuration of planets, indicating the interconnection of the events is unfolding. Jupiter plays the role of a lynch pin, the opinions that the majority hold in any population, and the focus is drawing together universal service for a collective agreement on how to preserve life and humanity. The Sun conjunct to Neptune may bring more clarity about goals. With 6 planets (including the Sun, Moon and dwarf planets Chiron and Ceres) in Water signs, the undercurrent is exposed to view.

Sunday February 28th – As the Moon in Scorpio is trine to the SunNeptuneCeres in Pisces early today, philanthropic contributions relieve the plight of many indigent peoples. Altruistic motives are uplifting for humanity. The spotlight shifts from the role of personal gain to that of human salvation. The Moon in square aspect to Venus in Aquarius may then be the suddenness of the gift of aid or compensation, and the joy expressed in gratitude. It could also be charm and pleasure, or the exposure of corruption, as the Moon will be in a square aspect to Mercury in Aquarius. Financial transparency is required.

Monday February 29th – The adjustment of goals especially as concerns the transformation of power (Pluto is the dispositor of Mars and the Moon in Scorpio). The refinement of issues of shared resources, especially as concerns marriage and laws relating to inheritance, could be discussed. The Moon enters Sagittarius later in the evening US time zones, for more political interest.

March 1, 2016 Third-Quarter Solar-Lunar phase

March 1, 2016
Third-Quarter Solar-Lunar phase


Tuesday March 1st – The Sagittarius Moon is disposed of by Jupiter, and thus we may be inclined to follow the herd, or, conversely, show increased pride in individual wealth. This is incompatible with growing humanitarian emergencies. In the 3rd quarter of the lunar phase, a crisis is overcome by a spirit of generosity. However, with the Saturn conjunction to the Moon at the day of the square aspect between the Sun and Moon, it is likely to be limited and focused in application.  

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February 23, 2016   
Jerusalem, Israel


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