Out-of-Bounds Discourse – Week of September 14-20 2016


With the Sun and Mercury retrograde conjunct in Virgo, it is a time for worrying and repair on health issues or other detailed analysis.  While the asteroid Chiron in Pisces is in opposition to this conjunction in Virgo, a good paradigm is set up. While Pisces is home to the obscure, non-specific health issues can often fall into this realm.  The predictability of health problems is as yet far less than a perfect science. Chiron can provide some support as well as draw on the obsessive nature of the interest in the field. There is a lack of a standard to judge future development of major health problems.  The discourse itself is out-of-bounds. How the individual seeks to deal with health (Sun and Mercury in Virgo), to conceal issues or to get appropriate treatment should be the more specific concern.  Health issues are relevant to every age of the life span. As advanced diagnostic techniques become more accurate, and individuals take more responsibility personal health grows, we are able to adjust treatments to personal goals and personal histories. As we approach a Full Moon eclipse on Friday, erratic actions (Uranus) and revelations (Pluto) are likely to surface and may resolve some underlying issues, whether of health or mental health of the candidates, and the hidden records of such, that may be a revelation.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday September 14th – The Moon in Aquarius forms a quick quincunx aspect (150 deg) to Mercury and the Sun, as well as a sextile aspect (60 deg) to Uranus and Mars, the two planets closing in on a doubly approaching trine aspect in fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius).  We could see unconventional views expressed, and perhaps action taken that is both unconventional and rapid fire response to a critical situation.  As Mars in Sagittarius is in a square aspect to the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, energized twitter posts are less than diplomatic.  Venus is doubly approaching an opposition aspect (180 deg) to Uranus retrograde, so that may take some of the sting off the exchange, or even rescue the situation with a measure of fairness (Venus).

Thursday September 15th Saturn in Sag, although having superseded the square aspect with Neptune, is once more activated by the lunar transit of Pisces. What are the limits on the open debate?  Critical comments that are damaging in intent, especially in the political sphere, a poisoned arrow (Mars) from the Sagittarian bow, so to speak, builds up animosity and possible aggressive actions that ensue. Mars (direct action) in Sagittarius (fire sign ruled by Jupiter), and trine Uranus (erratic or revolutionary), indicates that some intense action is building, prior to the Full Moon eclipse tomorrow.  Jupiter in Libra is in turn ruled by Venus, so that the urge to even the score (Libra) is greater. 

September 16. 2016   Lunar Eclipse

September 16. 2016 Lunar Eclipse

Friday September 16th – The Full Moon eclipse, at 19:06 GMT occurs midday in the US. Virgo and Pisces are both mutable signs with a negative (receptive) polarity, which may be able to dissipate built-up tensions on two sides of a conflict. The Syrian cease-fire truce was to go into effect of the 14th, and the eclipse time may be significant for a radical change. A change from open warfare, with both sides exhausted, civilian infrastructure demolished, could be a chance for a new beginning there. Chiron, the wiser self, conjunct the Moon could be the advisor for a reduction (Neptune) of direct action. Venus in Libra is narrowing in on the opposition to Uranus, and this is a positive, indication, as Libra loves balance, and Venus so loves calm.  Militants may still desire conflict (Mars trine to Uranus)and the square aspect from Mars to the Sun could spark action. (Pray for peace.)

Saturday September 17thThe Moon will enter Aries today in opposition to Jupiter in Libra. Active participation in forums for settling disputes could bear fruit, as the Moon is receptive to the overtures of peace, and will be active in the process, even accepting condemnation for roles in the conflict (trine to Saturn in Sag).  This could ease the conflict and result in a better understanding, as Mercury retro is introspective, and working for resolving issues, approaches a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This could be the zero sum results of the war. No winners and no losers. Only peace can benefit both sides of the conflict. The Moon reaches the trine aspect to Saturn (120 deg) in Sagittarius, willing to accept the standards and limitations of the agreement.

Sunday September 18th – The Moon conjunct Uranus opposes Venus, thus calming the erratic moves of Uranus, holding back impulsiveness, and heeding the will of the majority (Jupiter and Venus in Libra).  Satisfaction can be gained from a victory of peace. Advanced technology (Uranus) has helped to create the conditions for peace, by removing the ability of malicious intervention with new communication programs (Mercury retro and Sun in Virgo) that prevent espionage.  An ounce of caution is worth a pound of cure. Restraining radical elements with wisdom and foresight strengthen the quest for peace.

Monday September 19th – The Moon is conjunct to Ceres in Taurus today, allowing for the benefits of a solution to flow to the wounded and those impoverished by conflict.  The benefits of a recuperative break could also be indicated. Mercury slows as it is due to pivot in 3 days, when it is exactly trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is slowing as well, as it will turn direct next week. Venus in Libra is sextile (60 deg favorable aspect) to Mars, as interpersonal relationships are likely to benefit, as attraction between partners increases. Working out disagreements and viewing attractive qualities in opposing parties can brighten the day.

Tuesday September 20th – More details are released on agreements, as the Moon in Taurus creates a grand trine in earth signs, connecting with both Pluto and Mercury retrograde. The release of the material elements, the promised settlements that allow for aid in reconstruction of war-torn elements, the return of refugees as well as security and other practical issues could become known.  The Sun at 28 deg Virgo receives the beneficial trine aspect of the Moon in Taurus, before the Moon moves into Gemini where it will be trine to Jupiter, increasing positive and progressive energy.

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Gimelstar September 12, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel

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