Opening Major Conflicts of 2016 – Week of December 30 –January 5 2016


Saturn represents not only limitations, but focus. If we can eliminate or trim some elements, we achieve a greater product in many cases. One generation builds on the accomplishments of the preceding generation. We stand on the shoulders of giants. Saturn is seen also, in astrology, as a legacy; a commitment and responsibility.  It holds the karmic past of a life, and determines what the future, as a fatalistic notion, will hold.  As we reap the benefits of the past, or suffer the consequences. Saturn’s position in a natal chart can indicate a sort of destiny. Of course, everyone has free will. Everyone can become enlightened and overcome limitations or avoid falling into a destructive cycle. However, we do reap what we have sown: good or bad, beneficial or harmful. 

The Sun in Capricorn this month, and each December and New Year’s Day, is perfect for reviewing the past and setting goals for the future, as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. We might say Father Time, or Karmic punishment, death and rebirth is represented by Saturn and Capricorn. Certainly the ancients saw the Winter Solstice as a time of annual renewal.  As a winter month, time, resource management and looking forward to the future time cycle, spring and seasonal change are all part of this CapricornSaturn process.

With Saturn in Sagittarius this year, we are drawn to focus on the details of various religious or philosophical teachings. Saturn in Sagittarius or the 9th house of a natal chart could definitely lead to a lack and/or resistance to a religious teaching. However, as the life develops, the native may eventually focus on the 9th house maters and delve into the teachings and understand and even become a role model for his generation, for followers of the path he has chosen. All other attributes are possible and often indicated by aspects to other planets, natal or transiting.

Capricorn, represented by the mountain goat, It is a Cardinal earth sign and is achievement oriented, keeping advancement a priority, usually in material or tangible pursuits. Management career greats or public figures often have this sign in abundance in their natal chart. This month, we set our goals for the coming year, or perhaps even for a 5 or 10 year plan.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday December 30th – The Sun, Pluto and Mercury are now transiting Capricorn, as the winter season gets underway. Saturn, the ruler of the sign of Capricorn is transiting Sagittarius. Here, Saturn is concerned with differentiating religious practices, and as Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and dispositor of Saturn in this case, is located in Virgo we are anxious to please, or just anxious. Virgo is concerned with sorting and distributing goods and services. As Virgo is ruled by Mercury, we are referred back to Capricorn, and in search of a more ideal commodity, or definition of discourse. This could force more accurate analysis of roles and discourse in the media, in politics and religious practices.  The Moon now in Virgo is in a trine aspect to the Sun. The Moon and Jupiter in Virgo will tend to deal with details, rules and service occupations. Mercury, in a square aspect to Mars in Libra, will intensify the search for a balanced outcome. At the same time Venus enters Sagittarius, giving a feminist view-point to the debate. Who has it right? Which candidate really understands what the feminist movement is about? Is there gender equality in the political game field?

Thursday December 31st – The Moon meets with Jupiter today, expanding the influence of this sign in requiring details or analysis of facts. A more in depth analysis of positions in the political debates and programs affects the standards in legal rulings, as well as a more accurate record for political status, is processed. The voter is the final judge. The debates are a show to appeal to the voters. Saturn, in Sagittarius, describes the appeal that the candidates make to the electorate.  Inflammatory remarks must be backed up with facts and personal records. There are now 5 planets, including the Sun and Moon, in earth signs. Accuracy and physical appeal become more important now. Where is the money? Economic data, on every measurable scale, surface for analysis. Perfection (Capricorn) is desired, though with Mars in Libra, even more elusive. The search for fair status (Mars in Libra) goes on.

Friday January 1st – Taking a day to relax, to expand in a private home environment, helps to release worries. With a 3 day weekend for many, this is a perfect time to reconnect with family. Mars in Libra and Ceres in Aquarius are in air signs, although there is an earth emphasis.  Intellectually (air element), we can fluctuate, realign and find common ground with those who are most important to us in personal daily life. Enjoying the present is more important than thinking too much about the past. Finding peace and harmony in our personal domain is a top priority.

Saturday January 2nd – The MarsMercury square aspect affects our ability to remain calm in the face of change. The Moon moves into Libra, and soon after, Mercury enters Aquarius. More air element means more talking, reading and listening, more explanations and more intellectual processing. Venus is in Sagittarius, as women step up to the podium.  Women and politics is not a traditional role. Breaking ground here may reject some of the rhetoric and form new precedence.

Sunday January 3rd– With all planets moving in a direct manner, we might glimpse a clear view of the future. Mercury can communicate and also analyze, and in this sign of brotherhood and science, great men and women can influence the future of the nations and the world. A new tack is taken in debate as reflection and balance is sought. However, with the Moon in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries, more controversy is ignited. Mars moves into Scorpio for an in-depth search for social commitment, for hidden resources, or to transform the present through originality. Get the viral video online!


January 3, 2016 Moon and Mars enter Scorpio, Mercury into Aquarius

January 3, 2016                        Moon and  Mars in Scorpio,  Mercury         Aquarius

Monday January 4thThe Moon and Mars transit into Scorpio at about the same hour, upsetting the waters, or the emotional state, getting deep under the skin, and square relationship by aspect to Mercury in Aquarius. As we are directed to delve into relationship issues, either by choice or by caprice, we can find professional assistance, or use knowledge of psychology to sort things out. Venus approaches a square aspect to Neptune, while the Sun is closing in on the conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Cultural assumptions are challenged, and leadership roles are being transformed before our eyes.  The authority (Pluto in Capricorn) invested in leaders, if used in a politically just way, could reduce the seemingly unmanageable issues and thereby create greater satisfaction. Subversive parties can undermine the role of leadership. Jupiter is approaching a station and will turn retrograde on the 9th, with Ceres in Aquarius in a continued quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Virgo.  Thus, the ideal of a social safety net remains in view, although the influence is less than direct. What can be achieved is done by using very creative and almost a magical motion. Neptune in Pisces, strong by sign rulership, denotes the suffering of masses of humanity, and remains a strong, although passive, player in the arena.

Tuesday January 5thMercury is set to turn retrograde, leaving only 6 days in its opening transit of Aquarius. Mars in Scorpio reaches the exact square to Mercury, sending Mercury in retreat; so it’s back to the drawing board.  The Sun conjunction with Pluto initiates this three week retrograde phase of Mercury. A transformed directive directs the repair and adjustment phase, as Mercury returns to Capricorn on the 9th. That brings us to the coming weekend, when the Moon also enters Capricorn, leading up to the New Moon on the 10th. We need to readjust the telescope, and align our sight to get a better view of our own direction.

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December 29, 2015
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