Olympian Triumph and Valentine’s Day Week of February 9-16 2014

This week, as Venus moves away from the grasp of Pluto, defying threats, the Winter Olympics in Sochi get underway. It looks like the games are on, and they said it couldn’t be done. Many were kept away due to the threats of attack. Venus in Capricorn, the sign of a search for perfection, promises a delightful tour and the first Gold Medal is won in snowboarding by an American. Just had to get that in also.

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Pluto in Capricorn seems to reveal a dependency, and a deeply embedded psychological need for perfection, which is unattainable in reality. The loss of a star actor to addiction has uncovered the epidemic that is threatening many and will, of course, spread, as epidemics do, unless contained by appropriate measures. Addictions are usually kept private, while sports are very public, so the switch in the direction of Venus is very appropriate here.

Sunday February 9th 2014 Perfection in sports is a healthy expression of Capricorn transits, and the Olympics seems to be on time to cash in on this energy. A Grand Trine in Air signs is formed when the Moon in Gemini trines the Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Libra, bringing the Sun and Saturn into aspect with the Moon‘s transits will also enhance perfection. This could be a time of enthusiasm and growth in intellectual matters, and also in contracts and agreements between differing parties. However, it’s effect may be limited to the few hours of the day depending on location on the planet- Mid-morning on the Pacific Coast, afternoon on the East Coast, evening in Europe and Middle-East and Sochi.


Monday February 10th 2014 The Moon will be meeting up with Jupiter in Cancer late at night in the US time, but early morning on Tuesday in Russia Sochi area and Middle-East. This could mean some spectacular achievements, and possibly tragedy. Certainly the unexpected, and with Pluto still opposing Jupiter, a collective experience is the center stage.

Tuesday February 11th 2014 We could see some dramatic achievements or actions that can transform the collective spirit for a spectacular day. Hopefully, the dramatic achievements will be in the sports arena. The tight security should prevent any infiltration of explosive materials into the arena. New records will be set and fame will be made. Honors to the world athletes who are participating in the events. Restrictions cause delays, or make further adjustments impossible today. Pinpointing problems and causes may easily be a winning strategy.

Wednesday February 12th,2014 The Moon in Cancer should bring home the events. Home viewing and home honor is recommended. The pace today is more relaxed. Moon enters Leo this afternoon US time zones. This Fire Sign has more to offer in terms of pride, drama, and flare. Lots to enjoy, if you have the time.

Thursday February 13th 2014 Smoother sailing, acceleration and better communication is favored today, producing results with spontaneous successes. Mercury regresses to Aquarius, giving the international community a sense that there is a forum for bonding.

Friday February 14 2014 Valentine’s Day is here at last. Let your loved one know how you feel. Share the love. The Full Moon rises on the East Coast which allows for abundance of expression of the Leo-Aquarius dynamic. Mars is approaching, as it slows to turn retro next month, a trine (easy expression) with the Sun and retro Mercury. Great for opening the heart chakra and feeling the love! Notice how the year 2014 is a shorthand inscription for Feb the 14th! ( 0=null).

Saturday February 15 2014 the Moon dances into Virgo this morning, and at mid-day for the Middle-East and Sochi. More competition as it opposes Mercury and Neptune. While we are tuned into the digital ionosphere, inspiration becomes obsessive. Don’t neglect health issues that need attention. Addiction or drug accusations may be raised, as the weekend proves a bit much or actually overwhelming good sense. Mercury meets with the Sun on Monday, an aspect already in effect, as thoughts of hero worship, of of ego enhancement treatments are on the minds of many. Take precautions as the Moon in Virgo, a ruler of Mercury, may provide some more realistic measures. Some individuals are overwhelmed, it is true. Advice to take your time and think through actions.

Have a great week!






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