Old Power Faces New Agitation – Week of June 14-20 2017

We have seen the past few weeks many bombshells and earthquakes reported in the media. It’s as though hyperbole itself has gone ballistic (if that is possible). Venus transit of Uranus this past week triggered upsets, although the power upsets have been overdone, I think. The big story seems to be the interference through electronic media on democratic process, fomenting distrust among the electorate population both in the US and in UK. While NASA’s Cassini spacecraft orbits Saturn in the Proximal orbit, getting data on Saturn’s atmosphere and ground inside the rings that surround the planet, we are getting Saturn’s effect in Sagittarius here on earth. Difficulties in political and executive level law, missteps by leaders lead to confusion. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Libra turned direct this last week, bringing in a legal balancing act. Self-inflicted injuries to power by leaders in US and UK played out at the Full Moon. Putin may not be doing too well either, while Macron of France has hit the success button.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday June 14th – The Moon squared off with Venus yesterday and will greet Mercury and the Sun today with a friendly trine aspect. This could be good news for the Gemini natives, suffering from Saturn’s harsh opposition. While Neptune dissolved some to Mercury’s confidence, Jupiter will again grace the minds (Mercury) of the depressed souls in Gemini. The power struggles continue, with perhaps a diplomatic coup (Moon sextile to Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius). This process could expose (Uranus) some of the inner workings of leaders (Saturn) circles (rings). 

Thursday June 15th – The Moon slithers into Pisces today, and will form a trine aspect Mars in Cancer, with a sextile to Venus concurrent, could help with status issues. Mars in Cancer is disposed of by the Moon, deflating attempts at self-promotion. Well grounded projects succeed with Venus in its home sign of Taurus. Difficulties in communication, feeling isolated or under scrutiny could mar this day. Your sense of duty, obligations on the job, need to be in balance with your personal wellbeing (Sun). Health may suffer as a result of being overly stressed. Mercury in a quincunx aspect to Pluto could bring out a wealth of hidden resources, or tapping into covert communications. A creative use of power could release the overwhelming pressure of opposition (Saturn opposed to the Sun). Be on the alert for a tendency to backslide. Always question the appropriateness of actions, by developing a sense of adaptive wariness (read Frantz Fanon). 

Friday June 16th – The Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces today exposing more disarray or leading to possible confusion.  Spiritually minded folks will feel uplifted. With Jupiter in Libra quincunx the MoonNeptune aspect, uncertainty is expanded overwhelmingly. The Sun sextile aspect to Uranus can evoke some original responses or perhaps a storm of tweets. Self-deception and denial are inherent now. A delusional state of mind thrives. A cautious approach leads to reform. Brave Mercury strong in Gemini wrangles (quincunx) with powerful entrenched entities (Pluto in Capricorn) affecting large populations.  

June 17, 2017
3rd Quarter Moon Phase

Saturday June 17th – The third quarter Moon today looks for resolution. Music and poetry flow from the Pisces Moon conj Chiron as the Moon is also square aspect to Mercury in Gemini releases poetry with stored-up intensity. The uplifting effect drawing from structured past (Saturn opposes SunMercury) overcomes barriers. A challenge (Mercury in Gemini) for political reform (Saturn in Sag) takes on new meaning. Sun in a sextile relationship (60 deg aspect) to Uranus in Aries creates advanced initiatives of revolutionary impact. Mercury is conjunct Ceres, as verbiage flows. Uranus semisextile to Moon and Chiron is a more subtle radical expression.

Sunday June 18th – The Moon enters Aries and soon after forms a square aspect to Mars in Cancer, an aspect of mutual reception (Mars in Cancer is the lunar sign while the moon in Aries is Mars’ home). Working together new initiatives can be beneficial, although they may be difficult and painful in some respects (90 deg square aspect). Security measures and emergency supplies could be lifesaving when more drastic events follow.

Monday June 19th – Conflicts become enflamed over intense loyalty and controlling acts of power figures. Popular media pressure support rebellion in global responses to oppressive government actions (Venus in Taurus is quincunx Jupiter in Libra, while Venus disposes of Libra as well). Finding the right angle for success is possible now. The Moon in a square aspect to Pluto (90 deg harsh) can awaken latent energy sources. The Moon then is trine to Saturn (120 deg easy aspect) before the conjunction with Uranus igniting a turbulent two days.

Tuesday June 20thVenus and Moon in Taurus (fixed earth sign) regroups as wounds are healed. Mercury and Sun conjunct in Gemini, square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Chiron although sextile (60 deg working trine) to Uranus could force some radical ideas to become accepted. Neptune (collective sentiment) quincunx aspect to Jupiter (150 deg problematic) could be the factor to moderate popular social media (Jupiter in Libra) with power to restrain stronger forces of oppression (Pluto in Capricorn). Mars (militant action) approaches a square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Jupiter (social media) and doubly approaching a trine aspect (120 deg easy) to Neptune (erosion of power). 

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June 13, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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