New Moon with Lightening Strikes of Terror – Week of October 14-21 2015


The New Moon is a good time to reassess your situation The conjunction of the Sun and Moon, this month in Libra, is known as a good time for planting, if you want a good harvest. Plant the seeds of your future, make fundamental changes in attitude and habits will help you accomplish your goals.

The Libra New Moon is a time for planting the winter crop. Balance your future needs with the light of understanding and peace (Libra). If this is a time of disarray, it shows the need to attain balance in all things. Libra is ruled by Venus. The economic crisis needs to be managed, and with Uranus in opposition, this can mean the stock market activity is volatile, wild swings in value may follow, peace will seem to have been bankrupt as well. Discoveries, such as the missile strike on a civilian airline in the Ukraine, will lead to moves to placate the situation (and so, Putin demands an honorable solution).

Peace again seems elusive in the Israel-Palistinian context. Viscous knife attacks continue to plague the country. This Wednesday, Mars and Jupiter are in close conjunction, while Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. The expansion of military force or terror attacks, while attempts are made for justification and balance, continue to strike innocent civilians. Horror (Neptune opposes Venus) is produced by the mode of terror (Uranus in Aries). Peace is the victim as well.

The three trans-Saturnian planets have major influence the week, representing collective forces, persons who control large populations and financial resources, and also forces which generate wide shifts in public opinion.

Wednesday October 14th – The Moon enters Scorpio, the fixedwater sign, as reactions and emotions become compressed, while not necessarily taking aim at this point. New strategies need to be worked out. In-fighting is not ruled out, as political candidates are jostling for position. Mercury in Libra is in a sextile aspect to Saturn in Sag. As Saturn will be differentiating and analyzing with the overtly balancing Mercury, new trends may be set in motion now. Mars will be less than a deg from Jupiter, and will be in this close conjunction in Virgo for several days. Analysis will be minutely specific, and detail oriented and aggressively so. Mars (aggression) will be focused and will expand (Jupiter) on details (Virgo). With Pluto in Capricorn trine aspect to this conjunction in Virgo, a gestalt kind of analysis is taking place, putting every statement in a hyper-power context. Conflicts (MarsJupiter)develop that reverberate in time (Pluto). With the Scorpio Moon sextile to the JupiterMars pair, deep concern is pushing forward the urgency of the debates and candidates statements.

Thursday October 15thVenus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, as hidden images reveal the inside stores of many victims of crime and violence now made known to the public. A feeling of loss, intangible peace, and massive suffering pervades the day. Sensitivities are heightened and sorrow shared. As the Moon transits Sagittarius, meeting Saturn (structure) and then is in square aspect to the VenusNeptune opposition, political fodder is drawn from the empathy and caring of victims and migrants (Neptune in Pisces). Attempts to stabilize debts or loss are only temporary measures. However, aggressive (Mars) social programs (Jupiter in Virgo) can easily (trine aspect) reach out to protect (Capricorn) millions or prevent disaster (Pluto) . On the other hand, scandalous accusations and criticisms hit their mark (Mars in Virgo), while publications (Saturn in Sag) are able to catch a good story or angle whenever the moment arises.

Friday October 16th – The depth of the critical coverage of a scandalous expose increases as more and more is brought to light, perhaps embarrassing or even unearthed affairs are threatening political power figures (Pluto in Capricorn). Revealing and politically damaging information can lead to the decline in fortunes of power figures. While attempts to heal or explain away the problems (Chiron in Pisces) only serve to deepen the crisis.

Saturday October 17th – The three planets transiting in Virgo increase in neurotic behaviors or partnership issues with the Mars and Venus conjunction approaching. The three planets, Jupiter, Mars and Venus are in square aspect to the Moon in Sagittarius, but trine Pluto. Despite the worry and constant analysis, there is a means of rescue on hand from hidden collective power. Crowd funding continues to be a source of fortunate rescue in times of extreme situations that become publicized on the Internet. Uranus in Aries indicates sudden changes in fortune. Uranus is disposed of by Mars, currently part of the triple conjunction in Virgo, as democratic participation, public opinion and media continue to seek a balance (Sun in Libra)..

Sunday October 18thMercury in Libra quincunx Neptune today, as media (Mercury in Libra) seeks the unusual personal story, giving insight into the scope of magnetic appeal, or contribute to an erosion of influence of personalities such as Donald Trump (Gemini Sun), Vladamir Putin (Libra Sun) and /or Joe Arpaio (Gemini Sun) seems unavoidable. Putin could be under pressure to resign as are Trump and Arpaio. With the Moon yet in Sag, we can spend the day arguing political correctness of various candidates or proposed social programs. What issues are truly beneficial and which candidate to support (Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Virgo) in the US presidential campaign, and world -wide what government can provide for the people?

October 19, 2015 Pluto and Moon in trine aspect to Jupiter Venus and Mars

October 19, 2015
Pluto and Moon in trine aspect to Jupiter Venus and Mars

Monday October 19th – As the Moon moves into Capricorn where it will be in a favorable trine aspect to the three planets in Virgo, the message is brought home to the controlling vortex of power world-wide. Facilitating programs that are practical and achievable, that bringing order and social benefits is in the interests of citizens and the obligation of power to provide. The mood for change is invoked, as individuals speak out ( Moon square aspect to Mercury in Libra). Standards (Capricorn) are revolutionized (Pluto) with the strong voice or reason (Venus in Virgo trine Moon and Pluto in Capricorn).

Tuesday October 20th – As power struggles continue, the issues on each side becomes clearer. The will to engage in diplomacy, and relinquish continues battle, struggle and conflict, can defuse tension and save lives. Peace must also combine economic justice and opportunity for the oppressed. As the Moon travels on to meet with Ceres (group and community protection), a broader social program is proposed. With a unified voice, with the proposed measures on behalf of the common values of the work force, men and women demand social equality and justice. As Mars in Virgo approaches the opposition to Chiron in Pisces, aggressive measures need to be balanced with wisdom gleaned from experience.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading my Zodiac report.

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October 14, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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