New Moon in Aquarius with Ceres in Libra — January 18-25 2023 


The Sun transit of Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday signifies a major decision point for governments, and high court decisions a likely event with the Moon in Sagittarius. A renewal of energy follows, as the transition to Aquarius, and a pathway to a new age is underway. Putin has indicated that he will soon retire to his castle in the Crimea, avoiding responsibility, while his replacement may not alter the war effort. A change is strategy may be initiated this week. Mercury in Capricorn quincunx aspect to Mars in Gemini is activated on Thursday with a lunar transit of Mercury — a more creative approach is needed. The Sun ingress to Aquarius late on Thursday and the New Moon in Aquarius is on Friday and a grand-trine configuration in air signs on Saturday. Uranus, the dispositor of the Sun, Venus, and Saturn, will return to direct motion (apparent motion) on Sunday (23rd of January). All planets will then in direct transit. Uranus in Taurus transforms how we evaluate success, as a new system of values evolves. Technical advances in the field of heath increase personal knowledge for care and longevity. On Sunday, Venus and Saturn are in conjunction aspect in Aquarius. The Moon transits to the conjunction with Saturn and Venus late in the day (morning on Tuesday in Europe and point eastward), for a shift power structures, and a re-evaluating of economic futures. The Moon ingress to Pisces on Monday, with a conjunction aspect to Neptune on Wednesday (January 25th).  The arrangement of all planets from Capricorn to Gemini, is a bowl type chart for the entire week indicted herin. Ceres, the dwarf planet, in Libra acts as the handle of the basket, as a new generation molds the future.

Summary of Major Transits of the Week

Wednesday January 18th — The Moon in Sagittarius is in a trine aspect to Chiron in Aries, an indication that the deepest experiences become integrated into emotional awareness. The Moon is quincunx aspect to Uranus in Taurus, for quick defensive actions. Mercury in Capricorn is the dispositor of Mars in Gemini, and in a quincunx aspect, allowing that thoughtful decisions help to stabilized actions in a productive pursuit. The Sun and Pluto are in a conjunction aspect in Capricorn, indicating a transformative day. The Moon transits to a sextile aspect with Venus in Aquarius promoting platonic love as friendships bloom.

Thursday January 19th — The Moon in Sagittarius is square aspect to Neptune in Pisces and sextile aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, early morning hours (US time zones, afternoon hours in Europe or ME).  Tragedy is followed by a somber mood, limiting expression to aid the suffering of those affected. The Sun in Capricorn separates from the conjunction aspect with Pluto. The Sun’s ingress to Aquarius is late in the day, morning hours in Europe and points east.  A sense of universal suffering draws us into a shared humanity. Mercury in Capricorn continues to apply to the quincunx aspect with Mars in Gemini, as goals are reformatted. The Houses affected in a personal chart, House location of transiting Mars and Mercury, indicate the areas of life influenced under this aspect. The aspect is in force for more than a week, an indication of its strength.  

Friday January 20th — The Moon in Capricorn transits to the conjunction aspect with Mercury in Capricorn, pre-dawn US time zones, late morning in the eastern hemisphere, as concerns about authority and administration are addressed. The quincunx aspect of Mercury to Mars in Gemini indicates possible targets of inefficiency and abuse of power. The Moon square aspect to Chiron in Aries and then trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus indicate censure or removal of existing bureaucrats or political leaders who lose constituency.

New Moon in Aquarius
January 21 2023

Saturday January 21st — Only the dwarf planet Ceres remains outside the area of the ecliptic that is enclosed by the quincunx aspect between the planets Mercury and Mars. Ceres, indicting concerns about agriculture, environment, and future sustainability, has a significant impact, with a trine aspect to Mars and a square aspect to Mercury, to increase pressure on policy makers. The Moon in Capricorn makes a conjunction aspect to the Pluto/Sun conjunction (an out-of-sign conjunction) aspect with the Sun in Aquarius. The New Moon is at 1 deg Aquarius [see chart image]. While a coup d’état may not materialize, major policy changes are indicated. The Moon transits to make trine aspects with Ceres and Mars, for a grand-trine configuration in air signs. Venus semi-sextile aspect to Neptune indicates overwhelming support, as Venus approaches the conjunction aspect with Saturn in Aquarius, requests for aid may be blocked, although limited success in economic matters could be achieved. The Moon makes a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries and a trine aspect to Mars in Gemini, indicating more personal freedom to achieve goals.

Sunday January 22nd — The Moon in Aquarius makes a sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries, gaining adherents, reaching the square aspect to Uranus, the Moon’s dispositor, precisely as Uranus changes to direct (apparent) motion. Revolution may be averted, but radical change in economic structures is unavoidable. Putin may be forced to retire, having wreaked havoc in Ukraine, draining resources and, not in the least, murdering thousands. Venus supersedes the conjunction aspect with Saturn, while the Moon approaches the Saturn conjunction aspect, overnight US time zones, early on Monday morning in Europe and Asia. Compensation could be made with economic reforms.

Monday January 23rd — The Moon ingress Pisces and quincunx aspect to Ceres in Libra makes a square aspect to Mars in Gemini and a sextile aspect to Mercury in Capricorn, in the afternoon hours (US time zones) as Mercury supersedes the quincunx aspect to Mars. Overwhelming support for policy adaptations is expressed globally. The Sun in Aquarius is sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries, as more individuals become involved in community affairs.

Tuesday January 24th — The Sun in Aquarius continues to a partile sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries, and the Moon in Pisces a sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Continue to work on repairing what has been spoiled. Where there was war, there must be peace. Where economic inequality exists, there must be reparations. More information may be available concerning the Ukrainian civilians who were taken into captivity by Russian forces.

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