Neptune Relay – October 2015


The prominent structure this month is Jupiter, Mars and Venus opposing Neptune in Pisces. Neptune in Pisces is a quagmire. The more you pull out, the deeper you sink into the prevailing entrenchment. With a quagmire, direct action for immediate resolution is not effective, but only serves to deepen the issues, and widen the conflict. For the time being, patience is required. Patience and a well thought-out strategy might work to find relief.

Mars and Jupiter with Venus oppose the mid-point of Neptune and Chrion

Mars and Jupiter with Venus oppose the mid-point of Neptune and Chrion

The International problems have existed for several years. The War in Afghanistan, and the US involvement, for nearly 14 years.  The migrant crisis in Europe for years, and the world economic crisis are ongoing for several years.  the political and controversial issues of gun ownership, and personal crisis have their own time-lines. Mars opposed Neptune, combined with Jupiter, would seem to find practical measures to resolve a crisis. However, Mars is goal directed, and Jupiter would help increase the energy to find direct answers, however, Jupiter is itself a slower, more patient motion. As such, Jupiter can inflate action, or actually impede the progress to obtain a stated goal. With the back and forth energy of the opposition aspect, extraction from a difficult, humanitarian crisis is problematic.

A spiritual or physical goal seems unrealistic. This is all the more tempting if the status qua is extremely untenable. Jupiter raises the ideal of the Neptunian dream, an escape from the quagmire, and Mars gives the initiative. We saw a mass migrant situation develop from Syria to northern Europe, following the migrants from Africa into southern Europe and on to UK. While many perished in the over-sea transit, millions of individuals have reached the dry land, only to be subjected to greater hardships.

A political solution to the crisis in Syria does not seem likely. A vibrant civilization has been destroyed by four years of internal conflict. Thus the quagmire does exist, and the migrants were in the midst of a crisis that had destroyed livelihoods as well as the cities, the land they were accustomed to had been destroyed.

In the US, the controversy over gun control, and the spate of mass shootings has been a quagmire as well. Neither side is willing to give any ground. Gun enthusiasts see their gun-ownership, for hunting or sport, or self-protection as not the problem. Technical views (Virgo) are contrary. Legal issues and control are necessary to overcome this crisis. Yet, there is strong and powerful resistance (Neptune) to any proposed changes in the laws. So the crisis continues.

As Mars is now conjunct Jupiter and will be advancing ahead of Jupiter this week (it is a faster moving planetary mass) in Virgo, moving beyond the opposition point with Neptune, and initiating a strategy – a technical solution, to the existing, deeply embedded crises that exist. Chiron, the significant centaur  is also moving retrograde in Pisces and will be in range of an opposition to Mars and Jupiter in the next few days. Virgo is the earthmutable sign, practical in outlook, and able to implement strategic change. A trine aspect from Pluto in Capricorn to Jupiter and Mars involves the transformation of power (Pluto), the more universal changes that will gradually alter the current quagmire. Acceptance of practical solutions (Virgo planetary symbols ) will ease all impasses. Chiron, known as a wounded healer in astrology, may help implement the changes. A personality with extensive experience, for example, could offer advice. Forced measures should not be implemented, rather a gradual transfer of power, or authority and acceptance of a new rule of law.

Personal struggles abound, although some solutions may take time, patience and working together.

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Astrological power is in viewing the totality of the energies around and motivating us.