Mysteries and Shooting Stars

November 17-23, 2013

Star galaxy
Star galaxy

The week opens with the partial Lunar Eclipse on the night of the 17th and early November 18. The Sun is at 24 degrees Scorpio on the 17th and at 25 degrees the Moon opposes in Taurus. The eclipse is exact at 3:17 pm GMT. It will be daytime in the US and UK, and will be visible just after sunset in the Middle East and over Eastern Europe and Asia. However, the Full Moon will be seen everywhere, and there is also an accompanying meteor shower! The effect as astrological significance will be according to personal natal planetary positions and houses. That may not have much significance unless one is a Scorpio or Taurus by birth sign, or one of the other fixed signs, Leo and Aquarius. The show sounds spectacular, however, the meteors are unlikely to be visible to the naked eye with the Full Moon lighting the sky.

This is a great time to reach for your personal growth goals. With Internet platforms like and and other tracts for free on you can find help for your transformation goals. Why isn’t the world getting better? It takes one person at a time to make a difference. All Sun-Signs can benefit.

With Neptune now direct in Pisces, the tragedy in the Philippine Islands has dominated the charity outreach. Neptune of the Sea, as Typhoon Haiyan left its mark last week on Nov 8th. The devastation and loss of life is horrific, and urgent help is needed for victims who are stranded or have not yet found clean water and food. Neptune is Pisces highlights suffering on a massive level.

Financial markets are still volatile with Uranus in Aries, and again at the same degree as the famous Stock Market Crash of  Oct 24th– 29th 1929.

Some financial forecasters are predicting some sort of decline in the market, the end of this year or the 1st quarter of next year. It is a time when confidence is growing, Online financial pundits, such as, are noting that this is a warning sign, and with other market warnings of un-wise investment practices present of a significant level, and we may be in a “bubble.” On Oct 29 1929, Uranus was at 8 degrees Aries and retrograde, as it is today. Uranus being the most unpredictable and volatile of the planets in astrological symbolism. In mid-December, Uranus turns direct at the same degree and moves forward very slowly. It is at its strongest influence then as it slows to stationary and then direct apparent movement. It seems to be a volatile time all around. We know the economy has not fully recovered from the recession of 2008-2009.

Scorpio is a sign of death and regeneration. As the 50th year since the Kennedy assassination, 2013 is a year marking death and regeneration of US government and politics as a result of the President’s death. I was in high school at the time of the assassination, on November 23, 1963. It was as if time stood still, then, and we were actors on a stage of disbelief. As I watched, somewhat stunned at the depravity, the video on youtube of Marilyn Manson’s group reenact that day, I felt the deep grief of that event, and it is comparable to September 11, 2001 in its depth of impact. It is as though we are all tumbling through the looking glass and have arrived at a very unbelievable and disorienting time. Not only is the future now, the past is today.

The perennial conspiracy theories are surfacing again, in the regenerative waters of Scorpio, the mysteries that never go away and are never fully solved. There are more documents to be released in 2017 pertaining to that historical event, however they are unlikely to show that a conspiracy was involved in the assassination and cover-up. According to Dave Perry, who has researched all aspects of the conspiracies that have surfaced, the CIA is not totally eliminated as a possible conspirator, and since the CIA papers are due to be released in 2017, the the details of a cover-up are unlikely to be found therein. It is indeed a time of mystery, the search for answers and conspirators in the events in Dallas in November 1963 and elsewhere.

Late Friday afternoon, New York time, the Sun is trined (120 degree aspect) by the Moon with a wide trine to the Uranus in Aries, making a sudden jump in financial or spending sprees a possibility. Fortunately, a closing for weekend may cool the trend. None-the-less, pre-holiday spending may be in vogue throughout the afternoon.

Enjoy your week with mindfulness.







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