Mercury Retrograde with Sun in Gemini Week of May 20-26 2015


The New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday brought together mental as well as physical energy for renewal. Taurus being a sign of fixed modality and of earth element, gathers in resources. Preserving can bring about a greater increase, as Taurus knows well. Bring the car up to date with a spring tune-up (prevent greater expense in the future), get your appliances repaired for the kitchen (food is Taurus‘ interest), and most of all, any health issues should be given care and treatment (physical nature of the sign). Just a few hours later, the Moon moved into the sign of Gemini, a sign of quicksilver Mercury, and so projects are implemented. As the Moon encounters Mercury in mid-sign, Mercury turns retrograde as though the Moon brought news that the swift-footed Mercury could then bring back to the Gemini house he rules.

May 19 2015 Mercury retroPlease click on chart to enlarge

Wednesday May 20th – Empowered by the Moon, Mercury is in an apparent reverse motion, making the stay in Gemini, where Mercury is the ruler, a longer than average transit. Work needs to be done here, and talking, giving lessons, reviving interest is important. With Mars in the sign Gemini and the Sun soon to be there as well, the atmosphere is being prepared. By the end of the day, the Moon is leaving Gemini and moving into the water sign Cancer. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger or today’s media. It is evident that the media, carrying the message, can also imply by nuance how the news is accepted. A good storyteller will get a favorable response. How the story is told is of great importance.

Thursday May 21st – The Sun moves into Gemini for a month’s long stay. While this could be a playful sign, Mars and Mercury retrograde are currently in the abode as well. Gemini has the ability to change and modify its colors, change its mood and its mind whichever way the wind blows. Mars and Mercury can stir up a tempest in a teapot, while the Sun could be influenced to adapt a new posture as well. Saturn in Sagittarius retrograde motion opposes the Sun, and may require that dues be paid. Settling accounts may not be easy at this juncture. Everyone must understand the rules and the law. The Moon is conjunct Venus today and opposing Pluto. This strong aspect emphasizes the care for children and the dangers of oppression of growing youth. New revelations of abuse are exposed. ( nothing new in that, but shocking non-the-less). Pluto represents transformation and renewal as well, death and rebirth, also regeneration and the powers of a universal nature. Awareness and revelations can be made. News travels on the winged messenger, Mercury in Gemini retrograde , can reverse the impact of the verdict. The G-d’s Eye configuration is exact today. Words have a great impact. Social transformation is underway.

Friday May 22nd – The Sun opposition to Saturn becomes stronger. Saturn is in Jupiter‘s sign (Sagittarius) while Jupiter is in the Sun’s sign (Leo). Thus the three are working in concert. The legal structure must respond the the social hierarchy (Jupiter) which must also be cognizant of the media (Sun in Gemini). By using the powers of persuasion (Sun in Gemini), reason can overcome the rigidity of standard applications of logic and interpretation of Constitutional Law. Both Venus and Jupiter are in aspect to Pluto to the exact degree, and this may be a a situation where the standard approach is challenged by a caring, parental figure, and with the support of general social consensus, changes are recommended.

Saturday May 23rd – The collective will is strengthened through a media channel, as the media opens to more of the citizens to express their views ( Sun, Mercury and Mars in Gemini). The collective view (Venus opposes Pluto) is important, and a token response is not adequate. Mars requires action, and that view is express, as the Mars transit of Gemini is sextile to the Moon and square aspect to Neptune, calls forth the plight of the disadvantaged and oppressed of the citizenry. The Moon in Leo helps us seek greater media exposure, and the conjunction with Jupiter will make that a proud statement.

Sunday May 24th – The Moon in Leo requires a congenial mood, and gathering with friends for an enjoyable afternoon is indicated, as the Moon and Jupiter combine today in Leo. Be careful, however, not to overdo the good times. It is still important to think about tomorrow. The trine to Uranus in Aries, could indicate mass rallies and group protests. As these are a feature of our modern day, the Uranus in Aries marks what we are passionate about and willing to devote some time and even risk for our special cause. Honoring high achievers is another way this configuration can manifest. This aspect continues until June 30th.


May 25 first quarter Moon 2015Please click on chart to enlarge

Monday May 25th – The Moon moves into Virgo today, with the first quarter phase, square aspect to the Sun in Gemini. A developing crisis can be resolved by overcoming communication blocks. Misunderstanding of goals and procedures may confuse many, with the Moon opposed to Neptune, efforts to help the needy and lost at sea are mobilized. Mars in Gemini is at the focal point of the opposition between the Moon in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Aggressive actions can be undertaken.

Tuesday May 26th – Greater assistance is offered today, to rescue the lost and abuse, and to rehabilitate the victims of poverty and social problems that contribute to psychological disorders and addictions. While the situation for the lost refugees worsens, the ability to assist them increases. The Moon sextile to Venus and trine Pluto today, brings a universal suffering to the forefront of the battle of life over death. Venus in a sharp square aspect to Uranus emphasizes the plight of the nations poor and homeless.

Devote time to physical health. Preserving health is as important as financial security for your future.

Daily exercise and a healthy diet are the best ways to keep in good health.

Be well, and have a good week.  Please send comments to

May 19, 2015

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