Mercury Retrograde the Reformer – Week of August 31-September 6 2016


This week Jupiter and Mercury remain in conjunction in Virgo while Venus has moved into Libra, its ruling sign.  Mercury is also in one of its two signs of its rulership and turns retrograde to doubly approach Jupiter. The strength of Venus and Mercury give them in the signs of rulership more influence, as though they are given twice the strength of the other planets individually. Both Venus and Mercury are planets that relate to personal spheres of the individual,(note that they are within the Earth’s annual path around the Sun) remaining between the Earth and the Sun at all times, or inferior to the Earth’s rotation.  Jupiter, while a planet in an exterior orbit around the Sun, has more of a social relationship and rules the sign Sagittarius, however is disposited by Mercury.  Therefore, Mercury and Jupiter have a combined influence in this week’s the celestial sphere, and can be seen as a very bright star after sunset, with Venus slightly in the lead on the western horizon. For more details about times for the visible planets see:

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday August 31st – With the Moon in the final degrees of Leo today, and entering Virgo in afternoon or evening hours (depending on your location and time zone), we get a sense of an approaching awareness, a new era about to be born. While radical changes can be anticipated (Uranus in Aries), they have been under the current and developing for some time. The third of three harsh (90 deg square) aspects of Saturn to Neptune are at the climatic point this week, with a New Moon eclipse prompting for a resolution. With political campaigns reaching the high point, with Venus in Libra ushering in the debates, a new power structure is being formed. Jupiter’s conjunction with retrograde Mercury in Virgo (everyman) amplifies the debate and the practical) outcome (Saturn).  Thinking through (Mercury in Virgo) old more instinctive patterns of thought (Neptune in Pisces) can develop new philosophical and political alliances or status (Saturn in Sagittarius).

Solar Eclipse Chart September 1, 2016

Solar Eclipse Chart
September 1, 2016

Thursday September 1st – The solar eclipse today takes place in the morning hours, although its astrological influence is more long range. It is not only the starting point of a new soli-lunar cycle, it is part of a major configuration, with Neptune in opposition and Saturn square at the focal point of the t-square.  With Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in Virgo, and Mercury the dispositor of the Sun and Moon and Jupiter, Mercury, our thought analysis, communication and learning power undergoes a significant shift, around the time of the eclipse and for 2 months, approximately on either side of the time-line of the eclipse, major transformations take place. This can be in the sector of health (Virgo Sun and Moon).  With Saturn a strong force in Sagittarius, new alliances of a political or philosophical or religious nature can be formed.  Old bonds are dissolved (Neptune in Pisces), as a new reality (Sun, Moon and Jupiter opposed to Neptune) awakens (eclipse). Venus in Libra forms new partnerships or idealized marriages.

Friday September 2nd –The Sun opposes Neptune today. Emotional uncertainty, as false and misleading information (Neptune) is balanced by standards and fixed sense of what is real (Saturn in Sagittarius) healing allows for fluctuating (Neptune) status (Sun) and norms of social control. Saturn, the stern master, may not be so stern after all. The tiger can change its stripes.  Neptune in Pisces with a harsh aspect (square) to Saturn, and opposing the eclipse degree in Virgo, is the master of casting illusions.  Unsurprisingly, there are reversals in established agendas.  Moon in Virgo quincunx Uranus can cause technical difficulties or misunderstandings. Full disclosure is made as the Moon reaches Jupiter and Mercury.  Processes are updated or even reversed. Publications (Saturn in Sag), release on health issues (Mercury and Jupiter, Sun and Moon in Virgo) seek to right the capsizing boat. Equal rights (Venus in Libra) that are mandated by law introduce equality on the working level (Mercury retro and Jupiter in Virgo) is demanded, and long overdue.  

Saturday September 3rd– While preparing for the new school year as well as new work and political campaigns, many details need to be addressed. The Virgo Sun, as well as Mercury, and Jupiter in a sign that obsesses (Neptune and Chiron in Pisces) at times with details (Virgo), might also dig up relevant information from the past. With Uranus retro in Aries, this can lead to revelations that shift awareness and unbalance the equations. The Moon moves into Libra today to join with Venus, promoting awareness of inequality such that whistle-blowing becomes rampant.  Mars in Sag is in a semisextile aspect (30 deg) with Pluto (in Capricorn) today, as actions aim to bring in the big powers, the ultimate brass or decision makers.  Saturn, disposed of by Jupiter in Virgo, leans on common practice (Virgo) for justification. Embattled policy strategists (Saturn in Sag) may be obsessed (Neptune in Pisces) with opinion polls (Mercury in Virgo) and adjust accordingly. A smoothly working bureaucracy (Jupiter in Virgo) is idealized (Saturn in Sag), while undermining influences are eroding (Neptune in Pisces) stability.

Sunday September 4th – While obsessing (Neptune and Pisces) over details (Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo), we may have missed seeing the big picture. As the Moon is today conjunct Venus in Libra, and then moves on to quincunx (150 deg aspect) Neptune (illusions) more clarity may be brought to issues through incongruence of details.   The Importance of personal goals (Mars), keeping in mind difficulties and working to balance opposing forces (VirgoPisces opposition) that could undermine the relationships (Venus in Libra), as a positive factor, and this helps to keep motivation and power in line (Moon sextile aspect to Saturn and Mars).  

Monday September 5th – Repairing cyber leaks, reviewing facts and policy help to employ computers and operators as Mercury retrograde gives us another month in the technical and service oriented Virgo.  Saturn remains in a doubly approaching square aspect (harsh 90 deg aspect) with Neptune, while the Sun in Virgo moves ahead, one degree per day. The slower moving planets remain in a fixed conflict, making instability the most prevailing feature of year. Work remains to remove disinformation, focus on relief for refugees, gather data on espionage, and narrow the gaps in social inequality. Saturn works to narrow down, and define, removing extraneous and irrelevant details, while Neptune is dissatisfied with being detained or being forced to conform.  A justification for slipping out of the program, defeating the very purpose of the project at hand, requires more limitations (Saturn). It also requires the ability to differentiate between the real and the false lead (Neptune). The Moon (in Libra) reaches the opposition with Uranus (in Aries) today. The Moon is also quincunx to Chiron in Pisces as more unconventional approaches in relationships or in medical practice gain in acceptance.

Tuesday September 6th – The Moon in Scorpio today opposes Ceres retro in Taurus, then moves on to form a trine aspect (120 deg) to Neptune and a sextile (60 deg) aspect to the Sun in Virgo. Ceres represents the care we give to neglected segments of the social spectrum. Being able to relate to world problems as well as social problems in our own neighborhood, social reformers are able to draw out the resources of the Scorpio Moon and the compassion of Neptune in Pisces. There is now more influence with the powerful, the majority, in the democratic process, as we examine the actual tasks that await our attention in the coming cycle of time.  

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August  30, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel



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