Mercury and Mars in Mutual Reception – Week of May 3-9 2017

Mercury turns direct today, in mutual reception to Mars in Gemini and is also in a crisis mode ready to transit Uranus‘ location in Aires. More secrets are spilled with the third transit since March 26th. Mercury goes on to trine Saturn by May 12th. This could be very interesting, amounting to a shakeup of power in the high offices. Legal actions are likely, with Saturn retro in Sag. The Moon moves forward in Leo, and ends up in the first decant (10 deg) of Scorpio by the 9th of April with the Sun trine to Pluto. The trine is a favorable aspect, although when involving the heavy planets such as Saturn and Pluto, the ease may not be comfortable for everyone. Both positive and negative outcomes are discernible with each aspect.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday May 3rdJupiter in Libra and retro is opposing by sign three planets in AriesVenus, Mercury and Uranus. Jupiter in Libra makes a great effort to balance the forces of the day, and could get some assistance from the friendly Moon in Leo, an avenue for gain in wealth or popularity opens. Pres. Trump’s natal Jupiter, for example, is at 17 deg Libra, and it is likely that he is still affected by this transit, while his natal Chiron is at 14 deg Libra. He should listen to the voices, perhaps inner voices, of wisdom, of having learned the lessons involved. His natal Uranus is trine (120 deg, easy aspect) to Jupiter from Gemini, so he could be impatient, or rather instinctively aggressive or impulsive, out of habit. The Sun in Taurus is square (90 deg, harsh aspect) to the Moon early in the day, as a crisis develops. Mercury retro turns direct today prompting more reversals, as unexpected events crowd into view, as Mercury now is poised to transit Uranus‘ position for the 3rd time this season. Backtracks may be suddenly reversed. Secrets can now be exposed, although there is danger as well. Saturn in Sagittarius is doubly approaching a trine with Mercury and Uranus possibly limiting power, or actually the focus of power to more traditional avenues for expression. The Sun in a sextile (60 deg, friendly) aspect to Neptune is another avenue for expression of exotic or strange revelations.

Thursday May 4th – The Moon enters Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury in its analytical mode. This could help to deconstruct some of the processes, collecting data and analyzing details. As the Moon approaches a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Mars in Gemini, the communicative sign ruled by Mercury, explosive issues cannot be avoided. Mercury will transit Uranus in the next few days, so hold on to your seats. Innovative as well as upsetting issues are to be explosively revealed.

Friday May 5th – The Moon trine (120 deg, easy) aspect to the Sun and trine to Pluto today, a grand trine in earth signs, for unity and a sense of universal oneness. We move ahead in mutual understanding. The earth may shake, but we are all in this together. More revelations as the Moon opposes (180 deg aspect of stress) Neptune in Pisces, an indication of more repressed and powerful secrets revealed. We could be prone to deception, exaggeration or falsehood. Health may be affected as well, especially suffering from contagious disease.

Saturday May 6th– The Moon in Virgo opposes (180 deg, stressful) Chiron in Pisces today, however, Saturn in Sagittarius is at the 90 deg focal point of the opposition, providing professional advice, structure to the nebulous, or unstructured illness or displeasure. A breakthrough in medical research or epidemiology could be announced, taking into account Mercury conjunct Uranus. The Moon enters Libra later in the afternoon, depending on location the time of the ingress varies.

May 7, 2017
4:00 PM

Sunday May 7th – The lunar transit draws in energy from various planets today. A trine (120 deg, easy) aspect with Mars early in the day could be energetic and vitalizing, while the trine to Jupiter soon after could bring some unexpected results, either pleasant or painful, but a strong dose of reality to the otherwise complacent Jupiter day. A quincunx (150 deg, difficult) aspect to the Sun could reveal some unpleasant news or irritation as well. If it is a day off, you may be called back to work, as the square aspect (90 deg harsh) Moon to Pluto could upset the balance of conformity and peace.

Monday May 8th – The Sun in Taurus trine (120 deg, easy) to Pluto in Capricorn highlights the secretive power structures that control economic as well as international activities. The movement towards an international economy and the awakening of a global system of government becomes closer to realization. Environmental issues are highlighted (earth signs). Mars and Jupiter are doubly approaching a trine aspect (120 deg easy), as the Moon moves on to oppose (180 deg stressful) Mercury and Uranus in Aires. A greater awareness for a balanced media is sought, although bias is inevitable. Conflicts could erupt over reporting of major issues. Voices of dissent gain power.

Tuesday May 9th – The reform necessary becomes more obvious as the day wears on. Transforming power, as the Sun is trine to Pluto (120 deg, easy aspect). The Moon in Scorpio, disposed by Pluto, helps to detect hidden resources, or fund social causes. Mars in Gemini is disposed of by Mercury in Aries, conjunct to Uranus. Mars disposes of the planets in Aries, so Mars and Mercury are in mutual reception. They work together to expose the hidden resources, the inner deals that are revealed as Pluto, symbolizing powerful leaders or entities, now at risk.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading my notes.

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May 2, 2017
Jerusalem, Israel

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