Mars-Saturn Conjunct at the Full Moon – Week of March 28-April 3 2018

Our ability to transform our experience in social media, and impact our culture with shared experience is embodied in the symbolism of astrology this week. The Full Moon this week is the culminating highpoint of the cycle that began on March 17th with the New Moon in Pisces.  Jupiter is slowly moving retrograde from the station at 23 deg Scorpio. As it moves slightly day to day, Jupiter meets the 60 deg sextile aspect with Pluto, also moving very slowly in its distant orbit, less than 1′ per day, while Jupiter moves at about 3′ per day toward the aspect partile deg at 21 16′ on April 15th. This allows for an extended time for internal integration of social norms that are at variance with past attitudes. The benefits of greater social cohesion slowly permeate the consciousness of a majority as we come to grips with the political power structures of the existing age. A new consensus is formed as we accept and relate to the reality of our cultural progress. The Moon moves from Leo to Sagittarius this week, with the Full Moon on March 31st, then transiting to Jupiter’s position on April 3rd. Mars and Saturn reach a partile conjunction on April 2nd. This conjunction is the conclusion of one cycle of about two years and the beginning of another. The last conjunction was in August 2016 at 9 deg Sagittarius. Individuals who have Mars and Saturn in a soft or favorable aspect in their natal charts will have an easier time with this. Those with a hard or challenging natal aspect of Mars and Saturn (an opposition square or conjunction) could experience a time of soul searching or even conflict. Other concurrent aspect would of course modify the expression of this Capricorn transit. Social media and self-publishing are ways that individuals have greater freedom in self-expression and an added outlet for airing our views and getting social support.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday March 28th – The Moon in the final degrees of Leo is trine (120 deg, easy) aspect to Uranus in Aries. While this is a so-called favorable aspect, it could also trigger violent acts. Venus forms a conjunction with Uranus, corresponding to a possible corrupt relationship issue that could be explosive. Jupiter retrograde is approaching the sextile aspect (60 deg, helpful) to Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter magnifies whatever planetary aspect it is a part of. With the concurring aspect of Mars approaching a conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn, there is a danger in the current social environment. The Sun in Aries forms a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to the MarsSaturn pair in Capricorn. Working towards positive goals, refining your skills, your environment, participating in promoting causes of value are ways to use the energy constructively. At the Full Moon on Friday-Saturday, this becomes a T-square configuration. Today the Moon enters Virgo for service oriented actions, forming a trine aspect to Mars and Saturn for service on demand.

Thursday March 29th – The Sun square aspect (90 deg, hard) to MarsSaturn continues today. The individual ego center (Sun) could become overwhelmed with distress from internal or external pressures. Social interaction becomes more limited and more intense at the same time. The Moon in Virgo is in an opposition aspect (180 deg, polarized) to Neptune in Pisces. Just two days before the Full Moon in Libra, could result in psychiatric emergencies and neurotic incidents.  The Moon also opposes Mercury retrograde in Aries, as internalized thoughts become enlarged and acted out. Many individuals are working for positive social goals, preparing for religious celebrations, spring holidays and vacations. The Sun square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Saturn could limit the expression or achievement of goals while we could also strive to refine the outcome to fit the exactly the required limits. If under the guidance of a social movement (Jupiter) or religious observation (Saturn), work becomes in inspiration.   The Moon is quincunx aspect (150 deg, creative) to Mercury retrograde in Aries. This aspect is favorable for advancement of goals with ingenuity.

March 31 2018
Full Moon in Aries

Friday March 30th – The Moon transits Virgo and forms a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Pluto in Capricorn and a sextile aspect (60 deg, helpful) to Jupiter retro in Scorpio. The earth signs and fire sign Aries dominate. Practical measures can be taken to achieve a goal or for social conformity. Refinement of status draws from cultural wisdom as the Moon also stands in opposition (180 deg, stressful) to Chiron in Pisces. The opposition aspect is often like a tug-of-war, each side pulling against the opposing team. One planet, however, may draw energy from the other, and be empowered by it. As the Moon moves into Libra, it becomes in opposition to the Sun. The ability to work together can empower the day, or negatively can deplete the emotional (Moon) side in favor of the ego (Sun).  The Moon enters Libra after mid-day and Venus moves into Taurus overnight. The Moon is then a singleton in air, thus acting alone in the role of emotional imbalance.

Saturday March 31stVenus is in one of her signs of rulership, while also the dispositor of the Moon in Libra. This should, hopefully help to ground the Moon, adding grace, as she is challenged in the opposition at the full Moon overnight. Traditional observance is more important now, and could avoid the harsh realities of Mars conjunct to Saturn, a conflict of speed and stability.  Saturn and Mars are conjunct at the focal point of the T-square in Capricorn, a sign of towering conformity to tradition. Goals should be brought into line with family and traditional observances. Isolation at this time would be difficult to endure. Mars is the dispositor of the Sun and planets in Aries. Mercury is retrograde and moves toward the Sun to a combust (position. Joining with the cultural experience of the day, drawing together family and strangers helps to overcome the conflict. Individual goals (Mars and Aries planets) are then united with tradition (Saturn in Capricorn).

Sunday April 1st – The Moon moves into a square aspect (90 deg harsh) with Pluto today. While obsessions may play a part in traditional observances, the outbreak of obsessive behavior follows the PlutoJupiter connection (sextile aspect).  Pluto is the dispositor of Jupiter in Scorpio and may then magnify the adherence to tradition. With the Moon in a harsh aspect to Pluto, some of the retained energy, residing in the cultural unconscious is expressed. As the Moon moves to an opposition aspect with Uranus in Aries that expression could become a violent outbreak. With Mercury combust (close conjunction with the Sun), and Mars and Saturn conjunction, the observance of tradition and the limits of law provide protection. The Moon enters Scorpio overnight.

Monday April 2nd – The Moon in Scorpio opposes Venus in Taurus.  Personal emotional responses are linked to security and comfort that may over-indulge. Good company and good food help maintain satisfaction even in the most difficult of times. The Moon transits the square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Ceres even as school security has not been fully or adequately addressed.  The Moon in Scorpio moves to a sextile (60 deg, helpful) relationship with Mars, as we are able to link to the ambitions of the day and to Saturn as the sense of limitations and obligations continue. Taking a measure of care in preparations can avoid the worst of the outcome. Mercury retrograde transits the Sun’s position from the far side of its orbit, remaining debilitated although when cazimi (less than 17′ from the Sun) there may be a sense of heightened communication.

Tuesday April 3rdMars transcends Saturn’s position in Capricorn today, as roadblocks to progress are dealt with. We can eliminate some concerns as we focus on the immediate issues or subjects in the institutions of higher learning, as well as in schools and businesses. The Moon’s transit of Jupiter retro in Scorpio increases the exchange of experience and emotional reunions with friends and comrades, with congratulations on progress and scores achieved.

Thanks for reading my forecast and have a good week.

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