Major Participation in Major Events – Week of May 25-31 2016


The major configurations this week move from highlight a T-square configuration to a Grand-Trine configuration, concluding with a Grand-Cross configuration. The major configurations dominate and organize the focus of the day. On the 29th of May (chart image shown) the T-square configuration is very close, that is the degree of the aspects is within a 2 deg orb. This indicates a stronger configuration at the time, while the Grand-Trine configuration in the chart shown is including Jupiter, the separating degrees for the trine from Jupiter to Mercury is separating by an orb of about 2.25 degrees.  That is an indication that the formation is weakening.  However, Mercury is trine to Pluto at less than 1 deg and doubly approaching, as Pluto is retrograde and approaching the degree of the exact trine (120 deg). That part of the configuration is very strong on the 29th of May, at the 3rd Quarter Moon phase. Depending on your natal chart, any planets near the degree of the transit is active and becomes a part of the trends indicated.  The Moon and the planets that increase position by close to a degree daily (such as Mercury, Venus and the Sun) will draw in more segments and more people will be included in the trends. Of course, the influences are therefore often noticed before the exact aspect is reached, usually 2-3 deg, but again depending on if a natal planet is posited near one of the planets in transit or if the same aspect appears in a natal chart.

Summary of major aspects of the week

Wednesday May 25th – A wonderful day to get things done, organization and follow through are carried out effortlessly. Cooperation is at a peak.  A Grand-Trine in earth signs, with a lot of mutability, (planets in mutable signs) and opposition between Venus and Mars retro, shows some issues relating to relationships, behavior and archetypal personalities. The role of gender in determining responses in workplace and social interaction could surface, to relate to the present now, on an objective level. Some women may not readily point out errors of male co-workers, through habitual learned sense of deference, for example, while males tend to claim expertise, and thus the role of the guiding crew member. However, do not be insulted today, if a female worker exceeds beyond your own level of success.

Thursday May 26th – There is tension and opportunity for growth, as the polarity is more in view. Personal goals and values may be in question, as Mars regresses into Scorpio. The Moon transits into Aquarius, forming a sextile aspect to Mars retro, and trine aspects with Venus and the Sun in Gemini. The forceful nature in political or sports is on the decline. The collective voice, the national consensus or the vibes surrounding us are moderating and generating favorable relations. Media, through dialog and tone, is generating understanding.  It is as though we are weary of conflict and welcome a more relaxed pace.

Friday May 27th – The Moon square (harsh 90 deg) aspect to Mercury could set off a round of intense rhetoric and generate waves of critical analysis today, prompting the motion of the trine aspects (Jupiter in Virgo trine to Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn) the GrandTrine in earth signs begins to deepen the political cost of every decisive step taken.  While the flow of energy is rapid, with Pluto involved, the ruler of Scorpio, and now with Mars retro re-entering Scorpio, Pluto is the dispositor of Mars. Political and monetary costs are generated. Saturn, on the other hand, is the dispositor of Jupiter, so that political standings are calculated as a result of the day’s events. The working trine sextile aspect from the Moon to Saturn could help moderate the negative impact.  

Saturday May 28th – The Moon winds up the transit of Aquarius, as winners and losers are calculated. Friends congratulate winners, while dejected adversaries get the booby prizes. There is more flak generated, as losers don’t go easily. They tend to dig up controversy in the wake of possible defeat, hoping for a rebound (the Moon is square to Mars in Scorpio).  The SaturnJupiter square aspect has been very strong all week. This is a positive influence for technical work, for editorial or detailed analysis. Group consensus is sought, as pollsters work overtime. With Neptune in an opposition (180 deg aspect) to Jupiter, and square to Saturn, the resulting formation is ongoing.  Political status is ever more the slippery slope.


Third Quarter Moon Phase May 29, 2016

Third Quarter Moon Phase
                                         May 29, 2016


Sunday May 29th – The Moon in Pisces forms the 3rd quarter phase of the soli-lunar cycle. A disseminating crisis can strain the will of the competitors. The forming Grand-Cross configuration (4 planets square-off) is a sign that, while dissolution and negativity are strong (Moon conj to Neptune in Pisces) the participants do not relinquish their grasp on the reins.  Using tact and flexibility (mutable signs), remaining in control and command requires talent and nerve.

Monday May 30thMercury now is very close (49′ approaching) to the exact trine aspect to Pluto, may reveal some tightly held secrets. In earth signs, this revelation may deal with financial matters, or material possessions, and accumulated status. With the Moon in Pisces, sensitivity is deep, and unconscious motives may surface. The Moon moves into Aries late in the day, giving a new initiative and more power to the individual consumer or citizen. Now is the time to complain. 

Tuesday May 31st – With the sextile aspects (60 deg working trine aspect) between the Moon the Venus and the Moon and the Sun in Gemini, you might believe that your voice is finally heard. In fact, a feeling of importance and status increases as the day wears on. Venus is approaching the Sun in Gemini with the resulting mood being one of good spirits and enjoyment. The moderators and commentators (Mercury in Taurus) are reporting, and may be actually transforming (Pluto in Capricorn) the day.  This may benefit you or your friends who are outspoken (Moon in Aries trine Saturn in Sag.) The status quo is evolving. You are also a part of this evolution.

Hope your week is superb.

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May 24, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel

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