Knocking Over the System – Week of April 20-26 2016


With both Mars and Pluto turning retrograde this week, it is not a good time to press forward. While reviewing and/or revising old projects, the opportunity is for the refinement of goals.  Saturn and Jupiter remain retro motion as well, so we might recognize that the overwhelming move is for removing the outmoded and broken-down system and those who profit from it. It goes beyond politics, although politics certainly has a place in this over-all view of the social and personal issues we face today.

While we like to think of the present as a unique time, historically, and a time of unprecedented dissatisfaction with the “system,” one has only to look closely at history to find that throughout recorded history, the “system” was an object of contempt. If so, that must have more of a reflection on human nature than primarily the external affairs of the nation.  Samuel Butler, in 1903, wrote in The Way of all Flesh (p 281) “The trouble is that in the end we shall be driven to admit the unity of the universe so completely as to be compelled to deny that there is either an external or an internal, but must see everything both as external and internal, at one and the same time, subject and object-external and internal- being unified as much as everything else. This will knock our whole system over, but then every system has got to be knocked over by something.” However, we should make sure we have something better to put in its place.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday April 20th – With the Sun in Taurus today, and the Moon in Libra, we are attuned more to pleasure and comfort, security and profit, maintaining the status quo, as good feelings toward the community are favored. Venus in Aries is the dipositor of both the Sun (in Taurus) and the Moon (in Libra), as it inexorably moves toward a conjunction with Uranus.  Today, the Moon in Libra opposes Venus, keeping a balanced outlook, while claiming satisfaction. However, the veneer belies a situation that will be exposed in the next 48 hours.

Thursday April 21st – With four planets and Ceres in fire signs, direct and ambitious energy predominates. While Mars and Saturn are both in a retrograde phase, the goal to repair (Jupiter in Virgo) or dissolve (Neptune in Pisces) existing agendas is pushing us forward.   Existing patterns of action are likewise circumspect. Mars turned inward may put obstacles in the path, may also indicate a time needed for physical or mental recuperation.  The Moon’s opposition to Venus and Uranus could indicate advance warning messages, even as earthquakes have already taken a toll.  More upsets are likely.

Friday April 22nd – The Full Moon in the early morning hours is another trigger for real or symbolic earthquakes. The Moon in Scorpio now, is ripe for in-depth revolution. Fundamental change seems to be the call of the day.  Revelations of hidden resources might be exposed as well. Yet, the goal should be for positive change, even as painful circumstances call for emergency actions. Venus is in a close conjunction with Uranus today, in Aries, indicating the shock waves throughout the world. The voice of a healing personality wins support Mercury in Taurus is sextile aspect (60 deg) to Chiron in Pisces. Other indications include the JupiterNeptune opposition, as well as Venus in semisextile aspect to both Mercury and Chiron.

April 23, 2016 Oppositions and dis-array

April 23, 2016
Oppositions and dis-array

Saturday April 23rd –The calming voice of wisdom, the leadership that will be a guide and a warrior emerges. Global set-backs can slow the pace of change, as Neptune is square (90 deg aspect) Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune with a 2 deg orb, so international aid is elicited.  Finding, at last, the pieces of an airlines that mysteriously disappeared two years ago, can be grim news for the families of the victims. The extent of the damage from earthquakes this past week, becomes known, as survivors are struggling to cope. 

Sunday April 24th – The Moon enters Sagittarius, as more blame and responsibility is targeted (the archer’s arrow). Earth and fire are the operating energies, redirecting wealth and human resources to aid and assist where most needed. Human tragedies draw out compassion, helping to realign the distribution of resources. (Jupiter opposition to Neptune)  Humanitarian actions are called upon by the charities involved world-wide.

Monday April 25th – While spontaneous actions of generosity exist (Moon transits Mars), the tightening of the hand (Saturn in Sag conj the Moon) limits the power of out-reach.  Hardships are yet to be overcome, as the difficulty is reaching those affected in time of greatest need. The Moon in a square (harsh 90 deg) aspect to Jupiter in Taurus, and to Neptune in Pisces, forms a Tsquare configuration, and highlights the very un-stable conditions of the day.

Tuesday April 26th – The Moon travels on to form trine aspects to Uranus and Venus today. Perhaps a closer look at the situation is provided with on the scene reports. While this is a constant in this day and age, the electronic media (Uranus in Aries) is at a high-point, with the Moon in Sagittarius trine (120 deg aspect) to Uranus and quincunx (150 deg aspect) to Mercury in Taurus.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading my notes. 

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April 19, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel


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