Indictments in Full force at Full Moon in Libra — April 5-12 023

This week’s blog post is a departure from my usual format. It is astounding that three men who are or were heads of state, face legal censure,  and have a stellium in Libra, thereby affected by the full Moon in Libra that occurs this week. Libra represents balance, but on the negative side, imbalance. Libra is a cardinal sign ruled by the planet Venus. When the scales are unbalanced, the tide turns against the native, and he or she may lose his or her grip on reality.

Full Moon in Libra
April 5-6 2023

The Moon’s ingress to Libra was on April 4 at 21:52 UT. That would be 17:52 EST. Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice. At the time of the ingress, we should know the crimes that Trump is charged with. The financial crimes of campaign violations may not carry much of an adverse sentence, if he is convicted. However, there are several other investigations of his wrongdoing, so this may just be the tip of the iceberg. The full Moon in Libra [see chart insert] is partile opposition to the Sun, just after midnight New York time on April 6. The Moon will be in opposition to Chiron in conjunction aspect with the Sun, and then transit to the opposition aspect with Jupiter. The planets in Aries are aggressive, while Libra weighs alternatives, while a cardinal sign, Libra tends to reach a decision depending on merits, the advantages vs disadvantages, the pros and cons of the issue at hand. Mars in Cancer is the dispositor of the planets in Aries, while Venus in Taurus is the dispositor of the Moon.  The Moon is quincunx aspect to Uranus in Taurus at the full Moon aspect, indicating the revolutionary aspect of the indictment. The Moon when full, indicates the fruition of the cycle, the results of the efforts taken.

Donald Trump’s natal Jupiter is retrograde in Libra, and in a trine aspect to Uranus, Rahu, and Sun in Gemini. This magnifies the impact of this much publicized event. Mars in Cancer, another cardinal sign, is approaching the conjunction aspect with Trump’s natal Mercury, reaching the partile conjunction aspect on the following Tuesday, as Trump mounts an aggressive defense. Venus in Taurus, also a sign Venus rules, is sextile aspect to Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus in Cancer.  As Trump’s legal woes go beyond this indictment, there is surely more to come. With Uranus’ conjunction aspect with Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini, his personal experience has many of the qualities of Uranus. He is as quite unpredictable in his off the charts career, the multitude of business startups and failures, the multiple rape charges, etc. leading to legal complications. Uranus quincunx the full Moon has that unpredictable flavor, that could work for or against him in this case. His natal Jupiter conjunction aspect with the Moon amplifies the event to historical proportions.

Two other prominent leaders are facing opposition to their leadership. Both have a natal Libra Sun. V. Putin with his aggression in Ukraine and B. Netanyahu with the formation of his government. Putin stands out as an autocratic leader with decades in power. Netanyahu who also returned to power as Prime Minister of Israel, proposes giving his government more latitude with judicial reform. All three present and former leaders are under indictment.

Putin has natal four planets in Libra, a Sun/Saturn conjunction aspect and a Neptune/Mercury conjunction aspect. His rigid control of his population (Sun/Saturn) and his lack of accountability (Neptune/Mercury) characterize his reign. He has recently been indicted by the international tribunal, the ICC. Putin’s natal Saturn is in a conjunction aspect with the full Moon in Libra. He is confined to his own territory or he could be arrested.

Netanyahu also has Mercury conjunction aspect with Neptune in Libra, and a wide approaching Moon conjunction aspect (New Moon) to his Sun in Libra. His underhanded attempt to reform the judiciary is noteworthy, and has given rise to weeks of demonstrations against his planned reform. His natal Neptune is in conjunction aspect with Ketu, and  conjunction aspect with the full Moon this month. He is now forced to consider compromise on his cabinet appointments, and his judicial reform that is being introduced piecemeal to the legislature (the Knesset). He is also under indictment for a campaign violation.

All three leaders, at this full Moon are facing indictment. Trump and Netanyahu for personal financial matters, and Putin for his aggression. At this full Moon in Libra there is action to arrest Trump. Putin faces an arrest warrant from the ICC issued on March 17th.  And Netanyahu’s leadership is failing. Trump’s famed Teflon personality may also be failing him, as he surrenders to arrest. His treatment is apt to be less severe for his crimes than others have experienced, at least for now.

The Moon in Libra is in opposition aspect to Jupiter on Thursday, as the effect to the indictments, for any or all of the above leaders, is made clear.  On Friday, the Moon ingress to Scorpio,  and a conjunction aspect to Ketu in Scorpio with an opposition aspect to Mercury in Taurus. This could represent a loss, possibly a momentary reprieve or release. The Sun is in opposition aspect to Trump’s natal Jupiter and sextile aspect to his natal Uranus. Probably, Trump will be released to await trial. Putin remains at large. His natal Jupiter is quincunx the midpoint of his natal Saturn/Neptune conjunction, natal Uranus is square aspect to his natal Saturn. Netanyahu has a week’s reprieve during the Passover holiday.

On Saturday, the Moon in Scorpio is quincunx aspect to Chiron and Sun in Aries, and opposition aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Increased intelligence may lead to another indictment for Trump. Uranus in Taurus is square aspect to Netanyahu’s natal Pluto in Leo, as attempts to bring down his government continue. Uranus approaches the conjunction aspect with Putin’s Jupiter retro in Taurus, sextile aspect to natal Uranus in Cancer. His equilibrium could be upset, reducing his power.

On Sunday, the Moon in Scorpio makes an opposition aspect to Venus in Taurus and then makes ingress to Sagittarius just hours later. Intense drama is followed by efforts to reconcile. Venus in Taurus indicates practical moves for security.

On Monday, Mars in Cancer is in a conjunction aspect with Trump’s natal Mercury. He works hard to protect his interests, in social media and speaking events.

Tuesday, As the Moon transits to Trump’s natal Moon/Ketu conjunction, he intensifies his claims. His rationalizations and attacks tend to work against his claims of innocence, as the Moon is quincunx his natal Saturn/Venus in Cancer.

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April 4, 2023
Jerusalem, Israel

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