Implementation of Unified Power – Week of November 18- 24 2015


The world seemed to come to a standstill as the attacks on Paris became the top news item. Our ability to regenerate to a new world view and mind set, was challenged. (Sun and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio). Communication, news media and government as well as the terrorists use of the Internet and advanced means of electronic communication (Uranus) played a major role in the attacks which were carried out over approximately one half hour, on Friday night between 9:30 and 10:00 PM. Uranus and Jupiter in aspect to Mercury shows the great impact on civilization and the awareness of human suffering under terror. The perpetration of fear, and the hunt for the surviving accomplices to the attacks continues. All of this, makes an extremely stressful time for the people of Paris, France and the surrounding European nations, but in truth it is the entire globe of democracy and freedom that was attacked. It has taken several wake-up calls over the past few years, but maybe now it has become a point of departure. Mars (action) in Libra (balance), while wanting peace, may aggressively seek war, as imbalance predominates.

So Jupiter would in this case expand and integrate the world in opposition to the ISIS, to combat the source of the deadly attacks. Jupiter is in opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer that reflects and provides some wisdom.. While Chiron is a asteroid, a small entity traveling the Sun, it remains a shadowy point of reference. In comparison, Jupiter is a much stronger force. Normal life and carrying out democratic policies are swept away in the emergency. ISIS or not, the effect is to oppose democracy and freedom. The aim to destroy is a negative force that cannot be directly combated, as one participates in the evil itself in order to destroy evil. We must remove the shadows where evil resides. In that way we become stronger.

Wednesday November 18th – The Moon in the heart of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, has far sightedness and clear vision. In some ways, our Western civilization, democracy that has grown since ancient Greek times, is in a struggle for survival. The results, if not evident of our present era, will be known in eras to come. We can look through a magnifying glass at history, and make some predictions for the future. Saturn in Sagittarius is in square (harsh) aspect to Neptune in Pisces. It is a moment for decisions. Concise and firm decisions (Saturn) must be made to combat (square aspect) a growing danger, a sinister force that knows no limits (Neptune in Pisces). It is the quagmire, the sinister force that has taken up residence in the chaos of civilizations in conflict. Pisces is not the evil force, nor is Neptune, it represents the vulnerability of this era.

Thursday November 19th – Now the Moon, our traveling ambassador, enters the Piscean zone. The message must be unequivocal and clearly stated. Mars in Libra trine Ceres in Aquarius, has a wide majority of backing for aggressive actions. Meanwhile, Venus in Libra is square to Pluto in Capricorn. Venus (justice) prefers peace and compromise, while Pluto in Capricorn is firm in authority and power. The Lunar force must be able to elicit a sense of some reason, some humanity, in the depth of a sinking entity. There may be simply a symbolic gesture for compromise or settlement, barely recognizable, inaudible to ears so full of self-aggrandizement.

Friday November 20th – While Venus is in her sign of rulership, Libra, as the true power still remains with Pluto in Capricorn. There are restrictions of war powers. The UN General Assembly will limit the consensus for war. It may be the NATO nations rather than UN. Limited by loyalties on one hand, and economy on the other, Libra and Aries are still opposing one another. The approaching opposition between Venus (in Libra) and Uranus (in Aries) is another flash point. While the door to peace is always open, there are few who enter. Mars in Libra places demands although Pluto in Capricorn holds the ultimate decision making power.

Saturday November 21st – When the Moon moves into Aries today, it will form a trine to Mercury in Sagittarius, as there is an outspoken urgency in diplomatic arenas, such as the UN. Saturn in exact sextile to Ceres in Aquarius, gives legitimacy to traditional and legality to the use of force. While France’s prime Minister has said France is at war, the allies are bound to support that view, the declaration of war on a specific nation in conflict remains undeclared. The Balfour Declaration (Nov 2, 1917) comes to mind as a document that set out a path for Israel to become a legitimate modern state. Yet, the opposition to a democratic Middle East remains strong. Subsequently, the League of Nations was formed, with Balfour as a legitimizing document. The founding of the UN, giving greater power to the 15 nation Security Council, with 5 permanent members, replaced the League of Nations. France, least we forget, is a permanent member of that council, and an historical leader and philosophical mentor of democracy and ideals of the UN. Allegiance (Saturn) to nations and philosophical or political thought (Sagittarius) reforms our world view (Pluto) as a consequence of the ongoing international events.


Moon and Uranus in Aries opposed to Venus in Libra

Moon and Uranus in Aries opposed to Venus in Libra

Sunday November 22nd – By afternoon, the Sun transits into Sagittarius, as the Moon in Aries opposes Venus in Libra, and emphasizes the opposition of Uranus (in Aries) to Venus (in Libra). Can action be delayed much longer? The war plans are on the table. The powers are aligned. Clarity and opposition could spark conflict at any moment. The will to contain (Saturn in Sag) has a backing of a legal majority (Jupiter is the dispositor of Saturn, Sun and Mercury) and will force the elimination of migration as well as a rounding up of boarder-less enemies. The elimination (Neptune) of outlawed movements (Pisces) will follow.

Monday November 23rd – The alignment of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius is a show of force, a strong bond of authority, legitimacy and power, able to strike the enemies of peace. Mars in sextile aspect to Saturn, while Venus in Libra opposes Uranus, suggests a unified effort, ready to strike in a coordinated manner. The Moon enters the earth sign Taurus, concerned about stability and security.

Tuesday November 24th – The Moon is in trine aspect to Pluto by early morning US times, and will be also in trine aspect with Jupiter by afternoon. The three earth signs are momentarily united. There is a possibility for a firm agreement on issues concerning stability and an arrangement for settlement. This could be a document or an actual achievement on the ground. A time-frame is readied for the final assault or defeat of the ignoble enemies of peace.

Pray for a speedy settlement. Thanks for reading my starscope blog.

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Jerusalem, Israel
November 17, 2015

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