How to avoid a 3rd Quarter Moon Crisis – Week of Sept 2-8 2015


On Saturday, the 3rd Quarter Moon, a crisis point, as the waning Moon progresses toward the New Moon eclipse on September 13. This week we have the benefit of a trine aspect from the Moon to the Sun in Virgo. The Moon in Taurus will allow a flow of practical plans and even resources to help solve persistent problems which may soon reach a crisis point. If the time is used effectively, the impact of a crisis can be mitigated or avoided.

Thinking through facts and finding resources can occupy our time now. Working on health issues will also help to avoid a critical diagnosis in the near future. A good diet appropriate to your medical profile, and sufficient exercise will always have a good impact on health. Practical measures, such as steps taken to identify and define the situation involved in a problem can help find appropriate tools to remedy a situation that you want to see improved, will have results now.

Through a time of ease, avoid over spending and over consumption. Prepare for a more difficult transition. Long range rewards will follow if caution is taken now.

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Wednesday September 2nd – The MarsVenus pair in Leo is now a driving force, while doubly separating, goals are well defined, as we now are past the self-adoration stage, and on into achievements. The Moon in Taurus seeks stability and honors achievements. Down to brass tacks, so to speak. If you make a claim, be prepared to back it up with facts. The coming grandtrine involves Pluto, and this could add additional power to the grass-roots movements taking place, especially and a world-wide arena. Resources can be mobilized if sufficient numbers are involved. The economy can get a push forward, as investments are attractive. Neptune in opposition to the SunJupiter conjunction increases awareness and the need for humanitarian causes. The refugee problems and illegal immigrants around the globe are of greater concern.

Thursday September 3rd – Creative use of resources, hidden reserves, and of course the abuse of power comes into focus. While more resources are available, implementing change can be facilitated or abused by powers beyond control of the masses. The grandtrine in earth signs can also reveal corruption, with Pluto as a symbol of a repressive, controlling force. While creating new managerial posts can add interest and improve services. The Moon in a square aspect (harsh) to Mars can bring out and exposure self-adoration and ambitions that exceed expectations. Resolving to make amends, we move forward.

Friday September 4th – The Moon enters Gemini today, for more active engagement in affairs, square to Jupiter in Virgo, as social opportunities expand awareness, and promote a discussion of social issues, or political grand-standing, as a trine to Mercury in Libra is formed in the afternoon hours. The Sun is closing in on the exact trine with Pluto, as it is a question of how the average individual can relate or influence the collective force. A greater involvement in humanitarian issues follows, as the opposition of the Sun and Jupiter to Neptune increase the flood of refugees and immigration requests. Controlling or eliminating human migration is not an option now, while there is an increased demand for reform.

September 5, 2015 Moon in Gemini, Sun in Virgo

September 5, 2015
Moon in Gemini, Sun in Virgo

Saturday September 5th – the 3rd Quarter phase of the Moon is reached today. In the mutable signs of Gemini and Virgo, the Moon and Sun, our conscious ego identity may be challenged to adapt to new circumstances. We are all controlled, more or less, by circumstances which may compel us (Pluto in Capricorn) to seek group action, or passive release through entertainment and the enjoyment of creature comforts (Venus and Mars in Leo). Saturn’s final days in Scorpio, and Pluto about to change direction later in the month (19th and 26th of September), however, signal a new era. A shift in awareness can bring greater involvement in the transformations that are taking place.

Sunday September 6th Venus turns direct today, and is slowly trailing Mars in Leo. We are still self-absorbed to an extent, although now can take more action, as the Mars energy moves ahead. Creative activity, enjoyment of sports and human prowess is still fascinating spectators. Financial increases are dissolved or eradicated by increased spending or emergency needs. While efforts to maintain a balance (Mercury in Libra), initiatives and aid requests are without limits (Neptune in Pisces). The Sun trine Pluto today could bring greater openness in government expenditures, programs and proposed initiatives. Mars trine Uranus in fire signs signifies increases in emergency measures or setting goals for greater adventures, promises you may be unable to keep.

Monday September 7th – The Moon in Cancer today may pull back some of the offerings and adjustments, citing opposing issues. The Moon trine Neptune suggests more empathy towards the suffering of others. Finding homes for the homeless should be a priority. The T-square formed with Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Libra could indicate efforts to expand programs for the needy, outside of prison compounds.

Tuesday September 8th – The Moon opposed to Ceres in Capricorn could help us find relief for the homeless, opening new sanctuaries and relief centers. As Mars in Leo and trine Uranus in Aries continues today, a spate of outrageous boasting, courageous initiatives, stock market activity and, unfortunately, more violent attacks could dominate the day.

Have a wonderful week! Thanks for reading my notes on the planets and luminaries.


September 1, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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