Guardian of a Threatened Order – Week of December 21-27 2016


The decision on implementation of the largely symbolic Electoral College Vote marks a rite of passage, or perhaps a final certification and approval for the highest office in the USA. Jupiter opposes Uranus retrograde, therefore doubly approaching and only 44′ separating the opposition aspect, reflects that should the College members attempt to balance and evaluate the President Elect for suitability, according to processes of the Constitution. This should leave its mark, in the events leading up to the securing of office by a man yet to be tried with responsibility of representative office. Saturn lends some advice in the matters at hand. The pressure to accept the vote count as recorded by the States, or to even propose another candidate, could risk social unrest.  If this becomes the turning point, and an alternative process is implemented in choosing a more qualified candidate that also throws us into an interesting process. Thus, Saturn is honing down on Uranus (trine aspect) and holding back Jupiter with the sextile aspect (60 deg – just 15′ separating). Saturn and Jupiter are traveling in tandem for the next few months, as the situation is monitored. The fundamental strength of the system is greater than one man’s appointment.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday December 21stSaturn’s role as guardian and stabilizer shows up in this stage of the world’s turmoil. The brake on the revolutionary elements, the terrorist actions, while not able to completely overpower fanaticism and lack of respect for human life, manages to rescue a segment of the powerless victims in Aleppo. Jupiter in Libra, while protesting for human rights, is held in check by Uranus, the out of control elements threatening order and humanity. The resulting erratic nature of the rescue efforts is the Uranus’ influence, and this is often magnified by the casualties among the human rights workers themselves. The world seems to be at risk from every quarter. The Moon in the final degrees of Virgo square to the Sun in the final degree of Sagittarius has a very neurotic effect. The tendency to fanaticism is present. On the positive side, advances in technology are likewise indicated by Uranus in Aries, as we integrate (Jupiter opposing in Libra) technology into services for the good of humanity. Mercury turned retrograde seems to coincide with a reversal of programs, a review of procedure or a power-down effect.

Thursday December 22nd – The Sun enters Capricorn, ironically giving Saturn (political ruler) a clearer shot at impressing followers to add controls to violence. The Sun is now disposed by Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn. The Moon in Libra forms a harsh square aspect (90 deg) to Mercury retro in Capricorn, as questions of power are raised. Reversals are tempered. However, surreal is an understatement, as the “reality show” continues.  Saturn forces definition of the sweeping motions and reactionary proposals (Saturn trine Uranus). Pluto looks both to the future and to the past, and could be the central force as a destroyer or a builder in Capricorn. Mercury sextile to Neptune could make us prone to the illusions of grandeur that confront us from every angle (Jupiter opposes Uranus) and leading us to self-inflicted pain.  Uranus in Aries is disposed of by Mars in Pisces, sextile aspect to the Sun in Capricorn. Mars in Pisces produces little progress, undermines existing plans and may lead to disillusionment.

Friday December 23rd – We feel a bit more hopeful, as the Moon transits Jupiter early in the day.  With Venus in Aquarius approaching a trine to Jupiter (also a sextile to Uranus) in the next couple of days, you may find profit and exceptional pleasure in online shopping, relationship issues resolution, and even social and international correspondence. Travel plans work out better than expected (Saturn in Sag sextile to Jupiter, trine Uranus) and the Venus sextile to Saturn is also approaching parity. Caution (Saturn) and like-minded (Aquarius) parties of (Venus) religious or national celebration are beneficial.  The Moon’s transit into Scorpio is met with a sextile aspect to the Sun in Capricorn, deepening partnership relations. More results from commercial enterprise can also be expected. The Moon trine to Mars in Pisces would aid in helping the needy, speaking about humanitarian causes, and participation in charitable events. Venus in Aquarius is the dispositor and trine to Jupiter as growth in community and community gatherings are favored.

Saturday December 24thSun sextile (60 deg) aspect to Pisces Mars and Moon trine to Neptune inspire generous giving to causes for the needy, the homeless and the rescue of those in danger. The very close opposition between Uranus and Jupiter, with Saturn trine Uranus is yet a volatile configuration as we saw with the assassination of the ambassador in Ankara this week. Impassioned acts of political intent continue to force us to be on the alert.

December 25, 2016

December 25, 2016

Sunday December 25th – The Sun continues in the sextile aspect to Mars giving voice to the discontent, while outreach from humanitarian services (Venus trine to Sun) is available in the spirit of universal giving and care for the underprivileged. Increased energy abounds. The planets are closely in aspect giving a feeling of unity.  Mercury retrograde in Capricorn connects with a sextile to Neptune, doubly approaching, for sentimental communication. Pluto seems aloof in the height of power (Capricorn), and power figures may not be active in the social network. Yet earlier in the day, the Moon in Scorpio may send warm regards (sextile aspect) to the reigning king. Thereby, power is consolidated.

Monday December 26thMars is captivated, beleaguered in Pisces, unable to implement goals, and with both the Sun and the Moon in aspect, finds itself much the center of attention. The action is set to begin when Mars enters Aries on January 29th. Until then, the inward turning energy is lost in a quagmire or a dreamland.  Self-congratulatory feelings may make one feel inert. Self-satisfaction or a lack of energy may afflict many. Being overwhelmed, or over satiated after the holiday feasts could be one result. Yet, overwhelming tensions remain. The Jupiter opposition to Uranus is at its height. Irrational, spontaneous actions could ignite (Uranus) with great (Jupiter) force. Security efforts remain on high alert (Saturn trine Uranus).  

Tuesday December 27th – Saturn in Sagittarius, the dipositor of the planets in Capricorn (Sun, Mercury and Pluto) and trine aspect to Uranus with a sextile to Jupiter is the understated power, the guardian and the guard.  The SaturnJupiter sextile aspect remains active throughout January as a mentor-student relationship (Sagittarius and Libra corresponding) transmitting knowledge as well as guarding against revolutionary or terrorist related actions. The controlling political power remains thus consolidated and passed on to the inheritor). As the Moon moves into conjunction with Saturn today, the related planets may be thus triggered into action, displaying the underlying feelings (Mars and Neptune in Pisces) or revenge or resentment. Caution is advised when traveling long-distance.  

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December 20, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel




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