G-d’s Eye New Moon Week of May 13-19 2015


Mars opposition to Saturn pervades this week, showing a polarization in political affairs, legal issues that limit freedoms, and focus on aggressive policing are issues that are now prominent. the G-d’s Eye Major Configuration takes the center stage May 17th through 20th. Jupiter in Leo is closing in on a qunicunx aspect with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. This, in view of the Saturn-Mars opposition, would place a great emphasis on power, authority and world influence. New standards and rules for court actions can now be formulated. In this set of configurations, one can also internalize experience to self-regulate, and reach a higher level of stability and consciousness. The negative outcomes could also be seen, however, better to focus on achieving more progressive results.

Individuals may find the configurations are operating in another area of life. The conflicts invoked may relate to marriage, business, children, property and finances, or even psychological issues. In the birth chart of each individual, note where the opposing planets are in relationship to the natal houses, and natal planetary positions. The Natal Houses represent the life segments, the areas where the planet are most active in your life. The timing may differ as natal planets may trigger the actions as they are found to be in advance or otherwise modified by natal aspects, of the present positions and interactions of the planetary orbs.

Wednesday May 13th – The Moon in Pisces transited Neptune yesterday, the ruler and primal energy of dispersion. A general lack of forward movement, or will power and achievement prevails, as a dissemination of collective powers seems to undermine efforts. Human tragedies and large scale destructive forces again cause suffering. New efforts at rescue are initiated as the Moon transits Chiron in Pisces today. The release of unconscious energy, pent-up emotions, dreams and psychosis afflict many. The more malevolent planetary significators – Mars and Saturn, are in opposition, leaving us drained of energy or facing a futile up-hill battle against the forces of confusion and destruction. Jupiter, quincunx to Pluto, magnifies the powers that will also act in an overwhelming scenario. To maintain order, one must submit to the Saturnine scheme, and then seek to undermine its power (Pluto), if that is a priority. The implementation of a better plan is then called for.

Thursday May 14th – The Moon enters Aries. As here we come closer to understanding the power structure that controls us, as Mars in Gemini closes in on the opposition aspect with Saturn. Saturn represents the blocked path or the legal structures that surround us. It can provide beneficial protection, although can prevent us from achieving as well. If there is a psychological block, undermining the structure can be a release and provides greater freedom. The Aries Moon represents a power that can move forward in a direct manner. Finding a solution to a situation that is repetitive can allow us to move forward. A trine aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius, the two fire signs work together to remove the blocks.

Friday May 15th – The Moon transits Uranus in Aries today, another powerhouse aspect. The ruler of Aries, Mars is locked in a duo with Saturn, thereby negating its involvement in the UranusMoon contact. Uranus may at this point be a force for positive change, as the Lunar influence can alter the tendency to undermine or radicalize issues. The dialog between the forces of control and aggression (Saturn-Mars) leads to a more positive social evolution. Te US, as a country founded by revolution, proclaiming equality and democracy, can only yield to the results of a dialog between the powerful and the powerless. As it turns out, the powerless are not so lacking in weapons and armor. They are the backbone of the social order, providing an engine for economic revenue and democratic progress. A judiciary that disconnects from the people will see rebellion. (1776 and 1789 for example)

Saturday May 16thVenus trine to Neptune today brings for empathy and understanding of social problems, and try to dissolve the blocks to freedom for the underdog in social and universal order. As the Moon in Taurus moves to sextile both Venus and Neptune, an outpouring of sympathy is expressed. Mars in Gemini moves past the conflict with Saturn, regaining more energy for a variety of pursuits. More flexibility in action, in mental efforts as well follow. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet signifying thought and mental play. When added to the trine of Venus and Neptune in water signs, rescue activity increases.

Sunday May 17th – Here there is a G-d’s Eye configuration that persists for 3-6 days. The configuration shifts to Venus-Pluto opposition, with Jupiter and Mercury sextile each other and semisextile to Venus. Activity will be well co-ordinated. The Moon today will make a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn releasing more power on the material or physical plane, as they are both in Earth Signs, and with Jupiter in square aspect to the Moon, from Pluto quincunx to Jupiter is ignited. The increase in activity under this configuration is enormous.

New Moon May 12 2015

New Moon
May 12 2015

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Monday May 18th – The New Moon today at 27 deg. Taurus, A sign of material strength, ruled by Venus, exhibits a tenderness as well as an expression of material affinity. A new start in business or acquisition of material or power is indicated. The Moon is also soon after the conjunction with the Sun, forms a conjunction with Mars in Gemini, indicating a dispersion of power, or a relegation of power and material. With Saturn opposing, there is an organized authority implementing activity. Humanitarian aid is desperately needed. The organizations exist and are on hand to offer their assistance.

Tuesday May 19th – The Moon transits Mercury today, Mercury is in its station and turns retrograde at the point of the sextile to Jupiter, reinforcing and prolonging the G-d’s Eye configuration. Working around the clock, humanitarian aid is administered to all areas of life, to assist wounded and homeless suffering from shock and disruption.

Global efforts are necessary in times of emergency and great need.

I am hoping that you are well, and unaffected by the major global disruptions from weather and earthquakes. May your troubles be few.

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May 12, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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