Full Score at the Full Moon in July — June 28-July 5 2023  


A grand trine in water signs on Wednesday. The Moon in Scorpio makes an opposition aspect to Jupiter in Taurus soon after, prolonging the benefits received, as Saturn separates from the sextile aspect to Jupiter, with the Sun trine aspect to Saturn. The intense Scorpio Moon makes an opposition aspect to Uranus in Taurus Thursday evening US time. This suggests volatile economic activity, turn-abouts and a possible strengthening of some sectors.  A T-square configuration on Thursday, with Mars and Venus in Leo square aspect to the Moon and Uranus. Mercury in Cancer makes a conjunction aspect to the Sun, and trine aspect to Saturn. The Moon in Sagittarius makes a square aspect to Saturn Friday night (US) or Saturday morning in the eastern hemisphere, triggering an action of revenge, although a Yod formation a few hours later could benefit international law and order. Neptune turns retrograde on July 1st. A Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3 brings issues of this cycle to a climatic high point. Comments on day-to-day aspects are summarized in the sections below.

Looking ahead

New Moon in Cancer on July 17th, the Sun ingress to Leo on July 22nd US time, morning on the 23rd in Europe and points east. Rahu ingress to Aries on July 12th. Venus turns retrograde on July 24th

Summary of major aspects of the week

Wednesday June 28thThe Moon ingress to Scorpio early today, trine aspect to Mercury in Cancer making a grand-trine configuration with Saturn retro in Pisces and the Sun in Cancer. Mercury, the messenger, precedes the Sun seeming to be the bearer of good tidings. The grand-trine in water signs indicates a transformation of sorts, an emotional shift in orientation. The Sun in Cancer, trine aspect to Saturn retro in Pisces, disposed of by the Moon, as the Moon brings the Sun into harmony with Saturn. The Moon in then in opposition aspect to Jupiter in Taurus, indicating that benefits from investments, such as land and business resources, could be made available. Saturn retro and Jupiter are doubly separating (transiting in opposite apparent directions) from a sextile aspect, although benefits from the aspect could remain. Limitations could be eased so that access to funds becomes possible. Mars in Leo is separating from a square aspect with Uranus in Taurus, and Venus in Leo approaches the square aspect to Uranus.

Thursday June 29th — The Sun in Cancer supersedes the trine aspect to Saturn retro in Pisces and approaches the sextile aspect with Jupiter in Taurus. Pressure to conform to social expectations is replaced by compensation. Mars in Leo is separating from a square aspect with Uranus in Taurus, and Venus in Leo approaches the square to Uranus. Uranus is then square aspect to the midpoint of Mars and Venus so that relationships have a working platform for a transformation as the result of challenges. The Moon in Scorpio transits to a square aspect with Venus in Leo, possibly igniting disagreements, or jealous attacks! The Moon transits to an opposition aspect with Uranus in Taurus and a square aspect to Mars in Leo, revising the square aspect from Mars to Uranus. Violence or arguments again erupts, unfortunately, over money problems or possessiveness, as the Moon makes a T-square configuration, and a resolution is sought even as incriminations are launched.  

Friday June 30th — The Moon in Scorpio is trine aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces early today (US time) afternoon in Europe and Middle East, and then sextile aspect to Pluto retro in Capricorn. With the dissolution of the ruling order, another emerges to take its place. The Moon ingress to Sagittarius (15:00 UT). Mercury transits to the partile conjunction with the Sun in Cancer and sextile aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. The Moon makes quincunx aspects to the Sun/Mercury pair and quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Taurus -about midnight US time zones, morning on Saturday in Europe and the Middle East. The resulting Yod formation is favorable for creative solutions, maybe the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together. Through negotiations, a working agreement is developed. Jupiter is sextile aspect to Mercury and the Sun, Saturn retro is trine aspect to Mercury and the Sun, indicating benefits for all parties to the agreement.

Saturday July 1st — The Moon in Sagittarius is square aspect to Saturn retro in Pisces overnight (US time zones), perhaps challenging accepted policies (6-7 am in Europe and Ukraine, Russia, and Middle East). Later in the day (evening in Europe, et al), the Moon makes quincunx aspects to Mercury and the Sun in partile conjunction aspect in Leo, and another quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. A Yod formation is the result. Creative opportunities may be present to connect socially, often resulting in personal gain. Venus is square aspect to Uranus as pressure builds. Jupiter in Taurus sextile aspect to Sun/Mercury in Cancer strengthens, as diplomacy could succeed in protecting assets.

Sunday July 2nd — The Moon in Sadge makes trine aspects to Venus and Mars in Leo overnight (US time) morning in the ME, trine aspect to the Venus/Mars midpoint at 10 am (GMT -3). International diplomacy may reach an important point of progress at this time, with Jupiter sextile aspect to Sun/Mercury. The Moon square aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces seeks to dispel illusions. The Moon ingress to Capricorn at 17:21 UT. A square aspect to Ceres in Libra from the Moon with authoritative responses, and trine aspect to Jupiter in Taurus, for recognition of value, leading up to the Full Moon phase early on Monday.

Full Moon Aspect
July 3, 2023
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Monday July 3rd — The Full Moon (see image) in Capricorn today (11:40 UT), as leadership exserts controlling power over homeland. The Moon is disposed of by Saturn retro in Pisces, as leadership itself is undermined, with universal exposure. The Moon is the dispositor of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, as the Moon makes opposition aspects to the Sun and then to Mercury. The interdependence of authority and self-protection is examined. Constructive leadership in a democracy v. leadership with an authoritarian tradition. Venus in Leo is in a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Take care and use diplomatic language today, as criticism could be counterproductive.

Tuesday July 4th — The Moon in Capricorn makes a quincunx aspect to Mars in Leo early today, perhaps a bit grudgingly as we allow for celebration on this day that the USA marks independence. There may also be a lack of compliance for cautions. The Moon is sextile aspect to Neptune and reaches the conjunction aspect to Pluto all within a short 2 hours. Nostalgia and universal recognition mark the day, as the US asserts its leadership. The Moon ingress to Aquarius (17:53 UT) or about noon EDT. A trine aspect to Ceres from the Moon as lessons in democracy become ubiquitous. A brief sense of loss accompanies the celebration with the semi-sextile aspect from the Moon to Saturn retro in Pisces. A lunar square aspect to Jupiter in Taurus overnight US time zones as pride in humanity, with a mixed feeling, concludes the day.  

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June 27, 2023
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