Full Moon Crisis and Recovery – Review of week November 25-December 1 2015


Due to equipment failure, I was unable to post a forecast for last week (Nov 25-Dec 1), although I would like to review the week briefly, as it was a week following the Full Moon in Sagittarius, and very crucial to progress on all matters.  As the Sun, at the Full Moon was actually conjunct to my natal Mercury, is significant.  With Saturn also involved, my limited expression via Internet is perfectly stated.


Wednesday, November 25th – The Full Moon in Gemini promotes overcoming an impasse and  moving to action. With Sun in Sagittarius, we are held accountable, with a spotlight on communication (Gemini) of a contract with Mars and Venus in Libra.  A greater potential in partnership and marriage can be realized.  Mercury in Sag is conjunct Saturn, as freedoms are more limited and conditional. The square aspect from Saturn to Neptune highlights concerns about vulnerability (Neptune).  (See Nov 30 article) Therefore, international travel (Sag) will be limited (Saturn).

Thursday November 26th – The Moon combines with Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius, focused on a single goal, emotionally charged (Moon).  There is a feeling of unity in defense of a nation that symbolizes freedom of speech.

Friday November 27th – The very close square aspect between Saturn and NeptuneSaturn can be representing the ideal of Man , and Neptune is archetypal in Being and awareness of the infinite power of Being.   The impact of refugees, with the borderless sense of Neptune in conflict with identity and limits of national security (Saturn), are a major theme. How to grow beyond pain and fear to transformation is the ultimate question.  It is rather an existentialist moment.

Saturday November 28th – What inspiration can be gleaned now, as the full effect of the Saturn square Neptune aspect sinks in? A deepening awareness of universal, and expansive universe, and personal responsibility, is noted. Strive for compassion and a deeper commitment to universal values. The Moon in Cancer tends to be over-protective, while wanting to advance aggressively. A very maternal concern exists for self-promotion.

Sunday November 29thJupiter in Virgo is slowing (apparent motion) to stationary and will turn retrograde in January. As each detail of the social contract is examined, explained and analyzed. The erosion of a national standard and the emergence of pathos of the age is evolving during this decade.  The Sun and Saturn exact today, as opinion polls show the national stance on important issues

Monday November 30th – The Moon enters Leo, harmonious with the Sagittarius Sun, in fire signs.  With Saturn conjunct the Sun, makes one feel that status matters.

Tuesday December 1st – Figures of power seem to be eliminated, as they lose strength, becoming less frightening, can also be a result of this weeks transits, especially the aspect of Saturn (power figure) and Neptune (elimination).

The following days aspects and transits will be in the next post.

Thank you for reading. Have a good week.

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December 1, 2015

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