Full Moon at the Equinox — September 22-29 2021


The Sun ingress to Libra as the full Moon phase begins to wane, the events and goals of the developing soli-lunar cycle reach a culmination. If personal plans are going well, this is a time of fulfillment — when goals are at a successful stage of implementation.  The Moon in Aries opposition to Mercury, as Mercury slows the apparent motion in the cycle, preparing to turn retrograde on the 28th of September. For this week in the shadow of the lunar phase, a position that will be transited another two times in the next weeks, current matters could be brought into examination or possible reversal in the coming days. Decisions will need to be reviewed, so being flexible is the best stance to take. The disseminating phase of the cycle begins on Friday, with the Moon passing the conjunction aspect with Uranus retro and opposition aspect to Venus in Scorpio. Friendship and co-operation are important for the successful process.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Fall Equinox
September 22, 2021

Wednesday September 22ndSun ingress Libra where harmony is sought, although we often find discord. With a desire for a balanced outcome, powerful enemies are encountered. Searching for stasis, the imbalance increases, producing discordant results.  The Moon in Aries activates a goal direction.   With the opposition aspect to transiting Mercury in Libra, an understanding may be reached. Goals may be achieved. Scorpio may react to rejection, persistency is essential for overcoming the deniers. Mercury trine aspect to Jupiter separates as Mercury approaches the square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This equinox phase with the Sun in Libra presents a challenge. The status quo may no longer be the same. Leadership roles are sometimes reversed with Venus in opposition aspect to Uranus retro in Gemini

Thursday September 23rd — The Moon ingress to Taurus making a favorable trine aspect to the Sun involving earth signs. Enjoyment in serving, such as work to repair the earth. Mars in Libra approaches the trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, mobilizing through air signs, communicating ideals. Venus supersedes the opposition aspect to Uranus, as reversals are reaching a conclusion. Haitian refugees are retuned in a dramatic airlift, revering their appeal for refugee status in the US.

Due to a holiday week, the remainder of this report will be published on Thursday, G-d willing!

Have a great week.

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September 20, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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