Exposing Inner Conflicts November 2015 – September 2016


Saturn is in a harsh aspect to Neptune from mid-November thru the opening 10 days of December.  In this aspect, the mutable signs Sagittarius and Pisces are acting thru the planetary agents to bring about crisis, change and adaptation.



Saturn, in a very fundamental sense, represents Time. More specifically, it is the cycle of time that passes through the stages of the human life cycle.  It’s full revolution around the Sun (an average of 29 and a half years), represents a generation, from birth to maturity.  Thus, we see the physical properties of the universe reflected in human growth and development. The quarter and half phases of the total cycle (approx 7 years), are important stages in the development of the human psyche, stages which, psychologists agree, are important to psychological development.  The seventh year initiates the growing child into a self identity, and this often produces a crisis in awareness.   The 14th year is one of initiation into puberty, and, the 21st year into adulthood.  Full maturity is achieved after Saturn has made a full revolution around the Sun.  Thus, in the 28th year, the human psyche is able to proclaim an identity, and a measure of independence. The nature of the man is individual. As we become aware, we realize that we are inter-dependent, and very rarely will an individual be fully independent in every aspect of his or her life. We depend on our place in a family, a community and in an historical development of civilization.

Saturn represents, when in aspect with any other planet or a luminary, a potential for crisis, and thus also for growth. Saturn’s influence typically will limit and ultimately define a process, or a personal personality structure, while presenting obstacles, forcing delays, and/or other limiting devices, to a desired goal or achievement. It is a binding force as well, promoting dependence, and often a lack of resources, or commitment which limit opportunities. Thus, it represents authority, demands and other hindrances one encounters in life, including punishments and duty, hereby signified by Saturn in the course of life.. It is significant in the chart of an individual for the role he or she plays in life. Being cognizant of Saturn’s transit, leads to awareness of conflicts and challenges we face, helps to define roles and a person’s sense of mission in life.

Neptune, in many respects is opposed to Saturn’s natural expression. Neptune represents, fundamental dissolution, endless expansion, and a borderless state of being. Thus, it represents statelessness, and undefined nature of the mind, the unconscious. In effect, it’s transit undermines the nature of the planets it comes in contact with. While Saturn helps to define an issue, Neptune dissolves and eventually forms a new entity, expanding issues beyond recognition.  It will disguise and deceive as well as transform, in the final analysis, as a revolutionary or evolutionary process. Beware of Neptune, but use the power for transformation.


The square aspect (90 deg angle)  in astrology represents a conflict of interest, and depending on the nature of the planets or points in the chart that are involved, in represents a conflict of views, energy and direction, resulting in energy being produced.  Conflicts are often set up during this aspect of strong planets, as difficult natures that conflict come to open warfare.  

While Saturn is strong and focused, Neptune is weak and nebulous.  Saturn in the square aspect to Neptune tries to contain something that defies definition and order.  Neptune, on the other hand, tries to undermine, inflict suffering and pain on order and stature, such as organized social events, or recognized power representatives.  Assassinations, instability and chaos are common under this aspect. Neptune creates instability, and challenges the prevailing social order, that Saturn represents.

While the terrorists that launched the despicable attacks on the unsuspecting, and therefore soft target (Neptune) were focused (Saturn) in their intent, their goal was to spread fear and terror (Neptune) among the general population. All the characteristics of Neptune were involved in the reaction: fear, isolation, and pain, suffering and dispersal. Yet, the characteristics of Neptune belong to the terrorists, while the target was the structure and identity of the nation they struck.

The organized search and identification of the terrorists who staged the attack, can be seen as a Saturn function, while the perpetrators take on the nature of Neptune. Thus we see that both Saturn and Neptune play a role in the interaction on the part of the participants.   

Barely two weeks has gone by, but again Paris is upset with demonstrators conflicting with the police force. A violent action, while the square aspect between Saturn and Neptune is in full force. It is a different group demonstrating, and a cause unrelated to the events on November 13th,  however,  the organized nature of the attackers, the target being the meeting of heads of states on the climate issue, a Neptunian issue, and the resulting chaos echoes the previous attack in the elements involved, by their nature, not by their specific intent.  

Saturn moves ahead of the aspect with Neptune in December, while Neptune, a very ponderous, slow moving planet moves only 5 degrees forward, and by June 1st is at 12 deg Pisces. Saturn has, in the meantime, turned retrograde, and headed back for a meeting by square aspect with Neptune in June and July, as Neptune slows and also turns, makes a station and turns retrograde for a lengthy time in June and July 2016. The issues that are in conflict, are likely to reemerge. The climate change protestors re-engage in battle during the summer months, and in September when the aspect again occurs. Jupiter and Pluto will form a trine aspect, as more police and security forces will be organized, and called to duty.  That aspect would be addressed in another post.  And while there will also be a few surprises, it will likely be a long, hot and difficult summer.  



November 30, 2015