Exposing Demons and More – Week of October 18-24 2017


The New Moon early on Thursday is opposed by Uranus to the exact degree. This in an astrological sense is significant of a powerful change, perhaps the opening of a cycle that opposes leadership and contracts.  During the August 21st New Moon, a solar eclipse, Uranus was exactly trine aspect (120 deg easy) to the New Moon degree of 28 deg Leo, while now Uranus opposes (180 deg, tense) the New Moon degree of 26 deg Libra. This opens a polarity that was latent at the eclipse. Now we have the full impact, of the cycle of the relationship that opened on April 14th, with the Sun-Uranus conjunction.  Now the Sun and Uranus are in opposition.   The opposition of the UranusSun relationship, coincides with the New Moon.  A lunar cycle that will conclude in 27 and 1/2 days, while the Sun-Uranus cycle continues over one solar year. The next Sun-Uranus opposition occurs on Oct 24, 2018 with the Sun at 0 deg Scorpio, Uranus at 0 deg Taurus. We may see, then, this week explosive revelations (Uranus) that impact the remaining half year of the Sun-Uranus cycle. The cycles of the slower moving planets, Saturn and those beyond Saturn, relate to overall social and historical cycles, quite clearly marking era and events that lead to a dramatic shift in social and universal consciousness. Aries the primordial force is a cardinal sign, often impacts a generation through leadership or watershed moments.  The October 1st event in Las Vegas, has the potential to influence future actions, to motivate changes in the US approach to response the active shooting incidents, to advances in legal gun control issues, to security, and could also help terror groups and individuals seeking redress in violent actions. Uranus indicates revolutionary changes, innovations groups and nations that are aggressive or futuristic. It has a positive side as well as being a negative, destruction force, and will certainly be an item of interest for the remainder of the Uranus –Sun cycle, as well as this current lunation.  

Wednesday October 18th – The conflicts of the new lunar cycle, the issues that will be part of the dialogue and interactions for the following month become more obvious at the seed moment, the approaching New Moon tomorrow. Investigations that may impact the future, international allies and enemies, issues at home, and private issues come to the fore, most often in a radical manner. Perhaps we are seeking to mend and repair procedures or actual physical or emotional issues. Mars in Virgo assists in finding causes and working on repairs. Meanwhile, Venus in Libra is attempting to improve relationships, contracts to promote balance.  With the Sun and Moon also in Libra, proposals for new contracts are made possible now.

October New Moon
October 19 2017
compared to Solar Eclipse chart of August 2017

Thursday October 19th – While Uranus opposing (180 degree aspect) the New Moon indicates a time of disarray, it is also an opportunity to initiate a new dialogue, and through innovation, to radically change the way we interact. With revelations of past misconduct come to light, social issues of equality and mutual respect are reformulated. Personal conduct could be examined as of course we want to eliminate behaviors that are socially inappropriate. If there will be a time of gender equality (Venus in Libra) in the future, we can help pave the way now.  As Saturn in Sag moves forward to trine aspect (120 deg, easy) with Uranus in mid-November, social awareness of electronic crime requires adjustment to legal standards.

Friday October 20th – As the Moon moves into Scorpio to today, the Sun-Uranus opposition aspect (180 deg) separates. Security remains a concern although the conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio indicates that community efforts for recovery and prevention are strong. In the aftermath of natural disasters of fire and storms there is a sense of solidarity as communities work toward regeneration. Personal commitment is crucial now in this phase of transformation. Venus in Libra sextile aspect (60 deg, compatible) to Ceres in Leo improves our connection with the younger generation.

Saturday October 21stMars is at the final degree of Virgo, showing some impatience with getting the work accomplished, details that were overlooked are noticed and may be criticized. The Moon is in a sextile (60 deg) aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, seems to wait for perfection that is quite impossible at times to achieve. We begin to work on the shadow side in preparation for the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio.

Sunday October 22nd – The Moon moves into Sagittarius today, seeming to spur the actions of critical analysis (Mars in Virgo) into a more aggressive mode of competition as Mars ingress to Libra.  Leaving the repairs for now, we enter into dialogue or litigation, preparing for a new phase just as the Sun moves into the next sign, the emotional (watery) sign of Scorpio. With Jupiter in close quarters and Mercury a few degrees ahead, partnership and support for the work both inner transformation and community regeneration are available. Voices speak out sharply to authority figures as Mercury is semisquare (45 deg aspect, disquiet) to Saturn in Sagittarius.

Monday October 23rd – The Moon continues in Sagittarius today, as political speeches are made, as well as some morality preaches.  The Moon sextile (60 deg, easy) aspect to Venus professes value and good, while square aspect (90 deg, sharp) to Neptune in Pisces preaches against immorality and crime – social values on one hand and evil consequences on the other.  Politicians’ lack of empathy to suffering is again an issue (Moon square -90 deg aspect to Neptune).  Mercury in Scorpio trine to Neptune in Pisces brings more open discourse and sheds more light on the root causes for the suffering, and promotes healing. Ceres in Leo is a healer as well, trine (120 deg, tense) the Moon in Sag, square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Mercury and sextile aspect (60 deg, friendly) to Venus, may then admonish the moralistic speeches.

Tuesday October 24th – The Moon square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Chiron and trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Uranus today brings a more radical (Uranus) view to the fore. Unconventional wisdom conflicts with more empathetic views with Mercury in Scorpio trine aspect to Neptune. Conventional wisdom is questioned (Moon conjunct Saturn).  The only planet in the earth element today is Pluto, which is largely un-aspected. However Pluto is the dispositor of the three planets in Scorpio, the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. Thus, its power is felt non-the less, while not blatant. The power behind the scenes is the issue itself.  

Hope you have a good week, and profit in some way from this astrological preview. The timing of the events, the relevance to personal lives will vary, of course. You may have a strong connection in your personal psychological makeup shown in your natal chart, or may have none for any particular day, depending on your natal planetary positions. When your natal chart is compared to the transiting planets more details and more enlightenment follows. 


Jerusalem, Israel
October 17, 2017

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