Dwarf Planets Transform Great Platforms – March 23-29 2016



The dwarf planets Ceres and Chiron, transiting in Pisces, travel in close conjunction. Cool!  The purported effect seems to help humanity at a time of crisis. Ceres will transcend Chiron this week and enter Aries on the 15th of April.  With Venus in Pisces in opposition to Jupiter in Virgo this week, progress in mending fences, repairing relationships and generous gifts to charity can be arranged. The Sun and Mercury conjunction in Aries focuses our attention on advancement of goals.  Repair work for the future with an innovative spirit is the wave of the time. Saturn turns retro on the 26th of April, imprinting the archer’s mark on the era, moving away from the power aspect square to Uranus. The eclipse at the Full Moon could further command attention to unresolved issues.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

March 23, 2016 Full Moon Eclipse chart

March 23, 2016
Full Moon Eclipse chart

Wednesday March 23rd – The SunMercury conjunction at 3 deg Aries is moving towards a trine with Mars in Sagittarius. Mars is the dispositor of the planets in Aries, and will assist in goal achievement. Going beyond limits is the meter of Uranus, so it is a time of breaking down barriers, opening opportunities (c.f., Cuba) as well as initiating new ventures. With the Full Moon, Sun opposed to the Moon in Libra (solar eclipse), a measure of wisdom is incorporated into the goal road map. Libra seeks balance, and questions the ambitious Aries tone, advocating a calmer approach.  This can hold back the ram’s (Aries energy) charge into projects. With a guiding hand (Libra balance energy), at least somewhat circumspect with regards to radical change. The Scales of balance in the air sign Libra offer a voice of experience to the fiery ambitions of Aries.

Thursday March 24th – The lessons of this transitional phase in economic and social history, as the world economy evolves, come into awareness. We are all connected historically and genetically, as national dialog and political agendas focus on governments’ obligation to promote social justice.  (Saturn in Sag is at the focal point of the JupiterVenus opposition.) Historical narratives open doorways for dialog if there is a will to accept and exchange views. The Moon’s opposition to Uranus can trigger swift actions, legislated reforms, or reverse previous decisions.

Friday March 25thSaturn turning retro today, as delays in implementing budgetary allocations produce frustrations. The Sun trine to Mars shows that a way for focused power to overcome obstacles exists. Personal initiative (Mars) can release blocked pathways (Saturn). Innovations in all areas are rewarded. Resources are unlocked to pave the way for reforms in financial reforms using political means, (Pluto is in Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn, while Saturn is in Sagittarius) as the Moon moves into Scorpio, Pluto’s realm. 

Saturday March 26th – The speaker on the podium can still set agendas (Mars trine the Sun in Aries) as influential voices change political alliances. The Moon is Scorpio, in the early part of the day in the first decant (10 deg or 1/3 of the sign) is in the inconjunct or quincunx aspect to the Sun and Mercury, both in Aries.  This 150 deg aspect requires creativity to make it click.  It is an opportunity to view issues in a way that allows for various views to combine to make a stronger alliance, or to produce a new vision for future goals and actions. Mars is in a strong trine aspect (120 deg) to the Sun, increasing goal oriented power and ambitions. With a philosophical or political basis, progress is made and points are scored. The lunar orb then trines Neptune, again, as stronger emphasis on solutions to a lack of support in defense and charitable issues. Budget resources are opened for review. Secrets may be exposed.

Sunday March 27th – The Moon in the second decant of Scorpio (10-20 deg) meets in a trine aspect (120 deg) to Venus in Pisces, and a sextile aspect (60 deg) to Jupiter in Virgo.  Visions flow easily now, relationships are on the mend. Spirituality and peace fills the hours. Practical matters a worked out. A sextile aspect from then Moon to Pluto in Capricorn indicates the joining with generational movements or spiritual congregations. Shared benefits and values are expressed. In the third decant of Scorpio (later in the afternoon hours), the trine with the universal helpers Chiron and Ceres, helps provide a guidance and some protection for spiritual and emotional needs.

Monday March 28th – The Moon continues her role as mediator, transiting into Sagittarius, where ideals are expressed and may be directed in debate to advance goals and power issues (Moon trine Sun then conjunction with Mars). Self-assurance increases as the attainment of goals seems close at hand. Groups and political alliances gain strength with increased pressures and isolation, as Jupiter is the dispositor of the three planets (Mars and Saturn as well as the Moon) in Sagittarius.

Tuesday March 29th – A vocal response, and exchange of ideas and open criticism from individuals, discontent with political views, as the Moon is in trine aspect to Mercury in Aries (fire signs) and also conjunction to Saturn in Sagittarius, with a strong approaching square aspect to Jupiter retro in Virgo. Mercury in the quincunx aspect to Jupiter characterizes the day of discordant voices. Venus is conjunct Chiron and Ceres in Pisces as attention to a greater depth of empathy is required.

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March 22, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel


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