Debate Outcome 1st debate Hillary vs Donald 26 September 2016

Hillary- The transits on the day of the 1st debate are challenging, but show some advantage for Ms. Clinton. The date is exactly one month from Hillary’s solar return (birthday). This is a slightly favorable semi-sextile aspect to the Jupiter and Sun conjunction in Libra.  

Hillary Clinton natal with September 26 debate

Hillary Clinton natal with September 26 debate

  • The Moon in Leo transits her natal Leo group, midway between the Mars-Pluto conjunction and Saturn. She will be able to blend her experience and secure her position on this night. She will likely show some flexibility (Moon) and even humor (Leo) to her audiences delight, as she is showing off her best points.  
  • Mercury in Virgo is in a 60 deg aspect to her natal Venus, showing a favorable tone to her speech delivery.
  • Transiting Pluto is sextile the midpoint of her natal Chiron and Venus allowing for transformative possibilities in the debate.
  • Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius is tine natal Mars-Pluto and allows for an ease in approach and delivery of her arguments.

Strong harsh aspects include:

  • Jupiter -Sun opposing  natal Moon (out of sign) She may be able to overcome his power by being direct while also being receptive (Moon opposing Sun and Jupiter) can draw out the essence of the projection.
  • Transiting Moon in Leo is a square aspect to her natal Mercury (Natal Saturn square natal Mercury). While she knows the boundaries, she may be unwilling to abide by set rules.


Donald – With Neptune transiting his natal 10th house, victory is probably denied from the off-set. He is definitely at a loss and over his head in the contest. 

Donald Trump with September 26 debate

Donald Trump with September 26 debate

Favorable aspects include:

  • Transiting Moon in Leo trine his natal Moon in Sag, he is at ease with being himself.   
  • Transiting Sun-Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune, he could evade and mislead, depend on his background and family to overcome lack of preparation or suitability for office.
  • Transiting Uranus in Aries is sextile aspect to Natal sun in Gemini shows an ability to work to change the situation in his favor.
  • Transiting Saturn in Sag is trine natal Pluto in Leo. He seeks to undermine the role of the political process and reinstate his own ideals.
  • Transiting Neptune in Pisces (10th house -career) trine natal Mercury in Cancer shows his ability to gain an audience and project his ideas.
  • Transiting Mercury in Virgo is the focal point of a T-square configuration, square aspect to both natal Uranus and Natal Moon. This may give him an advantage as far as being able to shift positions and control the process with spontaneity and a stream of consciousness approach.

Unfavorable aspects:

  • Transiting Uranus in Aries is square natal Saturn in Cancer, giving the appearance of being upset, with a penchant for sharply rebuking opponent and evading issues. His status is and credibility is undermined or overturned.
  • Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is square natal Chiron in Libra. His appearance is one of injury or inadequacy as a whole to the audience at large. He seeks refuge from harm.

The many aspects in Hillary’s favor, as well as her known abilities and studious preparation, give her an edge in the debate. While Donald will try to turn the situation in his favor through charm and self projection, he is unlikely to succeed to a very great extent. The aspects of the transits of the evening do not give him any advantage, and seem to favor Hillary in the outcome of the debate.

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24 September 2016