Death by Ideals — November 15-22 2023  


Controversy over what constitutes a just war and responsibility for deaths focus on ideals and philosophical realities as crucial moments approach. A Yod formation over a four-day span indicates a priority for the securing of hostage release and a humanitarian pause in the war, as well as other agreements, that may be reached at this crucial time. Rooting out organizations with atavistic goals of domination and power who claim historical or religious justification is opposed by pure idealism (Venus in Libra) this week. A modification with the sextile of Mercury to Venus is amplified by Jupiter. The Sun/Mars conjunction aspect in Scorpio reaches for humanitarian sympathetic gestures with the trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

Looking ahead

November 22nd — Sun ingress to Sagittarius 14:05 UTC
November 24th — Mars ingress to Sagittarius
December 1st — Mercury ingress Capricorn
December 4th — Venus ingress Scorpio
December 7th — Neptune turns direct transit
December 13th — Mercury turns retrograde
January 2nd — Mercury turns direct motion
January 5th — Mars ingress Capricorn
January 21st —Sun ingress Aquarius
January 21st — Pluto ingress Aquarius.

Summary of major aspect of the week

November 15, 2023
Yod formation
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Wednesday November 15th The sextile aspect between Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Libra becomes partile (exact) today. Jupiter retro in Taurus is quincunx aspect to both Mercury and Venus, completing a Yod formation. [see chart insert] Venus and Mercury in aspect indicate an exchange of viewpoints, as issues are discussed concerning hostage release in Israel and in the US budget crisis, to indicate some of the most pressing issues of the week, as well as a possible negotiated settlement between Ukraine and Russia. Each situation will be subject to the possibilities inherent. Jupiter as the apex of the Yod could indicate a significant increase in the possibility of a successful maneuver. In the sign of Taurus, economic and security issues would be a focus of enhanced debate. The call to alleviate suffering of civilians would be addressed. The Moon in Sagittarius quincunx aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, could be a counter-indication, a sabotage of the efforts. The Sun in Scorpio is in a conjunction aspect with Mars, as goals are embodied unto consciousness. Approaching the trine aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces, the Sun/Mars pair indicates that goals are moderated for humanitarian issues. The Moon makes a square aspect to Neptune by midday (early morning on Thursday in the ME). A philosophical question interferes with humanitarian relief. None-the-less, the arrangement is likely to be successful.

Thursday November 16th — The Moon ingress to Capricorn 07:43 UTC (02:43 EST) and sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces, disposed of by Saturn, indicates a limited humanitarian agreement, as the Sun/Mars conjunction aspect in Scorpio strengthens and is trine aspect so Neptune in Pisces. The Moon trine aspect to Jupiter in the evening (US time zones) or 01:00 AM Friday EET, and square aspect to Venus in Libra as the Yod formation, Venus’ sextile aspect to Mercury in Sagittarius both in quincunx aspects to Jupiter, remains in formation. Objections are overcome (Moon square aspect to Venus) as a major plan is successfully implemented, providing relief (Sun/Mars trine aspect to Neptune).

Friday November 17thMoon in Capricorn makes a square aspect to Chiron in Aries then trine aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus during morning hours US time zones, as conventional wisdom is bypassed for the implementation of a dynamic financial agenda (Moon trine to Uranus). The Moon makes sextile aspects to Sun/Mars/Ceres conjunction aspect in Scorpio as the release of hostages is confirmed. The Moon conjunction aspect to Pluto overnight (US time zones) morning on Saturday in the ME (EET zone). Decisions you make now will impact the future.   

Saturday November 18th — The partile conjunction aspect Sun/Mars in Scorpio at 08:00 EET, 01:00 EST, occurs simultaneously with the Moon conjunction aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, and could indicate an achievement of goals for a transformation process to proceed. The Sun supersedes the conjunction aspect with Mars in Scorpio. The Moon ingress to Aquarius 11:29 UTC; 06:29 EST; 13:29 EET, semi-sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces. The Sun approaches the conjunction aspect with Ceres securing the safety of children as a priority.  The Moon makes a square aspect to Jupiter retro in Taurus late in the day (US time zones) and a trine aspect to Venus in Libra overnight and a sextile aspect to Mercury in Sagittarius, indicating progress in negotiations.

Sunday November 19th — The Moon in Aquarius makes a trine aspect to Venus in Libra and a sextile aspect to Mercury in Sagittarius early today in the Middle East, pre-dawn in the US. Negotiations bear fruit for a temporary cease-fire and a hostage release by afternoon (Israel time zone). The Sun and Mars pair in Scorpio approaches a sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This might indicate an international forum to processes the recent or imminent events. Pluto is the dispositor of Sun/Mars indicates that international law is invoked. The Moon makes a sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries, responding with the wisdom of necessity. The Moon then transits to the square aspect with Uranus retro in Taurus, triggering an intense backlash.

Monday November 20th — The Moon makes a semi-sextile aspect to Pluto prior in ingress Pisces and a conjunction aspect with Saturn in Pisces, the dispositor of Pluto. The employment of international law and humanitarian principles to benefit terrorists is a cynical tool of the outlawed organization. Mercury in Sagittarius is in a trine aspect to Chiron in Aries, as the laws of necessity are invoked. A vision of the future is presented, as the Moon in Pisces makes a sextile aspect to Jupiter retro in Taurus.

Tuesday November 21st — The Sun/Mars pair in Scorpio, sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, as international laws are modified or reformed. Rooting out terrorist organizations as a goal contravenes conventional protections. A purification process must follow as well as repair and reform of a culture. Pundits take to their soapboxes. As Mercury in Sagittarius separates from the sextile aspect to Venus in Libra, Venus doubly approaches the opposition aspect to Chiron retro in Aries. Accepting the arranged agreement implies a need for balance of pure principle and necessity for a long-term peace. The Sun ingress Sagittarius Wednesday 14:05 UTC; 11:05 EST; 13:05 EET, as the Moon is trine aspect to Mars and sextile aspect to Pluto; the need to reform governing powers was never greater.

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