Creative Charity at the New Moon in Leo – Week of August 12-18 2015


Jupiter’s transit in Virgo, an earth sign, will allow for the more expansive integration of details in any situation of concern. We are led to analyze rather than present solutions. The largest problems facing us today in unemployment, under-employment economic disparities, class struggles, a surge in environmental problems due to human use of resources, waste and diminishing raw materials, and how weather causes increased concern about industrial pollution, and use of fossil fuels, are on the agenda for political and scientific research. Solutions may be out of reach for now, but analytical tools (Mercury in Virgo) are important to develop at this time. How is poverty or unemployment measured in developing nations? How can we compare, for example unemployment rates, if the criteria is numbers receiving benefits, and the benefits are limited or non-existent? If benefits are received, that means a person must be unemployed. However, that does not measure those who are no longer eligible for benefits but remain unemployed, or on a lower rung than his or her qualifications.

Wednesday August 12th – The Sun is trine Uranus while the Moon is in a square aspect to Uranus, as troubles are stirred up today. While a typhoon wind in Singapore can cause havoc, damage and deaths, the concern over massive demonstrations that turn violent occupies the police forces in major US cities. Floods in Colorado are in proportions we don’t remember seeing before. Also,.the worries continue, as homes are in the path of raging brush fires in California. The Uranus in Aries aspect to the Sun and Moon, each strong and in their sign of rulership (Sun in Leo and Moon in Cancer) indicate danger on the ground and disruption of life for many (perhaps thousands or millions) Uranus as a trans-Saturn planet is concerned with large numbers of people, large areas and gives a universal aura to the time influenced events. Certainly no one in the path of flood or fire can easily escape Nature’s wrath that seems to be upon us. Mercury (communication) in Virgo (intelligence) equals spy work, and opposed to Neptune, (an approaching aspect) can expose (opposition aspect) espionage (Neptune) as well as gather information (Mercury in Virgo). Spying and counter-intelligence interrelate. In addition, technical devices can save the lives of a massive number of people, suffering from the tragic weather-related incidents or fleeing poverty and oppression.

Thursday August 13th – The Moon enters Leo today, triggering Mars (direct) in Leo action by conjunction as life-saving strategies are implemented. Venus retrograde is it once more conjunct to the Sun in Leo, as priorities shift to services. For candidates on the campaign trail, damage and image repair is a shift of direction. Saturn in Scorpio sextile by aspect to Ceres, promotes concern and protection for the suffering of many in the world. Disaster relief and environmental repair are easy to promise, but hard to deliver. Speed is of the essence in the rescue operations around the globe. Disruptions with technical devices, hacking and eavesdropping are pervasive and increase under the Neptunian influence. Communication by the old wireless network, ESP, can also be effective. Intuition is heightened with Mercury opposed to Neptune.

New Moon in Leo August 14, 2015

New Moon in Leo
August 14, 2015

Friday August 14th – The New Moon today is trine to Uranus in Aries, making it a month of potential creativity. The seed for the new soli-lunar cycle begins, this morning or afternoon depending on your time zone. As the hour at Greenwich Mean Time at 14:55, it will be morning hours in the US. Rather than act in a reflexive mode, allowing yourself time to contemplate your situation, gives time for a more evolved solution, using all resources, in order to avoid open conflict. Creative ventures could succeed beyond expectations. The Moon will also blend Venus retro and the Sun later in the day, giving satisfaction and enjoyment, and if integrated into the whole, a very successful day.

Saturday August 15th – The Virgo senses are enhanced, analytical and service oriented pursuits are favored. Mercury, moving ahead in Virgo, will be trine Pluto in Capricorn today, giving depth and transformation powers to the word and deed. Hard work in mechanical or innovative organizations could be open the paths to reform. The Sun conjunct Venus today gives space for special romantic relationships. As we tend to analyze in Virgo, there can be a tendency to be overly critical. Better to go with the flow, today.

Sunday August 16th – The Moon in Virgo encounters Mercury today, making it one of the most productive days of the week. Taking care of details could help to wind up a project. Publishing or work on environment would yield results, creative ventures finalized. There are 5 planets in earth signs and 4 in fire signs. Innovation and creativity combine with hard work on details.

Monday August 17th – Implementing work on creative or inspirational activity, and actually having the choice to proceed with your work, and doing work for the social good could be the focus of your day. Fate plays a hand, however, and the collective (Pluto) will, as Venus retro trines Uranus today, amounting to luck and instant gratification. If you are in a position to be choosy, be aware of the criteria or motivation, and make informed choices.

Tuesday August 18th – The Moon moved into Libra early today, and helps us find a point of balance in the line of command, while the wage earners continue with the role of support (Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo. You may feel inspired, as healers and selfless acts of charity that help to balance the rifts in social support. Mars forms a sextile aspect to the Moon; perhaps actions of social service are rewarded. The biggest reward is in the giving itself. The inconjuct ( another term for the 150 deg quincunx) aspect from the Moon to Neptune in Pisces follows, as creative ways to provide for the needy can now be implemented. While the need seems endless, every charitable act counts!

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August 11, 2015
Jersualem, Israel

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